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The big trading town Eastport lies at the foot of the Endless Mountains and on the shore of the wide western ocean. From here, dwarven goods are shipped all over the continent and talian products are sold to lyrian merchants. The confusing name of the city originated from explorers setting their sails to find more land to the west many centuries ago. Eastport is famous for it's university and for the watchtower observing the territory to the south. Most of the houses are built with flat roofs out of the stone of the mountains. Many iconic towers were built all over town, so the fire watchers could warn their fellow citizens about flames threatening their lives. The town is ruled by the high priest of Cyroc and his council of clerics, governing in the name of their god.  


The Danger's Hold

The once heavily fortified castle was build to give refuge to the people of Eastport, long before the dwarves built the stone bulwark to defend most of the town. From here, the wizards of the Holy Order of Ras protected the human population of the then young town from the dwarven attacks during the long war. Today, since it's not used anymore, it lies fallow on the northern outskirts of the city. The enormous wooden gate is closed and protected by priests, who let no one enter. But some rumors tell a different story for the abandonment of the castle, wherein some old evil force attacked the keep and is now imprisoned there for all eternity, to strong to ever be fully defeated.

Harbor of the North

The docks of Eastport are making up one of the biggest harbors of Tal'Lyra, while also being the northermost of them. Many trading ships sail around the south of the continent to anchor here. The harbor has room for up to fourty ships, with some reserved places for the war fleet of Eastport. Many of the trading guilds of Tal'Lyra have offices and warehouses here to maximize their profits.

Cyroc's Court

On the main plaza of Eastport an exotic market takes place four days a week. Nearly everything one can imagine can be bought here, for the right price of course. In the middle of the round open area a five meter statue of the main god of the town, Cyroc, stands firm. The young man is displayed with an open book in his left and a gavel in his right hand, as a symbol for both his knowledge and the justice he brings the citizens of the town. On the fifth day of the week events like the burning of corpses and executions are held here.

The High Temple

Here the priests of Cyroc live, pray and rule the town. It is built out of rare black marble found in the deepest parts of the Endless Mountains. While the main temple, the audience chambers and the courtrooms are accessible for everyone, most of the building complex is guarded and only the clerics are allowed to enter. It is protected by armed priests holding out any unwelcome visitors.

University of the Emperor

The university is the main institution of Tal'Lyra in every non magical science. Dwarven and human students alike venture here from all over the continent to learn and study math, astronomy, literature, alchemy, art and medicine. It houses up to 300 students in its wide halls, if they pay the substantial fee to enroll at the university. Founded and built with a single lecture hall during the height of the talian empire by an knowledge seeking emperor long forgotten, the academy was widely extended since then. Whereas the professors work closely with the priests of Cyroc and often share research projects with the clerics, they don't answer to them in scientific matters.

The Haunted Islands

A few shattered islands are located near the shore of Eastport, which the residents usually avoid. As most of the few that try to explore them don't return, many stories and tales about the islands exist. Most believe that some sort of monster or demon is roaming the atoll, killing and eating every human lost there. Others believe that a portal to another place and time is hidden here, consuming explorers venturing to close.

The Western Outskirts

After the city walls of Eastport were built, space got rarer and more expensive. Soon the poor population started building their wooden houses outside the walls. The guards of the town burned the unregulated dwellings down twice to get a hand on an fast increasing crime rate. But each time the houses were rebuilt, for they had no other place to go. A few centuries ago, the government finally decided to allow the outskirts to stay, as long as they abide by the rules set by the high priest. Since then the slums grew and grew, being a home for everyone poor and undesirable. While small violations are controlled by the patrolling guards, the organized crime, being controlled by a few, grew with the population.

Old Wizards Hideout

Once built by the Holy Order of Ras, the building now lies barren. The wizards abandoned their outpost soon after the fall of the talian empire, since their guidance was no longer wanted in the northern town. While the council tried multiple times to destroy it themselves, and even unsuccessfully asked the Holy Order of Ras for help, they failed to penetrate the old sealing and protecting spells left by the wizards.

Artisan District

Here most of the craftsmen of Eastport live and work, producing and selling their goods of great value. While nearly everything is produced here, the town is most famous for its dwarven weapon smiths and the human armorers. Also some of the best talian masons and architects have their shops there, selling their work all over Tal'Lyra.

The Lion's Pride

As one of the most famous hotels and taverns in Tal'Lyra, the Lion's Pride offers accommodation and food to travelers and locals alike, if they're willing to pay a hefty price. While prostitution is forbidden by the high priest of Cyroc, they still provide male and female company for the right amount of gold. Having their own farms and vineyards in the hills near the Endless Mountains, the tavern sells homemade exotic dishes and some of the best wines the continent has to offer. Yet the Inn exports most of their sold beer from Merlon's Keep and many expensive spirits from Cairn.

The Lyrian Embassy

The delegates of Merlon offer a safe heaven for all dwarfs in Eastport, while in turn representing dwarven interests, for both the towns citizens and the lyrian empire, before the council of Cyroc as one of them has a seat on it. Since it is regarded as part of the lyrian empire, the towns guards have no jurisdiction there. They also collect tolls for all cargo heading to Merlon's Keep from Eastport.

