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A Nice Day for a Walkabout

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by GoodLightHunting
Soon after Iwa and Dizzy sign the statement, three more street judges arrive to assist Judge Vos with the sniper. The assembled judges haul the dazed Rodian sniper upright, then escorted her, and her weapon collection, out of the shop.
Garak breezes by to hand each of ladies a holographic card, and Dizzy a sample set of fabric and armor samples, before he whisks himself back inside. The Rodian tailor busies himself bringing order back to the chaos that rained down on his wares.
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So! Where to from here?
Fri, Jun 9th 2023 09:35

I happily tuck the card and samples into a belt pouch.
"Good results on our afternoon work," I say, "and it isn't even mealtime. We can try to resume approach on Irrit Deeneru. You want to go back to that 'Brimstone Whammy' joint, get a snack and a refreshment, maybe talk to whats-her-name Pindol? Or wander the market a little more?"
Mon, Jun 26th 2023 11:30

"I very much would like to find an approach to use on Irrit Deeneru since we know she is planning to action off the amulets. The information on the chip said she’s set up an arrangement with a ‘grey-market’ art dealer named Sig Coven for tomorrow by invitation only at the edge of the Underminer Quarter. I think maybe if we head to the Brimstone Whammy for some refreshment, we might happen on either Irrit, Sig, or someone else who can help us to get intel on that auction."   I glance around the market. "We do need to check out a few more tailor shops to see if they have any other ideas for your trousseau. I am still thinking there should be something nice we can find here for you. I suggest we meander towards the Whammy joint and see what we can see. Food would also be very good. For some reason, I am a mite peckish."
Sun, Jul 2nd 2023 02:29

The walk from the market to the Brimstone Whammy was a marked difference to moments before. Instead of blaster shot, grenades, and fist fights, there was just the calm murmur of conversation from pedestrians or the hum of nearby repulsorlift vehicles. The time passes quietly by while Iwa and Dizzy make their way to the local cantina at the edge of the Umbrek Market, with its dedicated landing spot for land or air speeders.
The front door slid open with a quick hiss that lets out a slow wave of muted music, conversation, and other sounds of activity. Inside was a long bar where behind that was a grill set between the main cantina and the kitchen itself.
Smells and sounds of roast ronto, broiled bantha burgers, and other cooking food drifted lazily in the air. Drinks of all kinds littered tables from Bantha beer, Vor Gold-label whiskey, to Dole Whip Margaritas topped with a blue chocolate feather.
Lightning, such as it was, stayed dim. Not low enough to be a danger, but certainly not bright enough to be glaring. The illumination was pleasant, but subdued. A persistent yellow-orange haze clung to the air in the establishment like a lost, slow-moving cloud bank.
Patrons of all manner of species gathered at tables and booths, or crowded in at the bar. Humans, Twi’lek, and Durosians were the most common sight. But the occasional Cathar, Rodian, and even some Pykes had taken up space for a short meal or drink.
There’s no sign of any Bothan woman that matches the description of Irrit Deeneru anywhere in the place. As for the cantina owner, Olee Pindol? Hard to say. That could be anyone from one of the employees mingling among the patrons to the lady Durosian tending bar and talking with an Ugnaught mechanic.
To the right of the Ugnaught, are two droids. One of which is a very familiar astromech named Charkarr.
But then all ideas of Charkarr, Sig Coven, Olee Pindol, or Irrit Deeneru tumble to a halt, as Iwa and Dizzy see a Black Sun Imperial “Viper” Probe Droid enter the room on the far side. It’s steady, low hum, a methodical promise of deranged death.
Spider-like manipulator legs unfolded slowly from underneath its body. The motion of a hungry squid or spider, complete with sharp pincher-like ends about to wrap its next meal in a death hug.
A cantina server gasps in sudden shock and recoils. To her credit, she doesn’t drop her tray of drinks, but does retreat to the bar. The shock and alarm roll over the crowd like a way. Patrons grab for weapons, either from their hip or hidden under vests and jackets.
The ominous light from the center of the Probe Droid glows a bloody red.
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Dizzy! Iwa! How do you want to handle this?
Sun, Jul 2nd 2023 03:09   Edited on Sun, Jul 2nd 2023 03:11

I slam my bucket into place. As the MFTAS comes up, I cheerfully announce:
"Tinny, you best be opening up your probe tips
so's you can buy a round of drinks for the whole cantina."
Sun, Jul 2nd 2023 04:22

The instant the MFTAS comes on inside Dizzy’s helmet, the Brimstone Whammy comes alive with light and motion. Targeting systems flag and identify all manner of active weapons, from double-shot heavy blaster pistols to the smallest taser-charged vibroknife. Almost every patron is marked as a potential threat, with only a tiny handful of exceptions.
Exceptions that don’t include the cantina staff as the Durosian behind the bar reaches for a “sawed off” Verpine rifle, known in less savory circles as a “Verpine Scatter-Scramble Gun”.
The MFTAS locks on the Viper probe droid, but targets no active weapons. But, there is a strange glow around the lethal 1.6 meter tall droid. Almost like the afterimage of a hologram. Something that makes no sense, since the droid looks all too real, and all too lethal.
It turns its cyclopean eye toward Dizzy, then turns away, as if dismissing the ARC trooper as beneath its notice as a threat.
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Iwa? How about you? How do you want to handle this?
Thu, Jul 20th 2023 10:01

A Black Sun Viper probe droid appeared in the doorway and floats forward as if it had just entered through the door. The realistic, holographic probe droid hummed with the delightful promise and premise of torturous, slow death. Dizzy of course reacts promptly and correctly by slapping her helmet in place and pulling her weapons to aim at the threat. I am completely confident in her ability to handle that so I do a slow turn and gaze at the rest of the cantina to see if there are any other threats that might use this as a distraction.   When to my unbelieving gaze I see Charkarr - looking both guilty and pleased as punch. I turn back to look harder at the probe droid.
Sat, Jul 22nd 2023 09:29

