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Afkaschein (ˈafkaʂ:aiˑn)

A planet on roughly the edge of human space, in the 26 Kagenschass system, some 341 lightyears from Earth. A rocky moon with gravity near to that of Earth orbiting around a big gas giant, with two small moons of its own, Schlattari and Haithein. The moon has a suprisingly long and rich history even despite being so remote. The moon had been terraformed into a Earth-like enviroment, but has now been considerably damaged due to the wars leading up to the birth of the Afkaschein Gos Dzihad.


Originally a barren rock like so many others, the moon was terraformed into an Earth-like enviroment, again, like so many others. This resulted in an absence of things like rivers or lakes, as no water had ever been on the planet before. Same goes for other water- or wind-caused erosion-formed structures. There's an amount of continental drift, although not much.


Once Earth-like, the wars waged here have resulted in a significant decline of the enviroment mainly due to the experimental and fragile, in a way, style of terraforming. There's still plenty of life, and places untouched by war, but generally, the enviroment has suffered. Due to the terraforming process being an experimental one, the enviroment was fragile, in a way, and the wars had really damaged it, causing widespread damage.

Localized Phenomena

There's a lot of radiation in places, as well as wastelands of ruins and such. This was caused by the comparatively low tech of the modern settlers, using modern-style atomic bombs.   Also, the planet is a veritable treasure trove of tech, high-level at that. This is mostly because the planet never experienced much war, save for the small civil war, unlike the vast majority of other Cellean planets, where the tech is often lost or destroyed to a large degree. The fact that almost no one had settled there after the Celleans left also helps.


Quite detailed for the moon's remoteness.   The moon had been discovered and mapped on starcharts in the 2340s, but was only settled in the 2490s. There's two major epochs of the moon, determined by who lived there.  

Cellean autocratic space

The very first settlement on Afkaschein was a small expedition of scientists, ecologists, and the like, coupled with their auxiliaries, from the Cellean Autocratic Space. The main objective of the this expedition was to experiment with new terraforming techniques, faster ones. This expedition established a city, Felraum Holt, which served as a main headquarters, filled with top-of-the-line Cellean tech. They also established other outposts on the moon, as well as terraforming equipment. Notably, they had next to no orbital infrastructure, aside from a single station, a Schult-class heavy cruiser, the Eternity's Gaze, and some satellites.   They continued working, and over time, in some 300 years, Afkaschein was succesfully terraformed. But the expedition wasn't present for all that time. In the 2570s, the settlers received news of the Cellean empire's crumbling state. This caused a rather drastic split within the settlement, with the older guard consisting of the original settlers and scientists, and the new guard consisting of the people born on the moon, in the midst of the terraforming operation. The original settlers viewed their operation as a mere job, a mission issued by the Cellean empire, which was currently rapidly collapsing. Most of them decided to abandon the operation, as their employer would soon be no more. The newer inhabitants on the other hand, were born on the moon, and viewed the operation as their duty, one they were born to finish. They held little loyalty to the Cellean triumvirate, and they just wanted to see the terraforming to the end.   This resulted in a civil war between the factions, consisting most of the population, some 42 000 people. It was a relatively destructive civil war, resulting in the Felraum Holt being abandoned, the Eternity's Gaze being crippled and stuck in orbit. In the end, neither side won decisively, but the war resulted in such destruction to the general infrastructure, that the inhabitants decided to leave anyway. Miraculously, the terraforming machinery was largely intact, likely due to its remote locations, and neither side's willingess to damage it.  


73 years after the last Cellean expeditionaries had left, a small contingent of a civilization far away arrived on the moon. Originally from a habitat called Zliahvva, some 212 lightyears from Earth, they settled on the moon, in Felraum Holt. They were the only settlers in the three centuries between the Celleans and the modern inhabitants.  

Afkaschein Gos Dzihad

At some point in the 2850s, a community of exiles numbering a couple million, henceforth referred to as Afkascheinians, arrived on the moon. They settled some old outposts, and established a city in the Lingama hillsides, named Ignia. This part of the history overlaps heavily with the history of the Afkascheinian crusade, so this will be somewhat short. Over a decade, the Afkascheinians existed, growing their societies and separating into sub-sects. But then a prophet appeared, the Kesingeb Sudomil. She reunified the disparate groups, waged war against the other groups, and dissapeared during the assault on Felraum Holt. As the crusade gained traction, the moon was slowly abandoned, as more and more people left to spread their faith. Nowadays, the moon has very little population, mostly in the ruins of Felraum Holt.
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Arrakis, but with nuclear wastelands in place of deserts.
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