Fariel’s Ring

Alseta's Ring is a ring of six Aiudara located beneath Citadel Altaerein in Isger. One of the first aiudara fashioned on Golarion by the elven hero Candlaron, the individual portals were placed as close together as possible without their individual energies interfering with each other. Candlaron's work on Alseta's Ring was instrumental to a breakthrough that allowed him to build aiudara capable of linking multiple locations, which were more efficient; although Alseta's Ring would always keep a special place in Candlaron's heart, travel through it was less frequent, and it was little more than a curiosity when the elves left Golarion on the eve of Earthfall.   After Earthfall, Dahak discovered a flaw within Alseta' Ring and exploited it to manifest an incarnation of himself in the ruins of Golarion, wreaking havoc for ages until the Ekujae Elves elves imprisoned the manifestation in the void between portals in Alseta's Ring. The ensuing magical feedback destroyed Lotusgate, which connected Alseta's Ring to Kyonin, cutting it off from the aiudara network. By the time the elves returned from Sovyrian, Alseta's Ring was truly forgotten.
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