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Felraum Holt (ˈfelˈrɑum ˈholt)

An old city on Afkaschein, founded way back in the 2500s by the Cellean autocratic space.   An important aspect for reading this article is to know the history of Afkaschein. Mainly the three eras of the planet's human settlement. Go read that, if you haven't.
But here's a TL;DR:
The planet was first settled by the Cellean empire as a terraforming experiment, but that fell to civil war eventually. After a while, a group called the Zlihvvans settled the planet, and later the Afkaschein Gos Dzihad would originate from exiles.   Translates roughly from the German-descended language as "Low Space Hold", referencing the Auchein Valley being lower than the surrounding area, by a lot.


While nowadays the population is mostly dead or just elsewhere, it used to have more. It's always been mostly biological humans, and has flipped and shifted over the years. The original Cellean settlers numbered around 25 000 at their peak, while the Zliahvvans were almost a hundred thousand strong.


The Cellean era was governed by a committee of people involved with the project, engineers, scientists, and administrators. The Zliahvvans had a rough elective system, lead by a president, which then extended onto the later inhabitants.


Felraum Holt is nestled in the cliffs of the Auchein Valley, allowing it a lot of defensibility, with half of the attack directions being covered by thick rock. The city's advanced technology has also allowed heavy defenses to be erected, allowing the city to be near-unassailable.


The city is brimming with old, advanced 2500s-era Cellean tech. Much more advanced than anything in the region today, the Zliahvvans were quite adept at utilizing this tech, even if they only half understood it.   It's a very vertical city, like the hives from 40k, but on a much smaller scale. Originally it was geared for around 30 or so thousand people, and during Cellean times the population was under that. But the Zliahvvans had a population of almost a hundred thousand, leading to the appearance of crude buildings and houses, and a not-insignificant amount of shantytown-style structures.


A massive store of advanced Cellean technology. Much more of it has survived than in other the outposts on the planet. Stuff from supercomputers, artifical muscle fiber-based limbs, plasma weaponry, advanced assemblers and whatever else. That also makes it a prime target for looters, though due to the planet's remoteness there hasn't been many. Well, except the Afkaschein Gos Dzihad. But I'll get there soon.


The city was founded in the turn of the 25th and 26th centuries, to act as a base of operations for the terraforming experiments. Eventually, when the terraforming crew fell into civil war, the city was ultimately abandoned when the planet was, all of its loot left inside.   Sometime after that, settlers from Zliahvva came to the planet and settled the city. They've lived there for a century or so, not disturbing the still-active terraforming machinery. They also severely overpopulated the city, but decided against expanding outwards due to the experimental terraforming making the planet very hostile when unfinished. So they went inward.   After that, the Afkascheinians arrived and expanded over the planet over a few decades. Eventually, the Afkaschein Gos Dzihad emerged, and at the end of their conquest, attacked the city. The attack failed, and the Eternity's Gaze's particle beam cannon was fired at the city, melting a large part of it, collapsing a part of the hill, and killing a large part of the population. The rest of the population was then promptly massacred by attackers, now able to succesfully invade the city. Nowadays, the city is barren and largely abandoned, much as the planet, after the crusade really got going.


Founding Date
91 000 before Jihad , 4 000 after
Location under


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