Iwa squinted at the Viper probe droid on the far side of the cantina. Light glinted off the dark metal while the murderous monster turned its cyclopean view to study the room. It was as if the droid had yet to decide who would die first.
But, then again, there was a faint holographic glimmer around the probe droid. A barely perceptible glow that hugged the edge of the droid. A glow that Iwa had only ever seen with a hologram.
Then she saw it. The reflection of the light off the droid’s body. There was a little too much. As all the patrons grabbed weapons and started to move, there should have been some shadow cast over parts of the droid.
It was a fake. An elaborate, master-crafted fake. But still, a fake. One she just knew had been made by Charkarr for unknown reasons.
A fake that was about to cause a small war. The cantina was filled with people from all walks of life from miners to bounty hunters, and organized crime. Iwa knew this much blaster fire wouldn’t draw one Street Judge. It would draw several, if not the local planetary defense force.
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Iwa and Dizzy! Time for initiative!
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023 12:31

As cantina turns battlefield, the Durosian bartender levels her Verpine Scatter-Scrambler at the probe droid. On either side of the bartender’s target, patrons decide breathing is the better part of valor as they dive out of the way.
She thumbs the primer, a heartbeat from ‘fire’ on such as weapon. The sound of killer bees on a bender fill the air around the cantina bar.
“I made it clear last time, suga’, your Black Sun kind aren’t welcome here! You got three seconds to leave and the first two don’t count!”
The probe droid doesn’t seem impressed. Instead, a probe that glows with an eerie blue light. It could simply be a trick of the holographic mood lighting, but for a Viper probe droid that could herald something far more sinister.
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Iwa and Dizzy! That was initiative 13, so now you and Iwa are up. I believe you’re first here, Dizzy, yes?
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023 10:12

Black Sun, huh?
So the probe droid's part of an intimidation tactic!
I won't make friends with the bartender if I snatch the fire extinguisher off the wall, but anyplace that serves fancy cocktails is likely to have one of those rechargeable little insta-freeze balls. You know, the ones about the size of the pommel on a Vor lordling's cane. They're like a mini-Cryoban or Rakata only they've been nerfed way down, and encased in a food-safe outer bubble so they won't leak chemicals into the consumables.
Yvette uses them to make breakfast slushies.
Right, anyway, I grab one of those from the cocktail-mixing part of the bar. Squeeze it enough to start the chemicals mixing. Chuck it directly into the gap between the sensor head and the base. The sudden chill in this humid cantina will make the insta-freeze stick in place, and the cold it transmits will make the casing and nearest components turn brittle. Should be enough to make the Viper pause to evaluate its status and stability, but not so much disabling that it will decide to explode.
Sun, Jul 23rd 2023 10:50

After a quick glance at the bar, Dizzy darts over and snatches up an insta-freeze ball. A slight squeeze later, she hurls it at the probe droid. Her aim is true, the ball arcs over the patrons right for the droid.
Then, it passed right through to splatter against the doorframe beyond.
Realization sinks in. From the glow, aura, and hesitation to be content to scan the room and not taser the occasional annoying patron. All the signs were there. They were incredible subtle, but there.
The droid is a fake. A holographic fake. Masterclass work, but still a fake.
The slight chitter-beeping of astromech giggling undercuts the angry, disbelieving murmur of the crowd.
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Iwa! You’re turn! What do you do?
Sun, Jul 30th 2023 12:28

Just as I was about to warn Dizzy that the droid was only a hologram, she blurs into action. It is a lot of fun to watch her work! I see her toss one of the insta-freeze balls at the hologram and I decide that was probably the best way to handle it overall. It will let everyone know that it is a hologram so no one fires and no street judges are needed, but I will have to make a quick decision. Do I let Dizzy and Charkarr solve this by themselves or do I intervene - hhhmmmm, decisions, decisions.............   I see Dizzy turn and GLARE at Charkarr and my decision is made for me. I can see the murder - or at least intent to cause grievous bodily harm in the set of her shoulders, the tenseness of her entire frame, and the slow, almost casual movement of her hand towards her blaster. I am not even sure that she is aware of how close she is to violence.   I quickly roar (at a reduced volume - we are in an enclosed space!) to get the attention on me instead of the giggling droid. I am very careful to not look towards Charkarr or his companion to see which one is giggling. It might even be a different droid, but I don't remember seeing any others while I was checking Dizzy's six. Once I have everyone's attention on me, I step towards the hologram and wave my arms through it and then walk around it while all eyes are on me.   Then I burst out laughing myself - a lovely, full belly laugh that will hopefully invite the rest of the cantina to relax and join in the tension release.
Sun, Aug 6th 2023 03:00

Iwa’s low roar cuts through the tension like a knife. Patron to owner and bartender alike jerks in slight surprise as the wookiee slaps the room with a stern gaze. Even the sound of a giggling droid fades into the background. The small exploration droid fidgets in place with a knowing glance at Charkarr.
A second flies by before Iwa parts the crowd to advance on the Viper probe droid, then waves her hands through the hologram.
What her roar didn’t do, her laughter accomplished. The tension broke. It didn’t leave the congested cantina, but receded like storm-fueled waves on the shore. Gone for the moment, but not forgotten and leaving a promise that it will return without warning.
Around the cantina, patrons eased back into their chairs or slipped into booths. Behind the bar, the Durosian bartender stows her Scatter-Scrambler under the counter but still in reach. Her eyes slide off Iwa, then around the room. Slowly, she returns to her conversation with the Ugnaught standing next to Charkarr and the unknown explorer droid.
  Storyteller Instructions  
Nice move with the Wookiee Diplomacy (tm pending)!
That short circuits the combat, so… Dizzy? Iwa? What next? A stiff drink? Unexpected, yet inevitable violence on a droid or two? :D
Mon, Aug 7th 2023 01:08

