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Memory of Opportunity

The first city on Mars, Sol, to have reached a hundred thousand people. It currently has about 112 million people, putting it into the top 20 cities in the Sol System, and human space in general. The name comes from the Opportunity rover, on which the city was founded. The rover itself is in the center of the city, in a monument to human progress and development. Birthplace of Gvanhla.


Being in the Sol system, the demographics of the city trend towards a majority of organic humans, about 80%. There is also a substantial Mode population, though compared to the rest of the population, it's negligible.


A rarity in the Core Worlds, Memory of Opportunity is actually a fully independent city-state. It governs itself with a subconcious voting system, where cybernetics in the populace read their minds and record their views, and vote accordingly on decisions made by a rotating council of sorts, elected in the same way. Most of these elections are handled by a central AI system by the name of Ares. Many have critisized this system in the past, but the people of the city did vote on it rather unanimously.  


Being the first major and largest city on the red planet, Memory of Opportunity is quite important in the grand scheme of things. It has not only a significant economy, industrial and technological base, but also two space elevators connecting to the orbital ring, several launch loop systems, and much more. It is one of the most important ground-to-space locations on the planet, and is well respected and considered in planetary, and even system-wide, politics.  


Despite being a city state, the city still has two habitats effectively under its control. The habitats, Phobos II and Shainman's Cylinder, house abotu 16 and 23 million people respectively, and Phobos II was founded early on in Mars' colonization, even earlier than Memory of Opportunity itself. The city also governs over a two thousand kilometer strip of the orbital ring, further boosting its orbital presence. This section is, like most of Mars' ring, full of shipyards and material processing facilities, making the planet the number two producer of ships and vehicles in the cluster, nearly tied with none other than Earth itself.
Founding Date
112 million


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