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Life and Times in the Urmbrek Market

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by GoodLightHunting
Forewarned and forearmed, you leave the Brass Spanner with a datapad of information, and a backpack of link armor pieces. The greater sound and smells of the Urmbrek Market flow through the air in a steady wave.
Your visit to Kem and his shop didn’t take long. But in that time, the crowds have grown in the deeper marketplace to your right. Knots of customers have gathered around food stalls, fruit stands, and other merchants. On the far end, notes from a pair of kloo horns drift overhead, their reedy flute sound a pleasant counterpart to the buzz of conversations from the market visitors.
Wide sun sail drapes of all colors, from red to blue, green, and more, stretch out from the tops of doorways. The small booths and stands sit underneath those long awnings.
Charkarr quickly makes her announcement to Iwa about the few errands the little droid has to run. For Dizzy, Charkarr insists that the ‘Dizzy person’ takes good care of Charkarr’s Honored Mistress. Then, the small droid buzzes off between the market customers, backpack securely fastened in place.
Left to yourselves, you survey the market. On the eastern side is a weathered sign that reads “Mossy Loot Cantina and Brewery”. Beyond that are signs for clothing shops, prospecting equipment, a starship emporium and more.
There were two plans of action, one from Dizzy and one from Iwa.
Which one do you follow? Or is it both?
Mon, Sep 5th 2022 04:34

I watch Charkarr buzz off with a backpack and have a moment of worry about what she is doing and why. I am quite happy with the droid and I am glad I was able to rebuild it , but there does seem to be a bit more personality than I was anticipating. I shrug and leave that worry for another day. I am very happy that I have the next stage of my armor. If he spoke the truth then all it will take is some time and luck to be able to have it ready for the next battle we get into - not counting this one of course!   I glance around the crowds and see a lovely marketplace with light music playing, scents of food and flowers, and bright colors of clothing from the many different races that have chosen this particular place on this evening. I have to wonder if there are more after those amulets than the ones he mentioned. I can hope not, but I still feel the need to be prepared. Speaking of preparation, we do need to start working on the various components for the wedding. The groom is handling the majority of details since the wedding is taking place on his planet and we are traveling around, but we need to find her a dress - and something for me to wear.   Dizzy? Are you doing the old, new, used, blue tradition or is there something else that appeals to you? I want you to have a wedding dress that makes you feel special.
Mon, Sep 5th 2022 05:22

"I dunno from the 'borrowed' part," I admit to Iwa, "seems like asking for trouble. And if I wear blue, half the wedding guests are going to spawn rumors that I got a demotion. Green, blue, and yellow are all out. Unfortunately. And I can't be monochrome in black or white, neither. Yvette swears by early springtime pastels but Clea says our skin tone looks best in jewel tones. And you've seen Maia's neon blue hair, looks like a holoprojection when she takes off the bucket."
I turn slowly, scanning around us as much for our targets as for likely-seeming merchandise samples.
"I figure I should sort first for something sturdy, not armor-sturdy but at least something that will stay intact through the whole week. Got to be water-repelling. I don't know yet whether Vath is going to include that tradition about taming a happabore to prove our patience and healthy approach to problem-solving. I do know, though, that happabores are soggy beasts. Whatever fabric I get, the dye job has to set hard enough that it wouldn't be damaged by a dip in the oceans of Pelagia. That might shrink down the color list on me. I'm hoping for something that's," I hesitate, paying more attention to my word choices than my surroundings for a second. I feel like I have the wrong term. I can't figure out what the right one is. "Maybe that color between yellow and green? Or would a sort of peachy-not-exactly-orange look better on me? Or should I go for that pink that they relabel 'rose gold' and triple the price?"
I brighten up a bit as I return my attention to the shopping crowd, looking for "customers" who are not really shopping so much as trying to cover up a drift toward a covert business deal. "And then we gotta have some kickass boots to go with the dress. Maybe a thigh holster."
Thu, Sep 29th 2022 01:31

Dizzy, while you talk over the attack plans for your wedding with Iwa, your eyes wander over the marketplace. Customers wander between the outdoor stalls and permanent shops along the plaza. The bright colors and wide variety of clothing styles and species make it clear Nelden’s Urmbrek Market is the local gathering spot for the region.
At first, nothing jumps out at you. Then, between a booth selling a wide assortment of local, bright colored fruit and another with a display of fabrics, shirts, and traveler’s robes, something catches your eye.
Or more actually, someone.
A tall Devaronian man in a modest, yet tasteful suit finishes his walk across the plaza and between the shoppers. He stops outside the Mossy Loot Cantina and Brewery to study the cantina’s weathered holographic sign above the door. You recognize him from one of the videos Kem Jelnu gave you.
It’s Kelu Gil, Rogga the Hutt’s negotiator. Oddly, he’s alone. No bodyguards.
You’re not the only one who seems interested in the Devaronian either. On the far side of the plaza, nestled in a half shadow of a building and leaning on some weathered green shipping crates, is a human in light combat armor. Your instincts scream ‘bounty hunter’.
The man’s dark hair, surly complexion and an old vibroknife scar along his right cheek are unmistakable. That bounty hunter is one of the two you asked Kem about. Ranth Zadoos, the former Galactic Imperial commando. Ranth’s attention is riveted on Kelu Gil.
There’s no sign of Ranth’s partner, Kaithe Nes.
Suddenly, a shout erupts from the booth to your right. Two human men have squared off in front of another of the marketplace booths. The anger is so thick, you could scan it with a sensor. Behind the booth, a Twi’lek merchant eases back, wide-eyed, in a near panic.
“What did you say to me?” the red-haired man on the right snarled.
His counterpart, a younger man with thick shoulders and a square build in spacer’s coveralls mumbled a deep reply. It earned him a right hook to the mouth from the red-haired man.
Nearby shoppers either retreat or cheer at the spectacle. From out of an alley, you see a tall, black and gray armored Order of Solicitors’ street judge walk into view and loosen the flap on his blaster.
Fri, Sep 30th 2022 12:53

I do that little vertical-flip-and-jostle thing as I bring my helmet up to thunk into place. You know, the tried and true maneuver to dump sand or flying insects out of the bucket before I engage seal around my head. Nobody likes to have sand in their bucket!
Maybe Thumper.
Since we have a Judge inbound, it would really be best for me to keep mitts off my blasters. Or knife. Or the ion flares. Or
Ya know, I'm going to keep all designated combat gear to the "temporary off limits" list. At least for the next twenty seconds.
It occurs to me that the Redheaded Lad Distraction over here is not "designated combat gear"! If I grab him from behind and yank him past me, toward Iwa, then she gets all sorts of options. She can toss him at the Judge's feet. She can fling him across the square so he wrinkles that natty frock on Kelu Gil, along the way keeping Kil from fleeing or from getting holed. She can turn him upside down and shake him like a cabaça. maybe money or concealed commsets will fall out!
I like this idea!
I do it. Grab collar and waistline of tunic, Yank while turning in place. Fling straight into Iwa's mercies.
Sat, Oct 15th 2022 02:35

