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Pan-Galactic Holo-News

Pan-Galactic Holo-News (PGHN) is one of the smaller HoloNet news services. However, its particular notoriety stems from what it states as "raw, unbiased journalism". Unlike the larger services, which Pan-Galactic claims often do not fully check or verify sources or information before posting a story, PGHN commits itself to presenting both the good and the bad that the galaxy has to offer.


Pan-Galactic is extremely popular in the Outer Rim Territories and in many Mid-Rim Territories, such as in many parts of the Tapani Sector. They often have the most trouble operating in the heart of the Galactic Empire.


Morris Van Turpin is one of the on-site reporters for PGHN, usually covering news in the Tapani Imperium.

Shadows of an Empire: Act 4
Report | Apr 29, 2019
Broadcasting, Newspaper / Magazine


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