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A fairly big city by the cluster's standards, Kaltblume stands near the side of a large ravine on Threshold of Destiny, in the Upon the Void system, some 15 lightyears from Rakt'Akla, the center of the cluster. Fourth biggest individual settlement in the system, behind another city and two habitats. Place of creation and home for a few decades of Jon.   Being descended from several ex-Cellean states, the planet doesn't have a very advanced level of technology. It is on par with something like Ochtotne Prime, at around the 25-26th century. Most of the population is Human, though not by much, with around 35% being Sapient Synthetics, like Jon. Most of the synthetics live in orbit, however, and the population of the city is mostly organic humans.   A notable feature of the city is its extensive arcologies, and especially their dedication toward maintaining greenery. Like so many other planets in human space, Threshold of Destiny is not suitable for any sort of terraforming by modern technology. The atmosphere is thin and only somewhat breathable, and the soil is frozen and lifeless. Thus, the citizenry ended up building large arcologies to house large park spaces and gardens, as well as systems for farming and producing food for the populace. The city also exports a decent amount to its neighbors, and even to some orbital installations via a launch loop array on the edge of the city. Some of these greenhouses also grow less common plants, and many, like the rarer flowers, are exported elsewhere, like the midway-terraforming Ochtotne Prime.
Founding Date
Large city
341 000


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