I see that things settle down inside the cantina. Not really peacefully as there is still tension in the room, but the weapons have been reholstered or put out of sight. I walk back to Dizzy to see if there is still murder in her eyes and to suggest that a stiff drink or three would be our next best step. Even with this distraction, we are on a mission and need to move forward.   Charkarr is studiously avoiding catching my eye, so that means something is up. That can wait for a bit to see what happens next while I continue to look for Kaithe Nes or Irrit Deenerut or anyone that might be able to get us closer to either the amulets or the auction. Time is running out.
Mon, Aug 7th 2023 07:10   Edited on Mon, Aug 7th 2023 07:10

A rational officer would yank a digital knot in Charkarr now, then explain in private ... loudly ... at length ... why one only uses torture specialists in their psy-ops if the consequences they want are going to be "fear" and "anger".
Any barracks solicitor could make a case, though, that the little poodoo is in Iwa's chain of command, not mine.
Anyhow. I'm on leave.
I'm on leeeeeeeeeeave.
Kark it. The tin bin will either wise up without my help, or get shanked. Also without my help.
I like Iwa's idea of a next step. A Moogan Tea would be nice in this humidity. Hopefully they don't cut off the brewing at noon.
Barkeep? How about a Moogan? Iwa, did you still want one of them fancy margaritas?
— Dizzy to the Durosian bartender, in a normal speaking volume instead of Boisterous Loud
This is a good time to review The Plan.
1) Approach Irrit Deeneru. Present intel that Ranth Zadoos, known to swagger big and act whiny, has been overheard telling his partner Kaithe Nes about recent activities. Sounded like he was saying that he pointed Keeneru out to someone on a Bounty Hunters Guild back-channel. Sounded like Zadoos was helping out a fellow Moff underling. We think Keeneru's buyer screwed her. We are offended on principle. We offer Estrogen Solidarity.
2) To get to Deeneru, we need to consult with cantina owner Olee Pindol. Or we need to get access to this Sig Coven person. Or both? Both could work.
3) Iwa is hungry. We need to fix that. Never let your favorite pilot suffer from the munchies.
Tue, Aug 8th 2023 12:27

The cantina, perhaps because of the holographic excitement, remains tense. Not enough to cause anyone or anything to be pointed out as a direct threat. Just a low undercurrent of tension that wafts around the place like the odor from an overcooked steak.
A din of conversation fills the air while patrons either pick up their lost conversations or travel to the bar for better seating. Some slide into booths for what seem to be quiet business dealings.
The Durosian bartender appears shortly after Dizzy’s request. A trim woman, she’s athletic and obviously not a stranger to hard work, given her muscle tone and calluses on her hands.
She presents a Moogan Tea, two fancy margaritas with a side of two fresh nerf burgers. The tea she slides to Dizzy. One margarita goes to Iwa, while the spare rests in the middle of the table. Burgers come last, with one in front of each lady at the table.
“Here ya’ll go,” the Durosian bartender says with a bright smile. “Tea, margarita with extra. The last is on the house, seein’ as you two stopped my place from getting all shot up.”
She gives both Iwa and Dizzy a bright grin.
“I just got it painted over from last time!”
Mon, Aug 28th 2023 05:44

Given how fast the food appeared, I suspect that either we're eating someone else's order, or we're being dosed with something.
On the other hand, I have been burning the ol' fuel cells pretty hard today.
And it would be insulting -- and adverse to the mission! -- to deflect this offer.
Iwa will catch me if there's knockout meds, or avenge me if it's poisoned, or something
I take the chance for our crew! I pin my helmet (opening downward) between one knee and the wall under the bar, and I dig in.
"Always glad to help a good place like this," I say between bites. "People trying to start a shooting war, it's terrible. Ought to be a law. We was in the Coreward half of the sector, I'd say we should write a complaint to whoever's calling themselves the liege lord. Oh well."
Having sounded suitably 'woman-of-the-street' for any rando genial thug, I keep talking without pause. They want me to slow down, they're going to have to up the tranq dosage on these cocktails!
"We got steered this way in our desire to meet up with either Irrit Deeneru, or lay encouraging hands on a 'Sig Coven'. Guess Coven has something to do with the art world. I 'unno. Glad we came here anyhow. Talking to art experts always makes me feel like I am about to get yelled at. Never sure what I did wrong, but always pretty sure it was something.. I'm kind of thinking maybe I just keep quiet and let her handle that talk." I wiggle an elbow toward Iwa.
Sun, Sep 17th 2023 01:32

Olee folded her arms over her chest and frowned. Idly, she drummed out a slow rhythm against her forearm with her long fingers.
“Irrit Deeneru? Sig Coven? That’s some interesting company you two are wanting to keep there, suga. Especially that first one.”
The Durosian woman pursed her lips to consider that idea a moment.
“Though Irrit’s the more reasonable of the two. Sig is fine so long as you don’t turn your back too long on him.”
She shrugged.
“He’s spent to much time dealing with Hutts and others like him. But,” she smiled. “He’s got his weak spots.”
Tue, Sep 19th 2023 12:14

Before anyone could reply, the side door to the cantina slid open with a hiss. A trio of metal spheres sailed in a second later. The fist-sized orbs clanked against table, floor, and counter.
Some jumped up, still tense from before. Others glanced over with an irritated frown. A rare few, such as Dizzy, knew that sound for what it was.
Dizzy only had time to slam her helmet on over her head before the three grenades went off. Thick smoke erupted into the middle of the cantina from two. Concussive force from the third spared no one, organic or inorganic alike. Patrons, droids, chairs and even tables were tossed in all directions.
Storyteller Instructions  
Hero side would be Charkar, Dizzy, and Olee. We won’t worry about the droids right yet.
Tue, Sep 19th 2023 07:49

More important than an internal check for damage, more important than breathing: I blink down at whatever I'm sprawled on.
Then I turn my head just enough to look leftward. Is it clear enough to roll over?
Tue, Sep 19th 2023 08:25

