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The Srampverd (dwarven tongue for angry mushroom) is a small monster primarily found in the Idamets. Unless disturbed, it looks like a brown mushroom on the floor of the woods. Usually found in groups, the monster will, if one of the is mistaken for a real mushroom, wake up and attack the poor forager. Walking on four legs, the mushroom will try to hit or spit acid at the enemy. After the foe is dead or chased out of it's territory, the monster will go back to sleep, burying it's body under earth once again.
After slaying a Srampverd, one can collect the acidic juices dripping out of the corpse, as those can be sold for a good price to potion makers and smiths.
Armor Class: 11
Hitpoints: 31
Blood: 7
STR: 12 DEX: 10 CON: 13 INT: 6 WIS: CHA: 3
Skills: Perception +3
Senses: Passive Perception 12
Sleeping underground: As long as the monster is not disturbed, it looks like a normal brown mushroom. Fast Foes can cut of the the top of the Srampverd before it emerges (1 round)
Living in groups: This monster is always found in groups between 3 and 5. Attacking one of them angers all of them.
Acidic Spit: It spits some of it's juices at the foe, dealing 1d+2 acid damage, +2 to hit.
Leg hit: The Srampverd tries to hit its enemy with one of his small legs, dealing 2d8 damage, -3 to hit.
Loot: Juices of a Srampverd

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