Ifauz Citadel

Adapted from Pathfinderwiki- Citadel Altaerein
Ifauz is the abandoned former headquarters of the Hellknight Order of the Torch, located in eastern Savaria, high in the Southwestern Pentaregnum Mountains , close to the borders with Thom and Tordal. It overlooks the town of Stios , whose residents call it Judgment Hill and largely ignore it.


  • Citadel Perimeter: Significant overgrowth has overtaken the perimeter around the citadel. What were once well-maintained bushes have turned to wild brambles around the entire building. As a result, the 10-foot-wide perimeter around the entire citadel is difficult terrain.
  • Crumbling Walls: Most of the citadel’s outer structure remains sound. in several places the outer walls have crumbled or collapsed entirely, exposing the citadel’s interior to the elements. These crumbled sections of wall are difficult terrain, but they allow the PCs to access the citadel chamber on the opposite side of the wall without using Altaerein’s main doors. The exteriors of the walls are very steep, and loose stones make climbing the walls a dangerous prospect. A successful DC 20 Climb check

    Requirements You have both hands free.
    Description You move up, down, or across an incline. 
    Applications Unless it’s particularly easy, you must attempt an Athletics check. The GM determines the DC based on the nature of the incline and environmental circumstances. You’re flat-footed unless you have a climb Speed.   Degrees of Performance
    • Critical Success You move up, across, or safely down the incline for 5 feet plus 5 feet per 20 feet of your land Speed (a total of 10 feet for most PCs).
    • Success You move up, across, or safely down the incline for 5 feet per 20 feet of your land Speed (a total of 5 feet for most PCs, minimum 5 feet if your Speed is below 20 feet).
    • Critical Failure YYou fall. If you began the climb on stable ground, you fall and land prone.
    is needed to scale the walls as a result, something a PC who succeeds at a DC 10 Crafting check can warn the party of before an attempt to climb is made.
  • Doors: Unless otherwise noted, with the exception of secret doors, Citadel Altaerein’s wooden doors are unlocked. Some doors, especially exterior doors leading into the citadel, might be stuck or broken, as mentioned in the relevant areas’ descriptions.
  • Entering the Citadel: There are public entrances into the citadel from the Foyer and Barracks. The door to the Foyer is unlocked and ajar, thanks to the monsters, ne’er-do-wells, explorers, and others who have rifled through the keep since it’s been abandoned, but the door to the Barraks is bolted and tied shut. Note that there is also a locked secret door leading into Secret Provision room at the back of the citadel. Additionally, broken masonry and gaps in walls allow access to the citadel through the Training Hall, Court of the Nail, and Records Room.
  • Ceiling Height: Unless otherwise noted, the interior ceilings of Citadel Altaerein are 20 feet tall. (Note that the citadel’s courtyard and battlements are exceptions because each has no roof and is open to the elements.)
  • Interior Lighting: Citadel Altaerein has enough arrow slits and crumbling open-air masonry that the ambient lighting level inside the first floor is dim during daylight hours unless otherwise noted.
  • Wall Thickness: Except for the crumbling walls marked on the map, the exterior and interior walls of Citadel Altaerein are made of reinforced masonry and have Hardness 20.
  • Secret Entrance: A particularly well-hidden secret door is built into the hillside just west of the central tower. A successful DC 25 Perception check reveals the door’s presence, but initially, there should be little reason for the PCs to search for a hidden door here. The Gaftzlekh Fauz Tribe chieftain Bhalke knows of this secret entrance, though, and can inform the PCs of its location once the goblins have been rescued. Beyond the secret door is a short, 5-foot-wide passage leading to a second secret door that opens into the Vaultway below the citadel.

Central Core

  • Battlements
  • Central Foyer
  • Courtyard

Northern Wing (Court of the Torch)


  • Reene's Purse- A band of Convict skeletons sentanced to the defense of Alterian's holding cells.
Fariel’s Ring

Castle 3

  • Alignment- White Black  This abandoned Hellknight Citadel was built out of the ambitious devotion of the Order of the Torch 
  • Tapping The Citadel grounds imposes a a +2 penalty to Deception, Stealth, or Thievery DCs or a +2 penalty to saves against Necromantic effects.


  • Ifauz Citadel
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
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