Park of Solitude

Being the greatest green space in any of the continents towns, the park is quite famous. It holds many plants, from both the surrounding environment and more exotic places. It is for example home to many different cacti from Cairn, lianas from the Elderwoods, some rock-like vegetation from the Endless Mountains and even a specimen of the legendary evergolden tree from Nekor. The park is groomed by students of the towns university and watered by an old construction, distributing water from a well deep under the town. Gathering, disputes, sports and even loud talking are forbidden as enforced by the guards, to preserve the peaceful atmosphere.

Theater of Illusions

With nearly two hundred artists and actors working here, the theater holds showings of both old and new plays twice a week. Being famous for its stunning effects, it seems like the visitors are taken into a different world while watching, thus earning its name. While entry is quite expensive, the council often sponsors events and gives away tickets for free to the hard working population of the town. To witness some of the best plays performed here, tourists travel great distances from all over Tal'Lyra.

The Guards Barracks

The barracks are the main operating base for the guards of Eastport. It's were they live, train and keep the prisoners of the town. The garrison was built only one and a half centuries ago, as the old barracks got to small for the growing army of the trading hub. Even the sailors of the cities fleet have their chambers here, being also trained in close combat.

Eagles Watchtower

The first thing a traveler sees coming to Eastport from the south is the legendary Watchtower, reaching far into the sky, even touching the clouds. The overlook was built during the Windsong Rebellion by human architects and workers to warn the city of incoming armies and fleets. For their wide reaching eyes and their fiercness in battle, the specially trained forces arming the tower came to the nickname eagles. While being one of the greatest human made buildings in Tal'Lyra, no civilian knows exactly how it looks from the inside, as only the guards and members of the cities council are allowed to enter.

The Situation Today

Being ruled by a council of clerics and their high priest, the town flourishes and is ever growing. Most of the wealth derives from the trade between humans and dwarves. Eastport also exports many different sorts of famous wine, produced on the hills outside of the town, to the whole continent. Eventough the town grows, the ruling few are not that well liked in the general population, mostly because they ignore the outskirts and most of the problems of the city.
The council today consists of seven clerics, an dwarven ambassador and the high priest of Cyroc as the leader. While the old laws of the town stipulate a democratic process in the discussion of matters in the council, the high priests position gained more and more power over the last centuries, mostly because a law changed the guards order of command to the high priest being their leader. The current high priest Vastor, aged 59, is quite unliked by the people of Eastport, since he's refusing to start an investigation into the ongoing murders happening all over the town and also because he stopped financing the ongoing construction, started by his predecessor Michael, of canalization and wells in the western outskirts of the town. Stemming from this, unrest grows in the town, organized crime gains influence and voices calling for representatives of the people on the council are rising up.
Since there are less guards and more problems present in the western outskirts, an organisation of thieves and other criminals is growing. They are controlling most of the slums, giving free food and water to the inhabitants in exchange for passage, help and information. The name and face of the rogue leading them is unknown, but some rumors talk about him trying to widen his influence and to expand into the walled part of the town and the harbor.
Despite all the problems of Eastport, the towns people's wealth is growing and every year more and more tourists are attracted to see the wonders of the theater of illusions, the watchtower and the The Annual Fair of Eastport, not even being stopped by the threat of being extorted by the guild of thieves or of being murdered in cold blood by a shadow wandering the streets at night.

Important Laws of Eastport

The fee to enter

If one wants to enter the town, by land or by boat, and can't prove his citizenship, he needs to pay a fee of two gold coins to be let through by the guards watching the harbor and the gates. Only dwarven merchants are exempt from this rule.

No drawing of weapons

For everyone not being part of the city's guards, it is forbidden to draw their weapons inside the walls of the town. Still doing so leads to a fine of up to 10 gold coins and the confiscation of the weapons. If one can't pay the amount ordered by the guards or if one is a repeated offender, the punishment is three days of prison time.

Destruction of books

Whoever destroys books, scrolls or other things carrying knowledge is immediately sentenced to two to five months of prison, depending on the severeness of the crime.

Undesired Help

If one is caught helping the thieves and criminals in the slums, one must help the investigation and provide all information on the matter. If not, the punishment is death by whiping.

Burning of bodies

All dead bodies must be burned in not more than seven days after their demise. If not, the responsible party is sentenced to be burned with the dead body.

Selling of the flesh

It is forbidden to sell yourself or others in any sexual way. If caught, you and the person conveying the service are sentenced to heavy fines of up to 300 gold pieces.


Talking disrespectfully about the holy Cyroc is also a crime in Eastport. For visitors and travelers, the first offense leads to a warning. For everyone else and repeat offenders, the punishment is up to three weeks in prison.
Population: ~90000 humans, ~5000 dwarves
Ruler: Vastor, High Priest of Cyroc
Trading goods: wine, masterful weapons and armor
Army: 1700 watch guards, 5 warships and 400 sailors
Relations: Alliance with Tam, rivalry with Rashor and The Order's Watch

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