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Layered Chain Blades are sharp, sort of. Well, not really. The way they work is more of a chainsaw, with several layers of teeth moving back and forth. These teeth are rather fragile though, and while they will cut through nearly anything very easily (depending on their quality and amount), another layered chain blade will interrupt that, as it were, and disable the blade on contact, allowing layered chain blades to block others, allowing for more interactive melee combat. This has also lead to the near-complete abandonment of blunt weapons in such combat, save for specific gimmicky weapons, like the Slamhammer. Mostly.   This interaction has a special property, however. The layered chain blade can be nearly anything, any sharpness, strenght, or layer count, and it will destroy opposing chains. This has lead to the existence of "layer-blocks", weak chain blades incapable of cutting anything durable, but able to destroy chain layers. This mostly sees use in non-lethal weapons or weapons like axes or spears, with one relatively small cutting edge but a long shaft, such as Tarno's Soul of Terenk- very long layered chain blades are expensive, and a weak one for protection alone is much more feasible.


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