I am contemplating the choice between rose gold and peach for Dizzy's wedding dress and looking wildly around to see if I can find ANY OTHER alternative when Dizzy suddenly claps her bucket on, grabs a bystander, and heaves him at me. Granted I heard him trying to start a fight, but I am not sure why she felt this was the appropriate action to take. I catch him and just as I am about to take action, I see a street judge approaching from an alley. I am fairly sure that any action that Dizzy would suggest as being legal and "okay" is not actually either.   I weigh my options quickly: tear his arms off so he can't hit anyone else?, throw him across the street to get him out of the action?, raise him to my eye level and 'explain' why his actions are not appropriate?, dump him into a nearby garbage heap?   I then decide to do none of these. Instead I sit him down gently, pat him on the head, and growl lightly - and perhaps just a touch menacingly - before I turn my back on him and look inquiringly at Dizzy. "I thought you wanted a more rose gold and not such a vibrant red. His hair is colorful, but I got the impression you were not wanting jewel tones for your dress?"  
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Iwa sets the red-headed man down on a nearby bench, then pats him on the head. He opens his mouth to complain, but the words never arrive. Instead, he replies to her light growl with an uneasy, nervous smile. Then he slumps in his seat.
The man’s confused look screamed that he didn’t understand a word of what Iwa said in Shyriiwook, but he caught the meaning loud and clear.
“Yes, ma’am?” he stammers to Iwa’s back.
Meanwhile, the other fighter close to Dizzy rolls up his coverall sleeves. The man runs a hand over his short-cut sandy-brown hair and stands up straight. Slowly, he squares his shoulders.
Stocky, thick-shouldered, the man stands up straight. He’s as tall as Dizzy, but carries himself as someone from either a high-gravity world or one used to pit fighting. The man has spare muscles set aside for emergencies, rainy days, or a spontaneous need to tow a starfighter by hand.
The Solicitor’s Street Judge reaches the edge of the crowd. One of the market customers addresses him as ‘Judge Vos’.
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“Ma’am”, he says with a slow drawl to Dizzy. “Pardon me. I need to teach him some manners for acting out in front of mixed company like that. If you’d both step aside, I’ll get to his education.”
He fixes a stern gaze at the man on the bench. After a heavy sigh, he takes a step forward, intent on going around everyone in his way to reach his target. The air feels charged, not unlike the calm before a bantha deciding to march through a fine porcelain shop.
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As Shiny the Hayseed Stuntman steps forward, I decide to accept his blatantly obvious invitation.
I thump my helmeted head forward as if I think a Keldabe Kiss would solve all my problems. It won't, of course. Street Judges tend to get all sympathetic to the person who got their unarmored skullplate sprained. So unfair.
More importantly: I'm being condescended at.
I don't really go for the headbash. I use my bucket as a sight block, because what I really really do is to grab hold of him at two spots -- roughly solar plexus area, hard enough to bruise if he's not wearing concealed armor, and where the trouser inseams intersect below the groin.
Again I use the target's momentum. Again I pivot and throw.
Only this time, I throw him as far toward Kelu Gil as I can manage!
"Let's keep you two troublemakers separated, Utreekov!" I yell in my most annoying Cheerful Gal voice as I pitch him.
More quietly, since I mean to address Iwa who is standing right nearby, I finish, "I figure now the Street Judge is going to draft Mr. Gil there as a corroborating witness. But you're right! I wear red a lot. Keep your half of the stunt team until the Judge takes 'im."
Or until the would-be assassin steps up,, I think to myself. Partner, partner, where's the partner? Frell, I have got to get a sensor suite upgrade!
Sat, Nov 26th 2022 03:49

I hear a mumbled “Yes, ma’am?” behind me and I am about to turn back to see if he has a question when Dizzy is insulted by some humanoid calling her “Ma’am" and acting like she can't take care of herself. I wish I had some popcorn for what should be fun to watch. *sigh* Not much of a show there. No comparing the gentlemen in question to a bantha turd, asking if today is a special occasion or if he is always this stupid, or apologizing for pushing his buttons while she was looking for mute. She just picks him up bodily and tosses him.   Then I finally register that she is talking quietly to me and mentions both the Street Judge approaching and a stunt team half. I do some fairly quick mental processing and realize that she probably means the guy she tossed at me for no good reason. And wait a minute - she said Mr. Gil!! That was one of the characters we were supposed to be on the lookout for! I scan the crowds looking towards where she threw Mr. Irritating.   I am also keeping one eye on the approach of the Street Judge. No sense in getting the wrong kind of attention right now. Dizzy is right though. If we can get Gil pulled into the investigation that will keep one of those after the treasure busy for a while and maybe we can fall into his appointment and make some progress on recovering the stolen artifacts ourselves.   "Yes, Dizzy, red does seem to be a favorite choice of yours. It is your wedding though and if you want to wear your favorite color, no one is going to tell the bride no. You might want to check with the groom to verify that no color is taboo in his culture since you will be marrying on his planet. Not a good way to start a life together by insulting his entire family - and race. It is at least something to consider."
Search specifically for Gil and looking in the direction she tossed the idiot | 2d6
Sun, Nov 27th 2022 03:04

Iwa, the human with the sandy-brown hair that Dizzy hurled like an insult, lands hard on the marketplace ground in a cloud of dirt and dust. The momentum propels him right for Kelu Gil. But he stops two meters short when the street judge parts the crowd to latch onto the sandy-haired man with a tight grip.
You ignore the scuffle; it isn’t important yet.
The crowd closes in, eager for the drama, yet keeping far enough back to avoid irritating the street judge. Kelu Gil? He slips back behind the crowd like a shadow, as would any skilled employee of a Hutt crime lord.
Carefully, you let your eyes wander the crowd. Gil couldn’t have gotten that far in so short a time. After a second, you spot your quarry at the back of the crowd.
The devaronian is well dressed as he was in the holovid Kem showed you. Despite the tailored suit, he somehow blends in seamlessly with the crowd. Kelu Gil isn’t running, just calming walking away. Most don’t notice him.
Most, other than you and the street judge.
The street judge, whose badge displays the name ‘Vos’, hauls the sandy-haired man back toward you and Dizzy. Judge Vos glances more than once toward Kelu Gil, obviously wanting to keep the man at the scene of the fight but already has his hands full.
There’s a moment’s gap in the crowd and less than a few seconds before Kelu vanishes down a side alley.
Sun, Nov 27th 2022 03:23