Dizzy blinks after landing on the floor hard, then looks left. The cantina is filled with a soupy-gray smoke. Hallmark of an overactive smoke grenade. But, so far the immediate casualties are the drinks Olee brought to the table. Other than that, to her immediate left looks clear.
Tue, Sep 19th 2023 08:37

I roll thataway.
(Guess that'll tell me if my ribs are busted.)
(Or a limb.)
(Or if I have weird floaty spots, probably there's a concussion.)
Provided the smoke is not billowing toward me in a manner likely to indicate an incoming mass, I scramble to get my feet under me. Meanwhile I tap the chin-switch in my helmet twice, then once: my number is 821, so two quick clicks on a comms line followed by one has generally been how I signaled that I'm functional in squad comms when I am not sure it's safe to speak.
Old habits are not always worth eradicating.
I'll stay at a medium crouch for now. I draw my Deece, thumbing the selector switch to make sure it's in Stun mode as I do so. Too much chance of accidentally hitting a citizen.
Force, I don't wanna hear a vibroblade in this smoke!
Sun, Sep 24th 2023 01:14

FARK!   I was happily taking a break and listening to Dizzy's rambling conversation as she lets off steam while attempting to get us some intel. The bartender was just starting to give us some good intel - maybe as good as this margarita! - when the side door slides open and grenades roll into the room. Will this day ever end?!?!?   I grab Olee (Dizzy is in armor and more protected than either I or Olee) and curl my body around hers to protect at least that much. I am thinking she needs to pick a new paint color. I feel the concussive force throw us and I have a fleeting moment to think about all of the things that still need to be done :   1. Helping Dizzy with her wedding including all of the matron of honor duties. 2. Finding the artifacts and then getting my armor put together so I can survive whatever comes next - geez that would be helpful right now. 3. Checking with Charkarr and trying to straighten out that programming. 4. Surviving long enough to keep flying until my demons are laid to rest and I can go back to my family with true peace in my heart.
Thu, Oct 19th 2023 02:48

Dizzy keeps in a low crouch, pistol at the read and armed for stun. Next to her, Iwa is curled around Olee to shield the owner from harm.
Voices shouted from behind the smoke near the side door. Some were easy to identify as patrons, such as Pike Syndicate goons or the Bolt Jacker gang bangers near that side door. Others? Not as much, but had the mark of newcomers.
“Wither said she sensed the droids here,” a heavy voice snarled in Basic. “Stun everything. Anything else? Shoot it with a restraining bolt round!”
Three sharp, crisp sounds of blasters set to stun shriek out in the smoke along with a stab of blue ionic energy.
A second later, no more than a heartbeat, the front door to the cantina snapped open with a sharp hiss. Two figures stood outside. One was humanoid sized, the other was obviously a wookiee.
“That tracer on that data chip leads to this cantina,” the shorter of the two said. “That bounty hunter Gil swears picked his pocket has to be here somewhere…what the frak?”
The pair pulled out weapons and rushed into the cantina.
“Karakas, clear a path, I’ll scan for Gil’s data chip!”
The brown and rust furred wookiee locked and loaded his bowcaster.
Storyteller Instructions  
Ladies! You’re in a precarious position almost between the ones coming in from the side door and the ones entering from the front. Since Dizzy was more prepared, we’ll start with Dizzy then go to Iwa!
Dizzy, how do you want to handle this?
Thu, Oct 19th 2023 07:19   Edited on Thu, Oct 19th 2023 07:20

Turning up the volume on my helmet's voice amp as high as it will go, I suck in a fast breath. I make a point of adding vocal cords in mid-syllable, so it'll sound like my equipment cut in half a second late.
"-down your weapons and prepare to be judged!!!!!"
And then I immediately open fire, wide angle stun, in the direction of the side door.
Because I'm pretty sure that of the two groups, those are the ones more likely to be willing to fire directly towards what sounds kinda like a Street Judge.


Maaaan, I really gotta replace my lost LRB.…
Fri, Nov 3rd 2023 10:48

“A Judge!”
The shout was abruptly cut off by the sound of Dizzy’s blast. Smoke whirled as two limp humanoid bodies collapsed to the floor. Two more took their place, burly, large and possibly in armor. Blaster fire stabbed out in Dizzy’s direction, burning tunnels through the gray fog.
“Die, Judge!”
At the same moment, a tall tree of rust-brown a large fur shoved through the fog and clubbed someone with his bowcaster. A second later, one of the Pyke Syndicate goons sailed through the air to crash against the cantina bar.
On the heels of the newcomers at the front barked a new voice. It wasn’t familiar as voices went, but the cadence and tone were. It was the unmistakable sound of a Street Judge.
“Are you people deaf? You heard the Presiding Judge! Put down your weapons and prepare to be judged!”
Just past the smoke, backlit by the light from outside, the black and gray armored figure of a Street Judge stepped into the front doorway.
Sat, Nov 4th 2023 12:31

"Deliberate assault on the Emperor's Judge is attempted sedition, you skulos!"
Crouching, I hold the trigger down on my Deece to do a wide sweep, starting past the left point of the incoming blaster fire from that side door, continuing past the right frame. I keep the level at about thigh height, just a smidgen higher than most folks' likely knees. They can dodge, sure, but not many people dodge upward. Especially if they're wearing armor.
The instant that I let go of my trigger, I dodge left. I need to change my position before they backtrace my fire to hit me!
Sun, Nov 5th 2023 03:59

