Order of the Torch

Adapted from Pathfinderwiki- Order of the Nail
The Order of the Torch is an order of Hellknights based in Citadel Priscus near Olgin It concerns itself with quelling "savage" practices and bringing their idea of civilization to the inhabitants of the wild frontier.

Public Agenda

To certain dogmatic, rigid-minded individuals, civilization seems under siege. Beyond the bulwarks of cities and national borders lies an endless expanse of wilderness populated by those who, all too often, shun the rules of settled, lawful societies and follow their own callings. To the Order of the Torch, these beings enviously prey upon the children of the law, seeking to draw civilization into a regressive mire. The Order of the Torch stands staunchly against what it views as barbarity.


One of the original seven orders of Hellknights founded in 117 ZR, the Order of the Torch was coaxed to relocate to Usherya  in 73 ZR by Olgin's Queen Domina. Although the belief of the Queen was that her invitation and generosity would make the Hellknights indebted to the crown, this was not the case, and the government has since held a decades-old grudge against the Order. The Hellknights instead pursue their own agenda and follow their own ideals of law and justice. Even so, they have aided the city on several occasions (after being well-compensated) and their subjugation of the surrounding wilds have been of assistance to the Korvosan crown. Feared and misunderstood by both the populace and the city guard, the Hellknights are sometimes referred to as "Domina's Devils".



Impressed by their efficiency and devotion to law, the Justice Court of Osherzil invited a detachment of Order of the Nail Hellknights to their city. The commanders in Citadel Priscus eagerly took them up on the offer to bring their brand of order to a place notorious for its lack of strong laws. The unit is garrisoned in the Bastion of the Nail in the Naos District under the command of Paralictor Gemius Halst . Even though their numbers are few, they are fiendishly devoted to their charge. The Hellknights often take protection contracts more dangerous than any other mercenary company would dare. When not working on a particular contract, the members of this unit patrol the city looking for trouble, especially in the distant Ordellia district, where even the town guard does not often venture. Amongst the locals, the Order of the Torch Hellknights are colloquially known as Torch-Knights.

Savagery must be quelled, in the land, home, and mind.

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