Dizzy, your aim was dead on, but the street judge was a second too fast. The armored Order of Solicitor judge snagged the troublemaker you hurled just before he could reach Kelu Gil’s feet.
The judge, whose badge reads ‘Vos’, latches onto the man like a vice. Even though he’s half a head shorter than the man on the ground or yourself, the judge makes up for it with surprising strength.
“Frellrammit, enough! Get up, laserbrain. You know the rules, no fighting of any kind in the marketplace!” Judge Vos snaps. “Court is in session! Witnesses will be called!”
Dizzy, as always, you take in everything at once, sorting all the information rapidly into categories from threats, complications, to non-threats. You almost lose Kelu Gil in the crowd. The devaronian, despite the tailored suit, blends in like a shadow as he lets the marketplace throng, eager for drama, flood in front of him.
That gets filed away as ‘emergency’, but not ‘critical’. That would be Ranth Zadoos, who isn’t lounging against a corner as if he’s holding up a building. The bounty hunter is upright and tense. His eyes snap between Kelu Gil, the street judge, and… somewhere else.
Dizzy, you lock eyes on what has the ex-Imperial Commando’s attention. His partner, Kaithe Nes has stepped out of the doorway of a juice bar to stalk Kelu Gil. Does the devaronian see her? You can’t tell.
But you can tell Judge Vos sees Kelu Gil. The judge glances irritated in Gil’s direction, unable to spare the second to collect the devaronian.
Kelu calmly strolls to the back of the crowd, intent on a side alley seconds away. But, a few paces behind him, Kaithe slips a small device out of her utility belt. Dizzy, your sensors pick up an ionic charge from a mini-stunner being powered up.
Tue, Dec 6th 2022 02:37

"Hey Gil!! Here is that meiloorun that you wanted. I'll pay this time!" I say this loud enough for the vendor, the street judge, and Dizzy to hear but not for Gil to hear. I am wanting to catch him unaware so I can safely and quickly knock him out.   I grab up one of the fruits from the vendor beside us and toss it using that gap in the crowd where I can still see Gil. Without checking to see if the fruit even hits, I calmly pay for the fruit and then turn to the street judge to see if he needs my assistance with anything.
throw fruit through crowd to bean Gil | 3d6+2
Wed, Dec 7th 2022 12:36

I cut directly through the crowd do wrap one genial (armored) arm around the shoulders of Kaithe Nes. I want to limit the range of movement for the arm with the stunner
(Okay, yeah: that means it might get used on me. I have armor!)
but also be able to turn us in such a way as to partially shield Kaithe from Ranth Zadoos. Sometimes ex-Commandos get a little shooty when their tactics go pear-shaped.
Not me, of course. I mean less even-keeled ex-commandos.
"I'm so glad you're here," I say to Kaithe. "What the General needs right now is testimony from a real pro. I know these two can't be part of your crew, you're way better'n them. You're just the right expert witness for this court case! And we need an expert, because I got stuff to do with the rest of my day."
Wed, Dec 7th 2022 09:10

Iwa, with a shout and a pitch, you let fly with the meiloorun. Judge, former combatants, and a few of the onlookers heard your warning. Kelu Gil? He was focused on sidestepping some crates to reach the nearby alley.
But that was before he had a traumatic experience with a piece of fruit.
The meiloorun pitch was a little high and to the right. But the spin brought the oval fruit down at an angle. It hit Gil in the side of the jaw like a hammer before it exploded open. The Devaronian staggered sideways, the collapsed like a wet rag doll covered in meiloorun juice.
At the booth, the Twi’lek fruit merchant stared up at Iwa with an expression of shock and awe. He manages a nervous smile with only one quick glance at the prone Kelu Gil.
“Thank you and Bright Suns, madam.” The young Twi’lek man inclines his head. “Please,” he gives the unconscious Devaronian a second glance, “come again?”
At the same time, Dizzy vanishes into the crowd, only to appear by a surprised Kaithe Nes. Using a friendly, yet firm, arm around Nes’ shoulders, Dizzy blocks the bounty hunter’s reach to the helpless Kelu Gil.
“You’re buying yourself a world of hurt,” Kaithe snaps before she shifts the charged end of the stunner toward Dizzy.
Wed, Dec 7th 2022 11:58

“That’s enough!” Judge Vos exclaims with a roar to make a Wookiee proud.
Nothing moves in the Market for the next two seconds.
He nods towards Dizzy.
“Trooper. Bring that one here and have her lose the sparkler,” Vos snaps. “Court’s in session and you two are witnesses. And someone haul the Devaronian over here. I’ve some pointed questions for him, too.”
The judge looks toward Iwa.
“Madam, thank you for the well placed fruit. Security feed is coming in and it explains a lot. Are these two,” Vos indicates the original two humans, “the ones you witnessed in the fight? Please tell the court what you saw.”
Both men sputter, each ready to point a finger at the other one. It’s the man who insulted Dizzy who speaks up first.
“But Judge Vos…”
The judge faces the man, shoulders visibly tense.
Words fail the speaker and what was a sentence dissolved to a low mumble.
Judge Vos gestures to Iwa.
“As you were saying?”
Iwa, past the judge, crowd, and two steps behind Dizzy, you see the lithe figure of Irrit Deeneru slip out of the Mossy Loot Cantina and Brewery. The Bothan woman steps to an alley behind Dizzy and heads toward the Underminer Quarter.
On the other side of the Market, Ranth Zadoos is nowhere to be seen.
Tue, Dec 20th 2022 01:03

"Listen," I say to Kaithe Nes in the comradely, supportive, confidential tone, "let's tidy this up the easy way. Because it's faster. Because I can't afford your full rates -- wedding expenses on retirement half-pay, you know how it is -- but I figure I can squeeze out a half hour of your time for some expert advice. After court adjourns." I hold out my gloved hand, palm up, for the stunner. "Tell the Judge what's what, strictly facts, establish your credentials, and we can probably get on with our days."
I tilt my right shoulder toward Hayseed and the Lad Distraction. Since I still have that arm around her shoulders, I probably tilt her a smidgen in that direction too. Maybe. Depending on how firmly Nes keeps her core ramrod-straight.
"Get mad at the cheap talent," I advise, "they're the clown show that fouled your bounty."
Maaaaaaaaan, she's gonna punch like a hammer if I have to disarm her forcibly.
Mon, Jan 2nd 2023 01:31

"Judge." I bow curtly and then do a quick, factual account of the exchange while being sure not to indicate blame or fault for either person - just stating facts! I sigh heavily as I finish. I just wanted to get the items I needed to fix that suit so I can test the limits of what it can do. Now there are errands and a wedding and a street brawl and and and.   But   I know that I saw Irrit Deeneru slip out of the Mossy Loot Cantina and Brewery. She is the one that we were told had the artifacts, so it certainly confirms that the story we were told was more truth than lies. Gil was coming out of the cantina and now she is. He was walking with that attitude of "don't look at me - nothing to see here" so maybe the deal has already happened? Maybe, just maybe the relics are on him now!   After I complete my testimony, I go to help escort Gil to the Judge's court and while I am helping I do a quick, but thorough search of him to see if perhaps the relic is on him OR maybe something that indicates where the relic is going to be and when it will be there?  
search Gil while helping him to walk | 2d6
Thu, Jan 5th 2023 12:26   Edited on Thu, Jan 5th 2023 12:27