I check Olee quickly to see if she survived the initial blast and see that she is at least okay. I rise to a crouch and assist her to get behind the bar for protection. Then I start to process what I heard.   “That tracer on that data chip leads to this cantina.” “That bounty hunter Gil swears picked his pocket has to be here somewhere”   Apparently, I was not as smooth as I had hoped and Gil realized what I had done later. That means that I can't pawn this chip off on someone else - or can I? There was a large crowd............. but why would he have put a tracer on a data chip? That does not sound like a polite thing to do at all and Wookies are very polite. So, in the midst of all of this chaos, I have to made some very quick decisions. Then I check my surroundings to see if I can find Dizzy. I hear blaster fire and see lots of smoke, but I can't really pick out details. She has to be close to me still, but I am not sure how much longer she will be. Anyway, decisions.   Then I feel my datapad get an incoming transmission and decide that while the room is covered in smoke, I can take a few seconds to check it as it might be important - or maybe even a way out of this mess. It is everything about Tose Phen, the Gand Pioneer and its load of missing Street Judge gear and the Pyke Syndicate's interest in it. Maybe there is a way to use this to my advantage. I need to handle the chip situation before the smoke clears as that will not help my case.   Or maybe I can talk my way out of this. No matter as time has ran out as from the smoke comes “Are you people deaf? You heard the Presiding Judge! Put down your weapons and prepare to be judged!”   Joy.
Thu, Dec 28th 2023 03:15   Edited on Thu, Dec 28th 2023 03:15

At the shouts, some blaster fire stops, but others continue. Dizzy’s shots stab out at knee level. One, a large blocky figure in modified bounty hunter armor, darts back for the protection of the door frame before any blaster shot can touch him. His partner isn’t so lucky, as Dizzy’s well aimed shot slammed into his knees, stunning him from mid-leg to foot. The mercenary dropped likes stone. Across the cantina, several of the patrons lower their weapons at the combined orders from Dizzy, the Street Judge, and Iwa. Several, but not everyone.
Smoke filled the impromptu battlefield in dense clumps as blaster fire lanced out from Dizzy’s right. A quick glance over registers two of the Pyke Syndicate goons with weapons drawn in her threat display. But, the weapons don’t register as recently fired. In fact the two Pykes look startled that a shot came from their direction! A dark shadow behind them flees around them, keeping pace with Dizzy’s dodge to the left.
By the bar, Iwa helps Olee to reach the bar. She nods quickly to the wookiee.
“Thanks hon’, I’m fine,” the Durosian woman explains before she scowls into the smoke. “But they won’t be!”
Quick as a wink, she pulls out her sawed-off Verpine Scatter Gun from under the bar. Before anyone could say ‘duck and cover’, she aims and fires the nightmarish weapon. A green bolt belches out of the overcharged weapon and promptly punches a hole in a nearby table. A wide-eyed human smuggler peeks through the blast hole a second later, then makes a show of dropping his heavy blaster pistol to the floor.
To Iwa’s right through the smoke, a figure in a suit raced past her. Two steps later, he fires a slug round at something near the bar. Iwa recognizes the sound of a specialized restraining bolt round being fired.
At the side door, another armored figure appears. Gray unpolished armor, complete with plates and helmet of a Death Watch Mandolorian steps in then crouches low. Obviously about to get a target lock on an Ugnaught near the bar who is near what could be Charkarr and an exploration droid.
At the front door, the newly arrived Street Judge runs into the cantina to crouch behind an overturned table. He launches two quick shots that drops a raging Yuzzim with a blaster and forces the armored merc to duck further back behind the doorframe out of sight.
The judge glances over a Iwa, then at Dizzy. He chuckles deep in his chest.
“Frak it all, little sister,” the Street Judge says low so only Iwa and Dizzy could hear. “You should have told me you were going to throw a party.”
Dizzy’s head’s up display instantly catalogs and marks the voice. A second later her display updates from ‘Street Judge’ to ‘TC-3844 Recon, “Drifter”’. Which wasn’t a surprise as Dizzy knew the sound of one of her brother’s anywhere.
Storyteller Instructions  
All right, at this point, who ISN’T in a precarious situation!?
Ladies, you see a member of Death Watch has wandered in. Maybe a bounty hunter? There is the Pyke Syndicate to Dizzy’s right.. Maybe a threat? The armored pirate behind the door frame who is 100% a threat! Then.. What’s up with that guy with the pistol that fires the restraining bolts?
Iwa? Dizzy? How do you want to handle this?
Fri, Dec 29th 2023 04:40

“Frak it all, little sister,” the Street Judge says low so only Dizzy and I could hear. “You should have told me you were going to throw a party.” And now the party is truly complete - only issue is to determine what type of party.   I am fairly sure that Charkarr is in some kind of trouble as I see him whip out his circular saw and defend his friend while they move further down the bar towards an Ugnaught. I am going to trust that he has that situation under control, but I want to help unobtrusively, so I take out my hunting knife and do a smooth underhand cast at the guy firing restraining bolts.   I then turn to Dizzy and exclaim "Death Watch Mandolorian to your nine o'clock!"
Fri, Dec 29th 2023 08:30

"Ori'vod," I say back, "this isn't the party. This is the scouting briikasak to prep the buffet. It's those Bolt Skulos or whatever," I hold up my blaster to fire another set of blasts toward the group from the side door, "hosting this party."
I could try stunning that Ugnaught myself, interfere with a clean bounty collection, but I can't be certain that the fundamentalist would put off a killing shot.
Improvise, then!
With my off hand, I snatch a soft-sided bottle of emulsauce off the nearest upright table. I push the top to one side as hard as I can with just my thumb, as if arming a grenade. "Hey, Kyr'tsad!" I bellow as I chuck the bottle directly at the back of that armored head. If he turns in time to shoot at the incoming projectile, he might manage to damage the outside enough to set some of the sauce afire.
Right before it plasters all over his helmet.
Sat, Dec 30th 2023 05:51   Edited on Sat, Dec 30th 2023 05:56

