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The Ukkosnen (dwarven tongue for thunderbird) is a very rare ancient creature found all over Tal'Lyra. The yellow falcon like bird hunts it's prey with bolts of electricity, which he shoots out of his mouth. Usually nesting high up in trees or mountains, the bird doesn't attack humans, unless they come near their nests. The Ukkosnen lives a long life of up to 50 years with only one mate.
Being beautiful to look at, sometimes a Ukkosnen is captured, caged and sold for a small treasure. But most of them were hunted down a long time ago for their magical essence, the Essence of Thunder, which can be extracted from the birds corpse. Sadly in today times the Ukkosnen is nearly extinct and hard to find.
Armor Class: 19
Hitpoints: 13
Blood: 12
STR: 9 DEX: 17 CON: 9 INT: 9 WIS:CHA: 11
Skills: Perception +8
Senses: Passive Perception 19
Thunderbolt: Spitting out a small thunderbolt, the bird deals 2d6 electricity damage and 1d6 fire damage. +4 to hit
Loot: Essence of Thunder

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