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Sialuel Kiyei and Other Tales

A book published around 225 AD, this collection featured fairy tales from throughout the Koni Mountains, including Sialuel Kiyei and poetry by Pyel Trumeyu.

Historical Details


The book was collected as a response to the history lost to the Starfall. The Starfall destroyed old bastions of knowledge, and many Illusionists who passed old illusions from generation to generation were lost in the battles.

The collector, Pyel, brought the tales together in the hopes that putting together even a few shreds of that lost history would inspiring others to do the same.
Text, Literary (Novel/Poetry)
Authoring Date
267 AD
Included Writings
Mark of the Bright
Painel pyeno Buyke
Paiynion Cave
Sialuel Kiyei
Magpie and the Stars

Articles under Sialuel Kiyei and Other Tales


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