Iwa hurled the hunting knife at the suited man with the restraining bolt pistol at the same time Dizzy hurled her viscous, flavorful grenade!
The human between Iwa and Charkarr grunts as the blade hits. Under his suit, his armor takes most of the blow, but the knife still breaks through. Bleeding, hurt, he staggers back. Not far away, Charkarr frees the exploration droid from the restraining bolt. The exploration droid stumbles down along the bar toward the Ugnaught mechanic, Charkarr rolling after a second behind while she waved a buzz saw in the air with a fevered frenzy.
The man between Iwa and Charkarr stumbled back, one hand on the hunting knife. With an enraged snarl he fired twice. Once at Charkarr, and once at Iwa. While the restraining bolt is all too effective against a droid, it has a different result for an organic. The bolt’s ion effect won’t do much more than singe an organic target, but the impact could at worst break a bone if it hits just right!
Meanwhile, Dizzy’s cry snapped the attention of the Death Watch Mandalorian onto her just in time for her saucy grenade to cross the gap. Instincts snapped into place and the Death Watch snapped up his pistol and fired. The jar exploded in slick, saucy goodness before it became a fancy flame-broiled fireball.
Burning sauce seasoned the Death Watch’s helmet in a pattern that wouldn’t be lost on a modern art critic. Furious, the man beneath the armor growled wordlessly at the insult. After a futile attempt to wipe away the sauce only smeared the burning emulsauce across his faceplate. At the same time, he opened fire in Dizzy’s direction with a trio of shots!
Next to Dizzy, her Clone relative ducked out from his table and fired at the Pyke Syndicate, who were a few of the last few patrons still armed. One dropped, while the other darted between tables, intent for Charkarr and her companions at the bar.
Storyteller Instructions  
Iwa? Dizzy? How do you want to handle this?
Sat, Dec 30th 2023 08:04

We're all trained to aim at center mass, which in humans and near-humans means "torso". The reason for this is that limbs tend to be the fastest-moving targets, not to mention being smaller.
But I have severely reduced his range of vision. (Let's be fair: he helped!)
While I would love to take a breath and go for his elbows, make him drop his weapon, he is going to draw inward to protect as much of him as possible if he had any decent training at all.
I see a lot of gray on him, which ought to imply lack of funding for armor upgrades. Still, I might as well assume he's wearing armorweave cloth or something else that will redirect energy attacks.
Which means: Don't shoot him directly. Shoot something that will ricochet into the areas with no plates, creating blunt force trauma.
I hate to shoot up the cantina, especially when we got free food and drinks for preventing this kind of damage. But the side door is already damaged pretty thoroughly, and it is directly behind his fundie posterior....
Oh, yeah. This will work nicely!
I fire at the point on floor level where I know the catch has to be for the bottom corner of the side door. This is what keeps it retracted into the wall. It's also usually the flimsiest part of the construction, especially on the exterior models.
Once I hear the metallic whoosh sound of the door trying to close, I fire between the fundie's ankles. I want to blow away the track, enough to unseat the door. Bottom gets knocked away; that means the top rips itself loose too, falls down, and whacks the di'kut directly on his noggin. Let's ring a bell for him!
Sat, Dec 30th 2023 08:09

Storyteller Instructions  
I*snort* LOL! Ok, Dizzy, with all of that just roll tactics and that roll will cover all the Loony Toons you've got going there!
As provided in video message: Dizzy rolled a 5 on the wild die, plus additional Tactics dice of a 6, a 5, a 4, and a 1. Total of 21!

Sat, Dec 30th 2023 08:23
Sun, Jan 7th 2024 06:46

Between smoke, shouts, and blaster fire, Dizzy is as cool as ice. The first shot triggers the door. It slides obediently back with a sharp rush of air. The Death Watch commando twitches in a slight twist, startled for a half-second by the sound and motion. In the same instant, fires again with a shot between the commando’s ankles.
The Death Watch jerked back around to face Dizzy as the shot sizzled past his ankles, then slammed into the door’s track. Metal sheared off, pieces hurled into the cantina. A second later, the gray metal pocket door yanked itself out of the ruined track. Bottom first, then the top. The door flashed out and down.
It struck the back of the Death Watch’s helmet like a hammer. The resounding gong sound cut through the splash of chaotic noise in the room. Staggered by the blow, the Death Watch stumbled forward two steps until he caught himself on the edge of a table.
Despite the impact, his helmet seemed indifferent to the abuse. In fact, it lacked any dent or even a scuff mark. Though given how its owner staggered, the same wasn’t true for the head inside that helmet.
Just to Dizzy’s side, her clone brother turned Street Judge came up from his crouch behind the overturned table. He fired two quick shots. One exited the door to hit the man in armor outside. The second sent a Pyke Syndicate to the ground, where the enforcer wisely decided was a far more comfortable place to be.
“Show off,” Drifter said to Dizzy with a chuckle. “Now, mind telling me what is going on?”
He delivered the question as if they were on a stroll in the city park. As if this city actually had a park, and that the pair of them were not riding the tail end of a firefight in a cantina.
Outside, the armored man fired two shots back inside. One narrowly missed Drifter. The other glanced off Dizzy’s left shoulder bell with a sharp retort before it buried itself in a wall nearby.
Storyteller Instructions  
Ok, one stunned Death Watch commando…one gunman in armor outside the side door… and one in a suit who has just shot at Iwa!
Mon, Jan 8th 2024 09:45

I huff in irritation and perhaps just a smidge of anger. I still need to figure out where those artifacts are and apparently there is some shady dealings that Charkarr has gotten involved with that will have to be straightened out, but right now I need to take control of the situation. Dizzy is having a good time, but that is to be expected. It is her pre-wedding trip after all.   HHMMMMM - they didn't seem to learn anything from a laughing Wookie, so perhaps it is time to show them...........   All of this introspection happens in the blink of an eye as Iwa carefully judges the trajectory of the restraining bolt fired towards both her and Charkarr. Then she flips the table while at the same time picks up a chair and - hopefully!! - tosses it in the path of the one heading towards Charkarr then drops behind the table to shield herself from the one streaking towards her.
Mon, Jan 15th 2024 03:01

