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The most eastern forest of Tal'Lyra, the Idamets (dwarven tongue for eastern forest), fills the peninsula near Tam. It's the only true deciduous big woodland of the whole continent spanning many kilometers wide, criss-crossed by small streams and rivers. Many charcoal burner live and work in the woods, exporting their produce to smithies in most towns of Tal'Lyra. 


Most of the trees in the forest are summer green beeches, but hawthorns and alders are found here too. Much of the forest floor is covered in bushes and other small vegetation. While there are many man-made paths through the woods, naturally there are only a few clearings. Some of the more interesting plants found in the Idamets include many different kinds of mushrooms, the Laulakuus and the Sinikkuka.


The eastern forest beams with animal life and anything from small hares up to majestic stags can be encountered here. Competition for the human hunters coming from nearby village are primarily packs of wolves, but also brown bears and foxes. 
Dangerous monsters living here include the Tromspider, Srampverd and some tales even tell of Ukkosnen building their nests in these woods. 


It is estimated that up to four hundred charcoal burners live and work in the Idamets, producing valuable coal for the production of tools and weapons. Only a few trades make their way through these woods, collecting the charcoal from each of the burners and selling it in the next town. Most of them like the secluded life and are staying away from outsiders, as they often bring unease to their homes.
There are also two small villages amid the Idamets, inhabited by forest people who's ancestors chose to live a life away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Not much is known about these people, but is is universally assumed, that

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