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The First Lord

The first Lord is one of the oldest taverns in the eastern part of Tal'Lyra as it was built shortly after the humans settled there. Once built by the first lord of these land as part of a small settlement on the traderoute to the north, it contains the only remaining buildings here. 

The Location

As it once was built on the traderoute between Rashor and Eastport, it is still located on the road between the southern towns and Eastport on at the edge of the The Amber Plains. Being near the crossroads where the trade routes to Tam and Rashor split, it serves as a small hub for trade between the three big cities of the east. 
A small stream flows through a nearby forest, gifting fresh water to the inn. Also a few farms work the land surrounding it, supplying the tavern with most of the needed food. What can't be produced locally is usually bought from traders staying at the first lord.

The History

The first lord, now an unknown man, once settled here on the old border of the Idamets building a small village with his subjects. For a few hundred years the settlement flourished and became a trading hub for the nearby towns. Though as those ports grew, the importance of the village lessened and eventually it faded away as most of its inhabitants fell in the war against the dwarves.
After the age of war as the land routes to Eastport were used again more frequently the ruins of the old village became a favorite for traders to spend their nights. Shortly after a smart businessman renovated the town hall, redesigning it as an inn. The trades and travelers coming through were more than willing to pay for a warm meal and a soft bed, so the tavern flourished and the old settlement was filled with life once again.

The Situation today

As the land routes to the east are still frequently used by traders and travelers, the first lord consists today of three main buildings and a big stable. Being part of the domain of Tam order is upheld by the soldiers from the nearby town. While it is not as cheap as other establishments on the road, most costumers value the safety more than a few coins.

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