The Brotherhood of Misfits

General Summary

Each of the discordant woke in their cells; A rowdy old man in the central corridor wearing a ring of keys. "Enjoy your last night, boys! that racket up top is your gallows. in the morning, you'll be done."  After the guard Made his way down the hall, Xoleo had found some pins and wires stashed in his cell that he could fashion into a suitable pick. While Xoleo was manipulating the lock to his cell, Mile , Ash's Fox Companion, came trotting up the hallway with a ring of keys in his snout. Opening up the cells, the brotherhood encountered an awkward green-skinned humanoid in the Northwestern cell, he remained aloof while the party planned their escape and disappeared when they left him alone in his cell. Searching the cell, the Discordant Brotherhood found a hidden passage that led out of the complex into the wilds of Savaria.   The boys fled north to Stios. A village known for sponsoring upstart adventuring bands. Sitios ’ local government has a long and proud history of hiring adventurers to tackle any challenges its residents face that fall outside the scope of the Town Guard’s duties. The merchant whose expected shipment of goods hasn’t yet arrived, the shepherd whose herd of goats mysteriously died in the night, the farmer whose entire season’s harvest was ruined or stolen—investigating and resolving any of these matters are considered good jobs for adventurers. So Stios' town council uses its resources to hire heroes as needed. These monthly meetings, known as the Burgher's Commission, are distinct from the council’s normal regular governance meetings, a tactic that separates such matters from regular municipal business and shows the townspeople that the council indeed allots sufficient time to the issues that are often most important to them personally. After filling their bellies at the Wizard’s Grace, (Ash 1 Cp; Xoleo 1SP, Rex 1 SP, Otto 1 GP) they made their way to the Burgher's commissioning.   Once inside the council chamber, the Brotherhood saw that the room was set up as an auditorium, with a carpeted walkway separating several rows of benches into two sections. The carpet leads to a small set of steps and a raised dais. On the dais was a large desk separated into five parts, where the Stios Town Council’s five members are seated, talking quietly with one another as they wait for the meeting to start. On the desk, situated in front of each chair, are tarnished bronze plaques bearing the names of the council members. From east to west, the names are Jorsk Hinterclaw, Melma Ann Sendari, Greta Gardania, Trini Sprizzlegig, and Quentino Posandi. Melma, Greta, and Quentino are humans, Jorsk is a dwarf, and Trini is a gnome. Greta Gardania, seated at the desk’s middle spot, is the council president.   In all, there were 40 townspeople in addition to the PCs and the councilors assembled for the meeting. (These are the same townspeople who were outside the building waiting for it to begin, so the PCs might recognize people they spoke with, or they might choose to sit with any newfound friends.)   With a sharp rap from her gavel onto the desk, the stern, dark-haired woman with a deeply furrowed forehead and kind eyes brought the assembled crowd to a hush.
  Welcome, neighbors and friends to the Breachill Town Council’s monthly Burgher's commissioning. I am Council President Greta Gardania, at your service. On behalf of my colleagues beside me, I promise you all that we will hear and consider today’s petition with the utmost discretion and care. There is no existence without community, as our town charter says. Today, our agenda includes one petition. Miss Warbal, our very own ambassador to the Bumblebrashers of Judgment Hill, requests the help of heroes for a matter of utmost importance. Let’s hear her concerns in her own words, shall we? Miss Warbal?
— Greta Gardania
At this summons, Warbal emerges from the front row of benches. The well-dressed goblin woman makes her way to the foot of the dais’s steps. She clears her throat and begins her address to the council.
  Esteemed councilors, It has been more than a month since I’ve been able to contact the Bumblebrashers. I fear that something terrible has befallen them. What’s more, I have seen my people’s distress signal coming from the top of Ifauz Citadel—
— Warbal Bramblebrasher
Before the goblin can continue her petition, the door on the western side of the room flies open, as a young man, his eyes wide with panic, runs in, shouting and waving his ink-stained hands. Billowing black smoke and flames follow him into the room:
  Fire! There’s a fire! Everyone flee!
  In the unfolding chaos of the fire, as dozens of frightened townsfolk begin to panic, a snickering little Fire Mephit slipped through the chamber’s Southern door. Rex responded to the growing inferno by starting to smash open a hole in the western wall; Otto evoked spout cantrips to keep the flames from overtaking them. Ash blasted the hole open enough with his Blunderbuss to allow citizens to escape. The Boys then focused their effort on subduing the mephit. In a short melee, the Mephit was reduced to ash.   The fire took the council hall; outside, the soot-stained councilors emerge from the crowd, and Greta Gardania gathered the scared crowd. She looked around, hugging some of the townspeople next to her, while others wearily clapped her on the back in thanks for their lives.
What manner of madness just happened? This can be no accident! Did anyone see anything?
— Greta
One of the guards who was stationed outside before the fire began raised his hand, then his voice.
Aye, The clerks saw everything—it was Calmont, that cad of a bookseller’s apprentice. He lit the fires in the halls next to the chamber. He also set that fire monster loose on the crowd!
— Town Guard
The second guard shouts in assent.
Indeed! And witnesses outside the building saw him run toward Judgment Hill!
— woman in crowd
The citadel! My Bumblebrashers!
— Warbal
Greta raises her hand authoritatively, and the crowd begins to calm.
Friends, we’ll get to the bottom of this, But we can’t do it alone. Who are the heroes in attendance today? Heroes, are you willing to investigate Judgment Hill?
— Greta
Greta and the other councilors were eager to hire the brotherhood to both make contact with the Bumblebrashers, and track down Calmont in the citadel to bring him to justice—or at least haul him in for questioning.

Rewards Granted

200 XP

Missions/Quests Completed

Quests Given

That Dirty Halfling
Moderate Favor for Stios
The Stios Council offered the band 10gp if they can bring Calmont to justice.
XP Gained- 0
Sponsors- Stios and Bumblebrashers
Reward- 10 gp
Loot Gained- TBD
Sessions- The Brotherhood of Misfits
The Council’s Chosen
Our Honored Goblins
Minor Favor for Stios; Major Favor for the Bumblebrashers
The Stios Council offered the band 10gp if they can reestablish contact with the Bumblebrashers on Judgment Hill.
XP Gained- 0
Sponsors- Stios and Bumblebrashers
Reward- 10 gp
Loot Gained- TBD
Sessions- The Brotherhood of Misfits
The Council’s Chosen
The Grand Marches
Rex Tyr

Level 1 Liberator Champion.

20 / 20

Level 1 Outwit Ranger.

18 / 18
Otto Hari

Level 1 Elemental Sorcerer.

15 / 15
Ash Vulpix

Level 1 Precision Ranger.

19 / 19
Report Date
07 Aug 2022


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