Between an irate Street Judge and a dusty cantina…
Kaithe Nes starts to fight back the moment she feels an arm around her shoulders. That stops the moment she hears any mention of a Street Judge. But her spine is ramrod-straight.
The bounty hunter spits out the word like she ate something bitter. A second passed before she tested the grip on her shoulders again and got the same results. The tilt in the judge's direction seemed to convince her about Dizzy’s logic and the bad tactical situation.
Nes lets go of a long sigh while handing over the stunner. Disgruntled but cooperative, she let herself be led by the shoulders over to Judge Vos by Dizzy.
Meanwhile, with her testimony delivered, Iwa left the Judge in the middle of a stern lecture to one the would-be brawlers. Kelu Gil lay sprawled on the ground, an obvious victim of a senseless fruting.
Meiloorun pulp, and juice were splattered across his face and horns. The rest of the fruit was splotched across the Devaronian’s obviously tailored suit. A citrus scent of ripe meiloorun lingered in the air. Gil was barely coherent once Iwa lifted him off the ground.
A quick search before Gil gathered his wits uncovered two datapads. One, obviously the business model, was password protected. The second was less safe. Gil had been reading it moments before his head on collision with a random meiloorun.
The screen displays the contents of a data chip inserted into the pad’s reader. It shows a holopic of five amulets labeled the Doors of Wisdom. A price tag next to the label showed enough credits to make a Hutt blush. The message is from Irrit Deeneru.
While there’s more, a groan from Kelu Gil cuts short any time left to read the rest of Deeneru’s message.
Next to Judge Vos, Nes gives her testimony. Curt, tense, and to a blunt point.
Thu, Jan 5th 2023 12:41   Edited on Thu, Jan 5th 2023 12:41

Vos turns his helmet toward Dizzy after Nes finishes with her statement. There is a brief pause while Vos seems to consider his next few words.
“Captain,” he says with a curt nod. “Thank you for the help. My partner is dealing with some gunfire in the Underminer Quarter, so I don’t have a bailiff. Thank you for standing in. Now, if you would? Please tell the court what you witnessed.”
Out of the corner of Dizzy's eye, she had spotted Iwa and her rapid, but subtle search, through Gil's pockets. Including Iwa frowning at one of Gil's datapads.
Sat, Jan 7th 2023 09:52   Edited on Sat, Jan 7th 2023 09:53

Iwa can do so much that no one will expect of a stereotypical Wookiee -- especially if I keep all eyes off her for about three more minutes.
And I know, really everyone who thinks about it tactically would know, that the reason Street Judges travel in pairs or trios is so they can keep the entire "court" under observation while they work. Well, it's easier for this particular Judge to maintain court if what everyone is observing is me, right?
I genteelly propel Kaithe Nes a teensy bit further forward, so she's partially between me and Judge Vos. Then I let go of her. I dramatically release and remove my helmet. I lightly toss my head back and sideways a smidgen as I remove the helmet so my hair will do the glorious flowing flippy thing.
I know, in my heart of hearts, that I look like:
only as a redhead.
I launch directly into my testimony:

We arrived in Urmbrek Market at approximately ten hundred thirty-six, Yer Honor, and stopped near this nice fruit market for a preliminary terrain scout. Also because one of our goals was to pick up snacks for an upcoming conference. I noted in passing, over on the far side of the plaza, the theater-kid posture of an armored human trying to learn how one behaves on Civilian Street. Probably rehearsing. But it got me wondering about the makeup of the local civilian crowd, so I scanned an extra time for body language in the crowd that was off.
Right on cue, these two chakaaryc performers in their perfectly coiffed get-ups started their own little soap opera. Red makes sure every ocular sensor is drawn their way and that they have plenty of room. Shiny squares up for a bout.
I have brothers, Yer Honor, and I know a distraction when I see one.
I start doing basic math. Where can absolutely nobody be seeing on their peripheral vision if this bit is drawing attention? In that shadowy bit where the crates are, or right by the sign for the Mossy Loot, or up on the roof of the building two alleys past the Mossy Loot. Not inside that alley at ground level, since I can see Miss Ness and a Devaronian in a snazzy suit are both looking in there from slightly varying angles of approach, but somebody just past the roof edge up there would be invisible to anybody whose head is not turned that way. It's just where I would place a sniper, Yer Honor, or maybe conduct the awkward bit of sneaking somebody through the roof hatch of whatever that building may be.
Now, if Red and Shiny had managed to keep their whole scene going, I reckon a trio of confederates coulda trotted an entire day-glo wampa through the access lane behind stalls without witnesses. A pod of my siblings did something like that once, right in the middle of a briefing. You know what brothers can be like!
I expect Miss Ness will have a lot more to tell you about that alley and the building, Yer Honor, if you decide to get into that possibility in this trial. She's a better witness for that bit than me, what with proximity and so on. But if you rather dismiss the witnesses who have finished testimony, ambient video footage has probably eliminated any of them options I listed that were wrong guesses.

I beam at everyone, my testimony finished.
That ought to be plenty of private time for Iwa to do whatever need not disturb the court!

Sun, Jan 8th 2023 07:43

The Street Judge listens politely, if not in chilling silence, to Dizzy’s testimony. His body language says in no uncertain terms that he may be memorizing every word. But, it also suggests an intense concentration, like the type more often seen from a Jedi.
In either case, once Dizzy concludes her explanation, Judge Vos inclines his head once.
“I see,” he replies, deadpan. “The court accepts your testimony with allowances for dialect and… embellishment.”
After that, he turns to focus his visor-tinted glare on Nes.
“Kaithe Nes. Bounty Hunter. Do you corroborate what the Captain has said?” Vos paused for two heartbeats. “Or do you have something you would like to add?”
Nes clears her throat. 
“Yes, your honor…”
Slowly, she fills in the gaps, or as much as she legally can about her current bounty on a known art thief named Irrit Deeneru.
Mon, Jan 9th 2023 02:39

A groan from Kelu Gil lets me know that my time is about up, but I can tell that the interesting message is tied to the data chip on the side. I quickly flick it out of the pad and slip it into my pouch while at the same time replacing the datapads where I had found them. I can hear Dizzy expounding a lot of nonsense behind me which is giving me the necessary time so I 'assist' Gil up and start helping him to wipe the juice and pulp off and use those actions to hide the final flourishes is getting the pads back exactly where they were.   "Looks like you were the victim of a nasty attack. That is truly a shame. Kids these days! I was sent over by the Street Judge to collect you so you can help him in his inquiry." I watch carefully to see what type of reaction he has to that suggestion. "In fact, I think the Judge would be very interested in hearing what you have to say about all the interesting things happening in the market today." I give a nice, big, friendly smile with that statement and escort him over to where the action is currently.   As I walk up, I hear Kaithe Nes talk about Irrit Deeneru. I can't wait to see if she mentions the amulets and that they are stolen artifacts. I really want to go somewhere private and investigate that chip. I bet that we will be able to find out where the sale is to take place. And now I am wondering if it is a straight sale or an auction. That might be why we have so many buyers on planet.   And what color dress should I get Dizzy to look for? Red hair and peach is a total no, but green is too common an option. HHMMMM, maybe a cobalt or a deep blueberry or even a nice turquoise??
put datapads back in place without him noticing | 2d6
Wed, Jan 18th 2023 11:01