"The fundie," I lob a napkin dispenser at said Death Watch mercenary's faceplate more to maintain the level of his chaos-induced stun than for anything else, "either has no family or else is up to the kind of nonsense that would shame a clan sigil. Trying to take it out on the Ugnaught over there. Karakas and team are tracing a data chip. Might be in the fundie's pockets." I boost my volume to Drill Sergeant levels of bellow, "Dark Suit running around trying to frame the Pykes,"
Are they too dense to pick up even that hint?
Bright bulbs don't wander around wearing Pyke Syndicate visual cues even if they're members of the originating species.
"I think Dark Suit is with the droid rustlers. Maybe the fundie is with the droid rustlers too. But Dark Suit is the one dippy enough to offend the Matron of Honor."
I shoot at the armored hostile outside the door as I finish: "What's the word for a person who attempts sedition? 'Sedite'? 'Seditor'? Or do we just call 'em 'fertilizer'?"
Tue, Jan 16th 2024 01:03

In a quick judgment call, Iwa grabs a nearby cantina chair and hurls it in the space between Charkarr and the restraining bolt round. Still in motion, she drops down behind an overturned cantina table.
The restraining bolt round slams into the presswood of the furniture. Razor-sharp claws shoved out of the round on impact and impaled the table. A small charge explodes to hammer the restraining bolt halfway through the tabletop.
Four steps away, the man with the Wookiee blade stuck in his armor at the shoulder staggers away from Iwa. While he yanks the hunting knife, he stumbles for the door to the back of the cantina, and possible escape.
“Vod’ika, I’m no expert but most don’t have a rousing gunfight while picking out finger food for their wedding,” Drifter commented before he dropped the man in the dark suit with a well-placed heavy stun bolt.
The reply is apt prelude for Dizzy’s grenade-like toss of the napkin dispenser. Paper napkin’s trailed in its wake as the ungainly, boxy shape sailed though the air. Eager to avoid another helmet hit, the Death Watch dove for cover behind a table. The container bounced off the edge of a table with a tinny gong before it bounced off the floor.
Drifter chucked at Dizzy’s comment.
“We call them ‘The Accused’,” he told her dryly.
Ge’hutuun!” the Death Watch snarled at Dizzy from his overturned table before he fired two shots at her. At the same moment, she fires at the armored figure outside the door. The shot takes the man in the chest, knocking him back off his feet as if punched by a tank.
Meanwhile, the Wookiee who entered the front door, brushes past Iwa, heading for Charkarr, the exploration droid, and the Ugnaught.
“Stay down, old lady. I don’t want to see you hurt. I’ve got business with that droid!” he snapped at her in Shyriiwook.
Storyteller Instructions  
Dizzy! Did you want to try and dodge or just brace for it?
Iwa! What do you do?
Sun, Feb 4th 2024 01:54

What the hell. I don't really need two kidneys.
It's more important to not ruin my shots, not risk putting Judge Bro in the line of fire, not let the fundie's shot go through the space I was occupying to hit my Matron of Honor.
I just have to hope the fundie had his blaster set to "stun" for bounty collecting purposes, and has not had a chance to flick the selector switch.
Mon, Feb 5th 2024 03:23

Time, which Iwa always suspected might be fake, slowed to cold tree sap. She sees the Death Watch idiot fire two shots at Dizzy as she also sees another Wookie enter the cantina. She hears him actually say “Stay down, old lady. I don’t want to see you hurt. I’ve got business with that droid!”   Iwa sees red.   This day has been nothing but struggle, diversions, and bother. Not a single thing has been easy or simple and each step forward is followed by four steps back. She can't even get any of the wedding decisions done and she is supposed to be the matron of honor!!   Then some young pup strolls past her and decides to call her old. One that was probably not even alive to suck milk while she was living and enduring more pain and heartache in the Kessel Spice Mines than any person should have to.   "If you have business with that droid, then you have business with ME!!" I roar as I grab him and hurl him between Dizzy and the shots.
Tue, Feb 6th 2024 08:55

Dizzy braces for impact as the Death Watch bounty hunter fires. But an explosion of Wookiee takes center stage.
As the shots stab out, Iwa snatches up the Wookiee enforcer then hurls him in their path. Stun bolts slam into his back, but Wookiee metabolism and tough hide let Karakas shrug off the worst of the effects. His bowcaster clattered to the floor almost within arm’s reach of Dizzy ahead and to her left.
Smoke and the smell of singed fur trailed up from Karakas’ back. The rust-brown Wookiee glares at the room, rage shining like a promise of pain from his eyes. Under his gaze, most of the room shrinks away. The Death Watch commando stumbles backward for cover as his wounds, and a minor concussion, take firm hold. Nearby, Pyke Syndicate enforcers scramble on all fours, eager for the nearest door to freedom and perhaps a career change.
Behind Iwa, the human impaled on her hunting knife like a Nabooian chicken, tugs at the blade out of instinct. The heavy weapon resists at first, but finally gives. It clatters to the floor while the man collapses on his side, hands struggling to a pouch and its can of bacta spray at his belt.
Meanwhile, in the center of the cantina, the two Wookiees square off like a pair of ancient gladiators eager for that hot taste of sweet violence. In between, is crouched one lone figure in clone armor. Dizzy, who bargained on stun bolts but won the prize to a ringside seat for a Wookiee battle royal.
That was when Karakas grabbed a table and charged.
Storyteller Instructions  
I think it goes without saying that Dizzy is probably in the most precarious place of all. So, first Dizzy, then Iwa while Karakas uses his makeshift ‘Ikea Club’!
Dizzy! What do you do?
Wed, Feb 7th 2024 10:38

What some part of me wants to do is to hustle out of the way, then turn and summon a bowl of popcorn for the righteous lesson in civilized comportment that Karakas has requested.
I don't move terribly fast in this armor.
I do a clumsy somersault forward and leftward. While I probably land flat on my back in that beginner's Hijkata warm-up pose "Upended Turtle", at least I have a grip on the bow launch shaft of Karakas' bowcaster.
Or maybe two-thirds of the bowcaster. I'm not going to insist on it staying intact. Especially since the next thing I do, while I wheeze and try to roll out of danger, is to throw what I've got in hand to Drifter.
Mon, Feb 12th 2024 03:03

