The Fires of Judgement Hill

General Summary

Our heroes arrived at Ifauz Citadel in the late morning just ahead of the blazing heat of the afternoon. Suspiciously eying the front door the long abandoned headquarters of the Order of the Torch , they scouted around the complex in search of an alternate point of entry. Passing another door, the Brotherhood settled on a near vertical pile of fallen stone with an opening into the citadel on top. Otto was able to scramble up to the top of the heap despite his companions' failure to climb any further than a few feet. Lowering a rope down to them, brought them all into a room filled with training dummies. Xoleo  cut one of them down with his sickles

Venomous Spiders and a Surly Bugbear

Rex cautiously approached a galley east of the training room a swarm of red spiders fed by the long abandoned larder gathered to feed on the brotherhood. Our adventurers tried to contain the swarm by surrounding them and smashing them in detail. The Spiders swarmed over them crawling into their clothes, biting the heroes underneath. Otto stepped back and arched electricity into the swarm. Rex smashed the last of them with his maul  Moving east into the next chamber the party pressed to search the remnant of the Order's barracks. Discarded furniture and animal skins were piled in the central corridor of the barracks, a lumbering Bugbear charged out of the pile swinging her sword at Rex. Ash wheeled around to flank the rampaging goblin. Yolcheta's sword bit deeply into rex's flesh leaving him reeling and fighting to separate himself from the bugbear. Xoleo and his sickles swung wildly at the aggressor cutting her and driving her back. Otto summoned spouts to try to drive her back.    Reeling against the fury she provoked another volley of sickle stikes drove Yolecheta to her knee with a pitiful wimper. Ash ended the melee driving a shortsword into her neck. 

Hellknight's Testing Arena

Backtraking to the training room,  several of the brotherhood "fought" training dummies while Rex discovered an eerie red glow in the room to the west; Behind the door he could hear grunting and the clashing of steel. With their interest piqued the party crashed through the door; inside they found a summoning circle glowing red and a man in black armor driving a greatsword into an imp lying on the ground. As the imp hissed and melted into the ground two more blinked into the room on opposite sides of the circle. Xoleo, Otto, and Ash lept into action to contain these otherworldly threats. Slashing one with sickles and blasting the other back with a Blunderbuss. Mattus Sera , the Hellknight, finished one off with a crushing blow from his greatsword. Otto blasted the other into ash with an Electric Arc.   In recognition of the party's martial prowess, Serra enlisted the Discordant Brotherhood to help him find his family's signet ring, lost some where in the ruins. To sweeten the pot, Mattus suggested that the deed for the citadel is still in the ruin and with his ring he can authorize transfer of ownership of the castle to the brotherhood; additionally he will be joining with the band to explore the citadel.

Missions/Quests Completed

Quests Given

The Hellknight's Hierloom
Major Favor for Mattus Serra; Minor Favor for the Order of the Torch
Mattus Serra offered the band ownership of Ifauz Citadel and his assistance if they could help him find his Family's Signet Ring
XP Gained- 140
Sponsors- Mattus Serra
Reward- Deed to Ifauz Citadel
Loot Gained- TBD
Sessions- The Fires of Judgment
— The Ruined Citadel
The Grand Marches
Rex Tyr

Level 1 Liberator Champion.

20 / 20

Level 1 Outwit Ranger.

18 / 18
Otto Hari

Level 1 Elemental Sorcerer.

15 / 15
Ash Vulpix

Level 1 Precision Ranger.

19 / 19
Report Date
08 Sep 2022
Primary Location


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