Kelu Gil blinks, a dazed look splattered across his face. Not quite aware, he pats at his jacket while she helps him upright. At the same time, Iwa pockets the chip out of his datapad before slipping the devices back into his pockets. At least, almost.
As if by instinct, he reaches for where his datapads should be at the moment Iwa returns them. Kelu’s eyes go wide when his hand finds the devices half out of place. The man goes from dazed to alarmed in seconds. A flash of suspicion crosses his eyes a second before Iwa relays her story to him.
Gil looks as if he’s sucked on a crate of lemons at the mention of ‘Street Judge’. But it’s the topic of being a victim of a senseless ‘fruiting’ that stirs the most emotion.
“What is all this?” Kelu demands. “My best suit! I just had this dry cleaned!” He glanced around. “Where are those ill-manner riff-raff,” he growls while under escort.
His sputtering protests continue until Iwa deposits him to the left of Judge Vos.
“Judge!” Gil declares with a thin shriek so pronounced his wiry frame shudders with rage. “I wish to open an investigation into an attempted murder! Ruffians nearly assassinated my suit with fruit! This was clearly an assault!”
Thu, Jan 19th 2023 12:52

A heavy sigh with the weight of the world escaped Judge Vos.
“Kelu Gil.”
The judge starts to say more but stops. Instead, he shakes his head.
“First, by record, you are a Tapani citizen. You file a charge and myself or another member of law enforcement open an investigation.”
The Devaronian sputtered, but that only lasted as long as it took the Street Judge to turn face Gil with his dark tinted visor close to the thin man’s face.
“Now. Wait your turn. I’ll take your witness statement soon, then render the verdict.”
Vos glanced to Dizzy and Iwa.
“Captain Flores, Lady Iwa, thank you both. Your testimony, and your help to the court, have been recorded. You’re both excused. If the court has need of your assistance, or subsequent testimony, I will be in touch.”
With a last nod, Judge Vos returns his attention to a much more subdued Kaithe Nes, who gives the rest of her statement. One that, interestingly enough, mentions nothing about amulets or stunners, but mentions in detail the brawl at the fruit stand.
Mon, Jan 23rd 2023 05:02

I begin quietly asking Dizzy about cobalt or a deep blueberry or even a nice turquoise for her dress until we are far enough from the crowd around the judge to be ignored. As soon as we are out of earshot, I quietly tell Dizzy about the chip and my suspicions that there might be an auction and not a straight buy of the antiques and how I am hoping the information we need will be on this chip. I don't know whether there is any encryption and since Charkarr is off on her own errands so we will have to depend on my skills and abilities for this. I don't know which way I hope this plays out, but I do know that my thoughts that this was going to be more complicated are coming true! I ask her to shield my actions as much as possible from the crowd so I can work on that while she tells me what she discovered while I was assisting Gil.   Once I feel we are in a more deserted part of the market, I stop walking and stand so Dizzy is mostly hiding my actions from others. I insert the chip into my data pad and see what information I can glean from it.
Mon, Jan 23rd 2023 08:24

"Can't wear blue," I say cheerfully, "looey half-pay is not going to keep us in Zinti Nibble-Bits."
I wonder if I need to keep providing nonsense noise to cover up any sounds from Iwa's datapad. I am temporarily out of blather. Also it's tough to generate believable blather while making sure my upper torso stays firmly lodged in all possible camera views that might otherwise pick up Iwa's hands. She is taller than me! I am practically trying to shove my rhomboids into five possible under-the-eaves viewlines. Fortunately my most recent employer did a class on this stuff. But I never did really excel at making it look "natural".
Kaithe Nes said she has a bounty on Irrit Deeneru, huh? That was her testimony to Judge Vos.
Yet she was geared up to tag and bag Kelu Gil. No doubt about it. Security holovid is probably establishing that right now, back in Vos's court.
"I don't want to claim-jump whatever is going on today with Deeneru and Gil," I say thoughtfully, "but is there a fresh new bounty out on either Judge Vos or his wandering partner?"
That would be treason.
Which is not so much an obstacle to some of these immigrant crime lords, as a service fee on the price tag.
Kriffing Force on a tricycle, I hope there is not. I am pretty sure my ongoing leave of absence is automatically rescinded in the case of a threat to the Emperor or one of His direct Voices.
Sun, Jan 29th 2023 04:43

At a quiet corner of the Urmbrek Market, Dizzy paces idly near Iwa, half thinking out loud about bounties, especially those that might involve a Street Judge or two.
During her short stroll back and forth, Dizzy notices at least three static security cams nearby. They are positioned under building eaves with easy access to view what might happen in that corner of the market. She can’t tell if they are on, but experience and paranoia suggest why wouldn’t they be?
At the same time, Iwa slips the stolen chip into her datapad, then pulls up the files. A quick scan shows that Irrit Deeneru is planning to action off the amulets. She’s set up an arrangement with a ‘grey-market’ art dealer named Sig Coven for tomorrow. The auction is by invitation only at the edge of the Underminer Quarter.
But, because of past profitable business dealings, Irrit wanted to offer Kelu Gil an early look today. Perhaps even work out an arrangement ahead of time before the auction. They were going to meet at the cantina with a secondary meeting place being at the Spacer’s Rest District. A small caf shop next to the Wreck’n Pinion Repairs shop, called the Java Jumppoint. According to the email, if anything went sideways at the cantina, Irrit told Kelu Gil to send her a message with a time to meet her at Java Jumppoint.
Sun, Jan 29th 2023 07:38

Meanwhile, a sensation crawled across the back of Dizzy’s neck. It wasn’t comfortable, but it was familiar. For Dizzy, like any clone trooper, that sensation meant trouble. Something nearby just didn’t feel right.
On a nearby rooftop to her right, she glimpsed a shadowy figure in a stealthsuit. They were crouched low to the roof, away from the edge. They held a held a SoroSub scope for an X-45 sniper rifle while they looked out over the marketplace.
In particular, they might be focused on the back of one Street Judge Conan Vos.
Sun, Jan 29th 2023 08:05   Edited on Sun, Jan 29th 2023 08:07

No thought.
Pure reflex.
My Deece is in my hand. My arm extends up at the correct angle to fire directly at center mass on the stealthsuit.
I fire.
Mon, Jan 30th 2023 01:26

I huff gently in amusement as Dizzy tries to hide what I am doing from the various cameras around the area. To distract herself while I am busy and she is standing still, she begins to debate as to whether there might be bounties on the street judges. I pause for a moment in accessing the data pad to think about that. It does have a certain ring of possibility to it - and then I am into the data pad and quickly perusing the contents to see if there might be anything of interest to us.   Of course there is!!   My idea that there might be an auction instead of a straight buy is correct. Irrit Deeneru is planning to auction off the amulets. She’s set up an arrangement with a ‘grey-market’ art dealer named Sig Coven for tomorrow. The auction is by invitation only at the edge of the Underminer Quarter. I growl loudly in frustration as I cannot see a way for us to get an invitation, but then the next line of text catches my eye. Apparently, Irrit and Kelu have had past dealings and she was going to give him an look in advance - and possibly work out an arrangement. If the cantina did not work out for a meet - and Dizzy and I did make that an impossibility - then Kelu is to send her a message for a time to meet at a Java Jumppoint over close to the spaceport. I have the chip - was the message downloaded to his data pad before I grabbed it? If not, then I can send a message and arrange a meet-n-greet of the Wookie kind!   I am about to lay this all out for Dizzy when I sense her tense, grab her blaster, turn and fire at something on a nearby roof! I allow my instincts to take over and raise my right forearm and fire the plasma launcher at the same target over Dizzy's head!  
Wed, Feb 1st 2023 01:48

