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The Laulakuus (dwarven tongue for singing tree) is a rare deciduous tree found in the Idamets in the western part of Tal'Lyra. Sometimes it seems like the trees are singing in wind and it is believed that hearing their song is a sing for good luck. 


The evergreen Laulakuus grows higher than the rest of the trees in the Idamets and has denser foliage. It's leaves sway in the winds blowing through the forest and make it sound like someone is singing a beautiful song in an ancient language. Some even say that it looks like its branches are dancing to the melody.
At the end of summer the Laulakuus bears a few fruits, which look like pink apples. A few foragers travel the woods in fall looking for this rare harvest, as it is very tasty and sought after by noble families and expensive restaurants.

Mythical Abilities

Hearing the song of the Laulakuus blesses the listener, granting them good luck for a few days. A few pilgrims travel every year to the Idamets, hoping to hear the melody of the mythical tree. But since it is a rare phenomenon most are not able to get blessed. And even then it is disputed if and how much the song enhances the luck of the listener.

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