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Psiaic Confusion

The Psiaic Dimension is an unpleasant place full of things that do not work well with human minds (or most other minds, either, but I'm human so that's my baseline). Beyond all the strangeness that most people don't cope with, there is actually a neurological factor that comes into play if you spend any amount of time in there unprotected.   When you enter the Psiaic dimension without prepared defenses (because you're not making anything useful to yourself out of what you find in there), you have your choice of two outcomes. Either you find one of the zones with strange temporal effects and come out having skipped ten years (as an example), or else you suffer from Psiaic Confusion and hope that someone is able to pull you out before you die.  

It's Not All In Your Head

  While the construction of the Psiaic dimension has been known to cause mental breaks in those who traverse it, Psiaic Confusion (herein abbreviated as Pico) is an actual effect. It dissipates quickly once out of the dimension, but if the damage has already been done you might suffer permanent confusion.   The effect is believed to be caused by the slight difference in physics between our dimension and the PD. The dissonance causes brain waves to be affected, which in turn leads to Pico. Those affected report confusion (obviously), difficulty in focusing, and loss of sensory capacity, among other similar symptoms.   It can be difficult to notice some of these symptoms because the topography of the PD is so odd that it can lead to people going a bit crazy just from looking at it. The people prone to this are usually also prone to anxiety issues. Not that anyone should go into the PD anyway, because Pico is a thing whether or not you're seeing strange things.  

Avoidance or Removal

  The only way to get rid of Pico is to get out of the PD, thus removing the dissonance with your brain's functions. If you absolutely can't get out of the PD at the moment, your best bet is to get into one of the pockets of temporal defraction. It puts a stopgap on the effects of Pico until you can actually get out, with the side effect of time outside your bubble running at a different pace. Either your brain is out of sync, or else you are.


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Dec 12, 2023 18:58 by Marc Zipper

Cool article I love the two effects that could happen to you

Let's have fun creating the impossible, building new worlds, and all types of possibilities. Valcin
Jan 19, 2024 23:12 by Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia

OK - the attitude in this article was extremely fun - your writing "voice" is what made the difference, not the condition. It was personal and a little cheeky but not too much so, and intelligent and articulate without being sassy and obnoxious. You hit that just exactly right. It's a very engaging voice and I found myself wanting to know more about the character who owned that voice. Well done!

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