Dizzy fired first, Iwa a half-second later. Iwa’s shot clipped the roof’s edge, splattering plascrete across the alley. Dizzy’s shot was right on target.
In a quirk of fate or the Force, the figure on the rooftop shifted position. At the last second, the sniper lifted their SoroSuub rifle into the path of the shot. The blast exploded against the rifle, splitting in two before its owner was thrown backwards onto the roof.
The shooter appeared a second later, then shook their head.
Perception 2d+2 resulted in a 12, with a 5 on the Wild Die.

Thu, Feb 2nd 2023 06:18
The mysterious person only has an initiative of 11, the ladies get the initiative! Dizzy, who moves first on your side?

Fri, Feb 3rd 2023 11:59
Fri, Feb 3rd 2023 04:23

I shoot 'em again!
Mon, Feb 6th 2023 12:09

Dizzy fires again and I follow suit - not to be outdone!
Sun, Feb 12th 2023 07:27   Edited on Sun, Feb 12th 2023 08:39

On the nearby rooftop, the humanoid figure in the stealthsuit appears in view once more. They take off running for the back of the building. An ally that cuts around the edge of the market before ending at the Underminer Quarter.
Dizzy fires first, then Iwa. The trooper’s shot is true, slamming into the back right shoulder of the sniper. Iwa’s explodes the corner of an air purifier to the sniper’s left. The figure staggers, but their armor holds.
Despite the nasty burn mark and what may be blue skin, the figure stumbles for the ladder to the alley. It takes only a second for the sniper to put a set large, box-like air purifiers between themselves and any more blaster fire from the street below. They keep low under cover and stagger to the ladder down, and possible freedom.
“You! Hold!” Judge Vos shouts over his helmet voice amp then runs at the building with the sniper on the roof.
The Judge seems focused, and more than a little angry.
Dizzy has rolled an Initiative of 21 this time around. She's already done the math on how fast she can Move, too!

Sun, Feb 12th 2023 09:09
Mon, Feb 13th 2023 01:08

I hear the street judge yell and then he starts running towards the building. Since he is taking the frontal approach, I tap Dizzy on the shoulder and point to suggest we take the other corner and try to trap the shooter in the alley between us and the judge. I have to wonder who he will consider the lesser evil.   With a subtle roar to clear people out of my way, I start running and also grab for my bowcaster so I can have a better chance to hit the enemy. While we are running, I am trying to figure out why anyone would be so stupid as to fire at a judge. That is just a way to get yourself..............................aahhhhh - distraction!!!   Time now to focus on the fight, but my intent is now to settle this quickly so we can find out what was actually happening that we missed.
Mon, Feb 13th 2023 05:06

I jam my helmet into place as I run in Iwa's wake.
I am not quite as fast as Iwa is when she really hustles -- c'mon, she's a granny sure but she's a wookiee, most adult wookiees can clear almost nine meters per second if they feel motivated -- but Iwa tends to be kind to the bystanders. And also leave herself some cushion for dodging obstacles. So I expect that I can trail along no more than five meters behind.
Can't shoot the target while they're climbing down a ladder. People who fall tend to break their necks. Then they do not provide useful intel.
We can probably shoot the ladder, though, once we have a clear angle of fire. If we can get there in time, we could shoot the ladder above and below the target, making it literally too hot to move.
... in which case, the target will duck into the building through an aperture. If they can find one open. If they have to do the opening, they will face a delay of at least a few seconds.
Also the target is likely to have a personal short-range blaster, or a knife, or both, and be ready to use such on any citizens inside the building to create chaos. Kriff! I need about five mini glop grenades. Or a Merr-Sonn tangle gun.
Or a nice pile of crate strapping, the stuff a lot of merchants use to secure their goods for transport and then wad up for reuse at the end of the day. Yeah! When we get to our corner, I'll glance around for a second to see if there's a stack of barrels or boxes left in this alley for later. Maybe the top one will have some strapping rolled up in it. Or maybe there will be a wad behind.
If I don't find it quickly, though, I am not going to put a lot of effort into searching -- my primary focus is on stopping this would-be insurgent. My secondary focus is on watching for indicators of additional conspirators.
Wed, Feb 22nd 2023 08:08

As Iwa takes the lead with Dizzy not far behind, they make their way through the already thinning crowd toward the building with the sniper. In seconds, they reach the entrance to the alley behind the market shop.
The alley was fifty to sixty meters long of old grime, weathered walls, and plascrete pavement between two long buildings. The gap was just wide enough to handle a small to mid-sized cargo hovervan. A three meter tall stack of blue and gray plascrates lined the back wall of the building on their left. The blue crates were marked plasma manifold injectors, and the gray ‘protein trail rations’. A small bundle of straps is rolled in a neat ball atop the crates.
Ten meters past the crates, halfway down the alley, was a trio of doors. Two were on the ladies’ right and one on the left. They were back entrances to the shops on either side and all three secured with keypad locks. A half-meter past the farthest door on the right, rungs for a safety ladder were bolted into the back wall of the shop. Next to that was a blast-proof trash bin large enough to hold an armored trooper in a pinch.
At the top, the sniper in the stealthsuit suddenly appears at the top of the safety ladder.
Storyteller instructions  
Dizzy, you’re up. You see the straps on the crates to your left in a neat roll on top of the crates. Those crates are only a step away from where you are now.
Wed, Feb 22nd 2023 08:37   Edited on Wed, Feb 22nd 2023 08:53

If the target had been a smidgen faster -- I wonder what they paused to do up there? -- they would be at least two rungs down by now. And I would therefore be shooting up there.
I need them to descend a bit before I can trap 'em on the ladder.
I don't want them to decide to lob a grenade down at us, or that they simply are not coming down this way.
What would convince, say, Greelo that the best plan is to start moving?
Answer: Nothing! He'd shoot at our heads and then leap to the next roof. He has basic sense.
Okay, then, what would convince one of those Low Vor cadets in the career retraining classes back on Procopia?
Answer: They would think Iwa and I had not seen them if we fire at the wrong spot. They'd use the noise of blaster fire as cover for any sound they make if they hurry down the top story. Then they'd pause, maybe even swing to the side of the ladder and try to blend into the building facade. Either we would move on, still convinced of the wrong position, or we would start looking around wildly to recalibrate at which point they can "surprise" us to death.
Iwa is taller than me, which puts her in more danger from oblique angles. I leave the crate stack as an option for her, for now. I put my back against one of those alley doors, pretend to focus my attention on the roof of the other building, and fire three shots up past its lip. Not quite directly opposite where the target is, but close! That alerts any distant allies as to the rough position of where our target is located, it dissuades target from jumping across if they feel like they can make that hop, and it ought to convince them that I think they already did leap across.
It's usually a safe bet that the enemy thinks clone troopers are dim bulbs. Especially an unknown Tapani citizen. They see "military" or "ex-military" and they don't see the Emperor's Uniform and they figure we are mostly himbos.
Now granted, Ruk is kind of thick in the processor when the topic is not hyperspace.
But I'm different! I'm almost as pretty as Ruk is! And I can think about immediate situation and behavioral trends, all at the same time!
Sat, Feb 25th 2023 12:45

