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Fool's End

A large city on the Edge of Eternity, a planet some 1630 lightyears from Earth. For context, the second furthest planet from Earth is only 370 or so lightyears from Earth. Currently, it hosts a population of 33 million, most of whom live in quite poor conditions. The best way to describe the city is Cyberpunk Town.   The city is around thirteen or so kilometers in diameter, over a roughly circular area, though it reaches to over seven kilometers at the highest inhabited point. It's a very vertical city, with layers and layers over each other, though the better areas are less so up, rather than inwards, at the centre. It's also entirely enclosed, with snippets of dome and other heavy-duty covering material being used to shield the insides from the freezing and inhospitable enviroment outside.   The planet proper, Edge of Eternity, is a frozen rock with roughly 0.64g of gravity. The atmosphere, the little there is, is not breathable by humans, being composed mainly of hydrogen and not much else.


The population is entirely Human, as the people refused to take any Sapient Synthetic producing machinery, nor do they have anyone to trade with. To date, there hasn't been a single synthetic to have touched the frozen soil of the Edge of Eternity, nevermind Fool's End.   Similarily to the rest of humanity, the majority of people are augmented in some way, biological, genetic, or cybernetic. Not similarily however, these people usually have a lot more than the average person, due to cooling systems being widely available. You'd be hard pressed to find someone with only minor augmentations.


Barely a government. More a collection of powerful factions agreeing not to fight each other most of the time. These factions range from the smallest of mining conglomerates to a big seller of arms or several food manufacturers. They have an amount of control over some areas and places, and they contribute to the city's continued existance even in its isolation.

Industry & Trade

The city is perfectly self-sufficient, as the nearest settlement is 1200 lightyears away. No one really knows about this place either, so that just compounds it. The city is powered by fusion reactors deep in the center, which fuse hydrogen gathered from the outside into electricity and oxygen for the citizens to breathe. The city also mines, refines, and manufactures everything on its own, from cars to guns to watches or cybernetics.   The food grown is mainly basic vegetables and synthetic meat, since the agricultural areas are geared for efficiency, not variety. They still have enough variety for a healthy diet. Whether or not that variety reaches circulation is no concern of the manufacturers.   The city does not trade. Period. There's no one to trade for, after all, and no one's going out into the frozen wastes to found an outpost or the like, since there's really nothing there.


Varied, though overall decent. The majority of the city relies on roads and such, with the inner regions having an amount more, like public transport.   Generally, the city isn't hard to get around per se, but its layered and vertical nature can be a hassle.


The well-off-ness of a particular area can be pretty roughly correlated with distance from the center of the city, ground level. That's where the richest people live, and that's where the best life is.   There's all kinds of sub-divisions in the city, as it is self-sufficient. From industry to agriculture towers to hydrogen harvesters and power plants, the city has it all.


The settlement is quite unique in its origin. While most others are made by a group of people, and then grown over time with new arrivals more than population growth, Fool's End was founded all at once, so to say. Just 25 years ago, a large group of people left their homes, having been gathered from various nations near the Core Worlds, numbering over 21 million.   They all boarded onto a collection of habitats-turned-starships, collectively known as the Exodus Armada. They left, and after a few month's voyage with faster than light travel, they arrived. They set up shop fast, grounding their ships and cannibalizing them to build the first rudimentary city structures. From there, the city's not grown much, even though the population has.  
They left their homes to establish a city away from anyone else, one that will remain so for thousands of years at least. Eventually, when the wave of expansion of the rest of humanity reaches the city, they will be met with a bastion of civilization in a lifeless void.


It's a very traditional cyberpunk style. Big high-rises, perpetual darkness only lit up by flashy advertisement and neon signs, and apartments stacked high up on another, into the sky.   That perpetual darkness is present mainly due to the city's layered nature, as light cannot possibly pass through the tens of layers of inhabitation. Even the top sections don't get much in the way of sunlight, as the system's two stars, named the Twin Suns, shine dim.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Cyberpunk Town in the middle of nowhere
Large city
33 million


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