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Tam is a small town founded during the reign of the talian Empire on the west coast of the Blue Bay. While not many voyages end there, most of the ships travelling to or from Eastport stop here to restock and to spend a night on solid ground. It is ruled by a Lord from a small keep near the town and once was famous for it's now broken lighthouse. The main trading good of the town is food of all sorts to sell to the captains of ships.
Tam and it's surroundings

The Lord's Keep

The small castle sitting atop a hill on the east side of town is called the Lords Keep. It was build as the town was founded by an talian emperor trying to secure the trade route to Eastport. It's heavily fortified but not well manned. Only the Lord and his minions are allowed to enter.


Being the main source of income for Tam, the Harbour (derived from a both the talian word "harbor" and the lyrian word "bur") is heavily invested in and can hold up to 20 trading ships at the same time. Also it has a smaller landing stage for fishing boats and an military one, where most of the time the two warships of the Lord are tied down.


Twice a week around the old stone fountain, three fishheads spitting water, the artisans of the town and the farmers from the surrounding farmlands come together to sell their goods. Sometimes even traders from passing ships offer exotic wares. The marketplace is also used for events happening in the town.

The Watchers Island 

Once upon a time a lighthouse was built on the small isle near the town, but it got destroyed by natural causes a long time ago. Now the island is home to prison of the Lord and his shipyard. It's fortified by two towers connected with a wall through the water to the Lords Keep. For non military personnel entry onto the island is forbidden.


Here some priests of both religions reside. Three followers of the human religion, especially of Lovia tend to the people of the town, acting mostly as healers and arbitrators in civil conflicts. Also one lyrian druid tends to the small herb garden, sometimes performing rituals for the towns well being.

The Dragons Pub

While no actual dragon lives here, the owners like to tell the story of their ancestor slaying a dragon, taking his skull and building a tavern around it. Although there is no actual dragon skull anywhere to be found, a smaller monsters head is actually displayed in the middle of the dining room. The Pub offers good commendation for sailors and travelers, being both affordable and well in quality.

Hidden Entrance

Here the secret portal to the Sanctuary of Blood was build when The Order of the Bloodknights decided to settle down in Tam. While the normal eye just sees the wall of a house, the knowing knight can enter a tunnel towards the underground monastery.

Artisan District

On the south side of the town most of Tam's artisans have their shops. None of them are as specialized as in bigger towns, but one can find everything he needs, if he's willing to pay the right price, of course. In particular the sail makers and boat builders are quite talented here.

The Situation today

Tam enjoys a peaceful life since the end of the talian empire. The same family rules since 200 years ago, keeping the peace and expanding the port of the town. The Lord Markus Hufing, 32 years of age, is quite liked by the population, since he reinstated the yearly carnival.
The two warships keep the Blue Bay safe from pirates and protect the trade routes to Eastport and Rashor. There are some plans of rebuilding the old lighthouse on Watchers Island, but the ruling elite is divided if the use would justify the massive investment.
The Order of the Bloodknights still resides in their Sanctuary of Blood under the houses of Tam, unknown to the other residents of the town.
Population: ~10000 humans, 250 dwarves
Ruler: Lord Markus Hufing of Tam
Trading goods: food, sails
Army: 140 watch guards, 2 warships and 100 sailors
Relations: Alliance with Eastport, trading agreement with Rashor

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