Dizzy darts to the right of the alley. Back against the wall of the building with the sniper, she fires a handful of shots up at an angle. They explode against the eaves of the building on the other side of the alley. Burnt, blasted shards of duracrete rained down.
There is a crunch of gravel from the roof above Dizzy and Iwa and a small bag sails down in an arc. It hits the alley and spills open. Three chrome covered ion grenades roll out, beeping their few seconds away to detonation!
Dizzy, on your helmet’s heads-up-display, you see ionization charges ready to blow!
Storyteller Instructions  
Dizzy and Iwa! I need either a dodge or a clever defense!
Sat, Feb 25th 2023 02:52

I see a small bag sail down from above and hit the ground, spilling out three grenades. THREE grenades - what? was the sniper ready for plan G in his attempt on the Judge? I see that I only have seconds and can see the hustle and bustle of crowds from the market way too close to allow me to just run for it. I see the blue plascrates and grab an empty one and plop it on top of the bag and grenades.   I have high hopes that this will not end badly as I vault on top of the crate to hold it down until after the explosion with the sincere wish that all of the blast radius will be contained.
Sun, Feb 26th 2023 09:18

Iwa drops the empty blue crate over the grenades with seconds to spare. At first, nothing happens. Then the crate, with Iwa on top, shudders when the grenades go off. The crate splits along either side from the compressed explosion. Smoke snakes out of the cracks.
On the roof of the building behind Dizzy, someone stumbles back to the middle of the roof. There is a hiss and snap as a roof access panel pops open. After that is a brush of cloth like someone dropped through a hatch.
The sound of the building’s front door being forced open pops in the air from the other side of the building. A shout comes right after that.
“This is Judge Conan Vos! By the laws of Dorella and the Tapani Imperium, lay down your weapons and prepare to be judged!”
Storyteller Instructions  
Dizzy! Iwa! Roll for Initiative!
Nine! (Sorry, iwa. I might have been waiting to see you go flying up to roof level, Wile E Coyote style.)

Sun, Feb 26th 2023 10:19
Thu, Mar 2nd 2023 12:40

There’s a soft, but dull sound of something inside the shop. A crash followed by blaster fire and the sound of what might be an ion disruptor. Judge Vos says something, but distance and walls muffle his reply. But the tone doesn’t sound pleasant.
Before you can find a back door, suddenly the mysterious figure leaps between buildings over the alley.
They, or she in this case, lands in a crouch. But her wound is giving her trouble, and she tumbles onto the roof out of sight.
Storyteller Instructions  
Heroes go next. Dizzy, who goes first on your side?
Mon, Mar 13th 2023 08:09

Well. As much fun as it would be to barrel directly through the wall of the building, possibly yelling "Oh, yeah!" while I do it -- I am not wearing strength-boosting power armor. And whether we tried running the outer perimeter of the building in both directions, or climbing the ladder, Iwa is faster than me. More importantly, if the building has a basement, it might have access to another building's basement too. Then we're standing around like goofballs while the target gets away.
No, I do need to get directly below the target if I am going to have the best chance of determining where she goes next.
Which means I need to get inside.
I really need to replace that heavy repeater I sacrificed to get out of that kidnapping.
The side of the target building has only one door. I don't take time to check whether the keypad lock is engaged. Swapping to "disintegrate" mode, I fire two quick bursts at each of the hinges on the door -- enough to damage the frame's composite material, maybe even enough to warp the hinge away. Should be sufficient that I can yank the door out of the frame.
We'll take the repair fee out of the target's pockets.
Tue, Mar 14th 2023 09:32   Edited on Tue, Mar 14th 2023 09:51

Hinges explode off the door in a blast of energy. The door snaps free as Dizzy yanks the door out of the frame and lets it drop.
Inside the shop, employees scatter to the front door in a panic. The interior is a clothier filled with displays, racks, and mannequins of all shapes and species. Garments from fine gowns to robust work clothes, vests, and coveralls fill the space. A sign for Garak’s Clothier and Tailor Shop hangs in the main window on the other side of the store.
A rodian man dressed in a tasteful, yet subdued brown trousers, tan shirt, and brown vest rushes up to Dizzy.
“What is the meaning of this?” he demands.
Storyteller Instructions  
Iwa! Over to you! How do you want to handle this?
Wed, Mar 22nd 2023 12:17

I slowly lower my head into my upraised hand and just ponder for a minute how quickly things go sideways - sometimes literally! - with this group. I hear someone inside demanding to know what is going on so I take a deep breath and walk through the space where the door had been. Dizzy does do a good job at destruction. I walk slowly up to a rodian man and calmly pat him on the head and shush him.   "My lovely friend here is attempting to right the wrongs of the universe and you are in her way." I then pick him up and set him to the side. I glance around the room from my greater height so I can point out the current location of our ne'er-do-well.
Tue, Mar 28th 2023 11:45

Once his feet were back on solid ground, the Rodian brushed imaginary dust from a sleeve before he straightened his vest.
“Well, of course,” he replied with a knowing raise of his eyebrows. “But full disintegrate on the hinges? I mean really. A DC is a finely tuned instrument. I’m sure the good Captain realizes that a single ion burst at half a meter would have sufficed to cause the lock to auto-open!”
Meanwhile, Iwa took a slow look around the shop above the display of clothing. All of which were designed to demonstrate cut, form, and tailoring skill. Expert skill at that.
The few customers that remained were already at the far end of the shop, running out the front door. Nothing else moved among the mannequins. But, a manual latch slowly moved in the ceiling above at the back of the shop. A latch attached to a roof access that gently moved as if being opened quietly.
Storyteller Instructions  
Woo Hoo! Roll for Initiative!
initiative roll came up a SIX! :( :( :(

Wed, Mar 29th 2023 12:06
Mon, Apr 3rd 2023 11:20

The hatch eased open and slid to one side, just far enough to allow a lithe Rodian woman in a black and gray stealthsuit to slip through. She dropped silently through the hatch.
Once her feet touched the carpet, she saw Iwa staring at her. The shooter dove for the dubious cover of the nearest mannequins.
Storyteller Instructions  
The shooter rolled a 12 initiative! So now, Iwa’s turn!
Mon, May 8th 2023 01:25