I grin as I watch the cub grab a table and rush towards me. Maybe he thinks it will be a shield? No matter. I may be past the point of caring, but I have intelligence and age on my side. I watch him get closer and closer and when he is too close to change his trajectory, I stiff arm the table to stop him in his path., do a smooth leg sweep to his calf, and then drop the people's elbow on the table letting my entire weight fall onto the table as it falls onto him.
Sun, Mar 3rd 2024 05:53

Dizzy does a somersault forward and to her left. While she doesn’t land like an Upended Turtle, she does roll with the grace of an avalanche. Still, once she rolls out of danger, she tosses the bowcaster to Drifter on the other side of the fight. Drifter responds automatically and smoothly catches the weapon. A second later, he puts it on the floor beside him with the upended table between himself and the brawl.
No more than a half-sprint on the other side of the U-shaped bar, the man that had been impaled on Iwa’s knife managed to make it to a set of chairs halfway to the exit. Dizzy’s helmet display scanned he stumbled to his knees, pulled out a can of bacta spray, then doused himself. Passive sensors picked up his muttered, pain-fueled curse.
“I will tear that frakkin’ droid apart!”
Patched, but not quite healed, he reloaded his restraining bolt pistol while he broke into a running limp for the back door.
Meanwhile, Karakas races in toward Iwa, table at the ready. Iwa stands her ground until the last moment when she strong arms Karakas and his table. The wookiee brawler is brought to a hard stop just before Iwa sweeps his legs out from under him.
Karakas falls, but before he hits the floor, he spins the table around so the legs face down. Iwa’s already in motion, but slams her elbow into the table far sooner than she expected. The table cracks but still keeps a tenuous hold on being a table. It’s legs, firmly planted on the floor hold the battered furniture mostly upright.
Shaken but not stirred, Iwa bounces off the table and takes a step back from her opponent. Karakas howls in bloodlust and fury before he shoves himself up, fists punching up into the table which break it in two. One half sails out in Dizzy’s direction, over-sized wooden shrapnel spinning with wild abandon. The other, Karakas brandishes like a folding chair to swing down at Iwa’s nearest shoulder.
Storyteller Instructions  
Dizzy! You might want to try some defense here! What is it? Also, you get a bonus free action AFTER you defend! Use it wisely!
Iwa! What’s your defense? Dodge? Block? Something more inventive? Roll for it!
Sun, Mar 3rd 2024 07:41   Edited on Sun, Mar 3rd 2024 07:59

I yank another table, something more than halfway intact, into place to be an effective door shield. If I time it right, the bulk of the (nearly) whole table in my grasp plus the momentum of me pushing it into the path of the oncoming half-table shrapnel should cause it to not only stop before it hits me
- jarring my arm up to the shoulder, probably,
but I have had grenade launcher impacts that strong;
I'll be sore later, so what -
but in fact to skid loudly on the floor back toward where it came.
I figure either it will wind up behind one of Karakas' stinky feet, which makes it a tripping hazard that Iwa can use on him, or it will come to a stop in useful grabbing range for Iwa, should she wish to meet half-table bludgeon with half-table bludgeon.
Judge Bro best have the fundamentalist as a high priority issue in his purview right now. I don't want to get dinged by the law for using stun on a concussed miscreant. Let the Street Judge take responsibility for any medical effects of concussion combined with heavy stun!
Now, following up a stabbing with a bacta spray application, and following that in turn up immediately with heavy stun? Heck yes! I aim for the lower half of the suited man who so offended my bestie and I hold down the trigger until he crumples.
Mon, Mar 4th 2024 04:24

The moment the shattered table headed her way, Dizzy was on the move. Reaching over, she grabbed another table near her, and yanked it in front like a giant shield. The broken table Karakas tossed shattered into large pieces. Splinters rained down around her, but the larger pieces scattered back the way they came. Some landed around Karakas but the larger ones, such as two battered table legs, came to rest behind him.
Not far away, Dizzy saw Drifter come out of cover. Pistol in hand, body language set on a forward charge, he was aimed at the Death Watch commando. There was probably more to see but the wounded man with droid murder in his eye was running for the back of the cantina.
She fired from a crouch, holding down the trigger. But as her sidearm wasn’t a repeating blaster, only one shot came out. But it was a very satisfying shot since the stun bolt slammed into the man’s lower half. The running man pitched forward to the floor like he had been tossed. He hit, air knocked out of him, and groaned. If he wanted to get up, he didn’t make any sign about it. Instead, he just lay still and gasped for air.
Tue, Mar 5th 2024 01:28

The young pup manages to flip the table over and I hit the top and bounce off. Fortunately nothing hurts during this rage, but I am sure I will feel that later! I see him break the table in half and brandish it as if he intends to hit me. With the blood roaring in my ears, I take advantage of the movement with the table over and behind his head to move in close and hit him solidly in the chest!
Sun, Mar 31st 2024 11:31

Karakas raced forward, broken off table-half at the ready, but he never completed his swing.
Three steps in before he realized too late Iwa had closed the gap. He twitched, she struck and her palm strike slammed into his body with the force of a rivit-hammer. The wookiee brawler was hurled backwards and crashed into another nearby table.
The table broke his fall and in half, sending him to the floor in a hard heap. Karakas started to rise but not before four Pyke enforcers descended on him with fervor, steel mugs, and at least one chair leg.
In the end, Karakas lay moaning on the floor, the fight knocked out of him. The Pyke Enforcers stood and gave Iwa all too eager to please grins punctuated with a thumbs up. All of which practically broadcast on open coms: please don’t hurt us.
Nearby Judge Drifter stood over the prone form of the Death Trooper while two more Street Judges raced into the cantina.
Drifter glanced over at Iwa, then at Dizzy.
“Talk her down, sis,” he said to Dizzy. “We three need to talk.”
Storyteller Instructions  
Ok! Ladies! Please proceed over to the next part “Coming Clean is Half the Battle” here! https://www.worldanvil.com/w/star-wars3A-shards-jarissa/thread/d282d490-59ad-42cb-b052-29b729408f72/view