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The Amber Plains

The amber plains are the only part of Tal'Lyra, which was never covered by the wide forests of the continent. Instead they are sparse in flora, only a few plants besides grass and bushes inhabit the wide empty plains. What it lacks in flora, it makes up with a wide array of fauna, both peaceful and dangerous to the traveller. The plains are best known for the Amborus, a rare plant which grows only there. They border the river Merto to the west and the Elderwoods to the south, while the blue bay and the eastern ocean encloses them to the West. The humans built the cities of Tam, Rashor and Eastport on the border of the plains after they noticed that the flatland itself cant support settlements.


Most of the plants in the amber plains are poisonous and aren't of much interest to the sentient beings travelling the plains. Only the Amborus is sought after by both smiths and druids. But since it can only be harvested while it's blooming, which only happens for a few nights each month, most of the time the Reapers stay far away from the plains.


Many animals live there, starting with sheeps and hares and ending with a mountain lion like brute, the Ixar and the Quas , a fast winged creature hunting mostly sheeps. Some even believe in beasts like the Tsched, a small biting legend or the Nujo, a fire breathing animal.

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