A lithe Rodian women in a stealthsuit drops through the hatch and lands lightly on the carpet - and then looks directly into my eyes! I was too intent on seeing where she was and she dives for cover behind some mannequins. I feel a growl starting deep in my chest and bubbling to the surface. There have been too many distractions on our way to rescue the amulets and I am not only wanting to solve that situation, but I still have a bride that I need to get clothed!! I stomp over to where she is and rip a arm off of one of the mannequins and diplomatically rain down a few blows to help her understand that the time for hide-and-seek is over and she needs to stand and face the judge.   I am sure that Dizzy now knows where the would-be assassin is and she can either join in, get the judge, or look around for her dress!
to rip the arm off the mannequin and diminish my frustration | 3d6+2
Mon, May 8th 2023 09:48   Edited on Sat, May 27th 2023 05:47

I shift my stance slightly so I can nudge a friendly elbow into the tailor's ribs. (Or thereabouts. Rib height on me, I mean.)
"That's my Matron of Honor, that is," I say, beaming.
Wed, May 17th 2023 09:21

Iwa waded through the mob of mannequins like a one-woman army on the move. In no time, she parted the plastic crowd to the dismay of the Rodian assassin who had just scrambled to her feet.
The assassin tried to run and dodge, but Iwa took the upper hand when she snatched an arm from a nearby mannequin. Quick as a wink, Iwa pummeled a persuading peacekeeping message against the assassin’s head and shoulders in a rapid succession of hollow plastic wallops.
Despite being at the receiving end of the long arm of diplomacy, the Rodian woman shoved a hapless mannequin toward Iwa in mid-swing. Instantly, the assassin started for the front door on the other side of the shop.
Next to Dizzy, the Rodian shopkeeper stifled a protest. Instead, he sighed then stiffly furrowed his brow.
Tight lipped, with raised eyebrows, he glances to Dizzy after she nudged him in the ribs.
“Matron of Honor?” He repeated. “Well, now that puts quite a new light on things. Have you considered your bridal gown? Might I suggest something armor plated? With a nice splash of red to compliment your armor?”
Storyteller Instructions  
So, Dizzy, how do you want to do this?
Wed, May 17th 2023 09:49   Edited on Wed, May 17th 2023 09:49

"I'd love to get some red detailing in my gown," I say as I point the bell of my Deece at the assassin's lower back. "Groom is Devaronian." I fire. "So, first, the dye result has to be in the color range pleasing to Devaronian visual spectra." I fire a second time, and a third for good measure. "And then it's more important that my gown be water-resistant than the armor quotient. It's a balancing act."
What the hey: I fire a fourth time. Four hits of stun cannot possibly count as "overkill" when it's a traitor to the Imperium, right?
Wed, May 24th 2023 10:41

At each bolt, the shopkeeper blinks. To his credit, he doesn’t flinch once. Eyebrows raised, he visibly looks from Dizzy, to the assassin, then back to Dizzy.
“Hmph,” the shopkeeper exclaims. Though it’s difficult to know if that’s commentary on Dizzy’s shooting, the explosion of chaos in his shop, or the description of Dizzy’s desired outfit.
The assassin had no comment, since she was an ionized heap of stunned Rodian on the floor.
“Well, that puts a challenge to it, now doesn’t it?” He says at last. “My name is Garak,” the shopkeeper says with a slight bow. “I own the shop, and handle all tailoring and design needs.”
Garak circles Dizzy, casting an appraising eye on her from all sides.
“Well, certainly red detailing with a glimmer in the Devaronian visual spectrum. There would have to be tasteful, yet functional, armor plating as well.” Garak waved a hand in the air as if he meant to fan himself. “Otherwise, it would just be outlandish and never survive the wedding. But! Not too much.”
He folded his arms over his chest.
“The water-resistant nature will be a challenge but I’ve faced worse. At least there isn’t a microweave blast-stop fabric shortage! That would have made this a nightmare.”
Garak turned a side eye toward Iwa.
“As for your Matron of Honor, she would have to be complimentary. Blood red tabard with black and gold shoulder plating. Something that says both ‘Matron’ and ‘Frak around and Find Out’ all at once.”
He nodded.
“Yes. I certainly would take the work if you’re offering.”
Just then, the shop’s main door opened and Judge Vos stormed into the shop. The street judge looked down at the smoldering heap of stunned assassin on the carpet, then over at Dizzy, Iwa, and Garak.
Garak seemed delighted.
“Judge Vos! How delightful! How are the trousers? Still fitting well?”
The Judge only clenched his jaw in reply hard enough that he might grind the raw minerals in the air into nails.
Sat, May 27th 2023 05:55

I salute smartly while holstering the Deece.
"Traitor confined, Your Honor!" I am so proud of our team effort. We're multitasking! "The attempted treason included damage to this citizen's back door. Permission to go through her pockets for Master Garak's repair needs? I think Iwa and I can do that efficiently before we apply a stimpack to the prisoner for your interview."
Mon, May 29th 2023 11:26

Instead of submitting quietly to her justly deserved chastisement, she pulls a mannequin in front of her and flees towards the door. However, the bride, while discussing options for her dress, is keeping an eye on events and manages to stun the would-be assassin at the door - just before Judge Vos walks in. Wonder what took him so long??   I tune in enough to the bridal chat to hear him trying to put me in a tabard! How outdated!! That went out of style two decades ago. And why does he feel armor plating is a must for our bridal party? I think I am feeling insulted though his understanding that anyone who sees me should think ‘Frak around and Find Out’ is nice.   "Tailor Garak, we will take your suggestions and discuss them after we have consulted with a few others. After all we should look around a bit to make sure that we find a tailor to handle Dizzy's needs - and those of her party - the best."   "Judge Vos." I nod distantly since he took so long to get here - I mean we dealt with an explosion after all. "What more can we do to assist you today?" I say this with more than a touch of irony as I am fairly sure we have done the majority of the work on this case for him. Granted that we did start it, but he is a Street Judge and should be able to handle this and more.      
Thu, Jun 1st 2023 12:23   Edited on Thu, Jun 1st 2023 12:26

Garak nods, eyebrows raised with a faint smirk of a pleased smile across his face. A bemused twinkle of humor dances in his eyes. The nod is followed with a slight bow.
“Why, of course madam. I would expect no less from a wise, discerning eye such as yours.”
With that, he steps back politely. Then, without a word but only a small sigh, he starts to clean the path of destruction through the shop.
Meanwhile at the front of the shop, Judge Vos has walked over to read the ionized sniper her rights. Once complete, he turns toward Iwa and Dizzy. The tinted visor conceals anything his eyes or most of his face might give away. But his posture and body language spells frustration in at least eight million forms of communication.
“Assist? Oh, there is one thing. Another statement indicating neither of you will leave planet since now I’ve an open case into the attempted shooting of one Kelu Gill, whose now in the infirmary.” The judge pulled a datapad out of a pouch at his belt. “After that, please feel free to enjoy the city.”
Storyteller Instructions  
Head over to the thread ... “A Nice Day for a Walkabout