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Shadows of an Empire: Act 4

General Summary

Bishop to Queen Four


This is Morris Van Turpin of Pan-Galactic Holo-News


Speculation surrounds the events on Procopia. While it was clear the assault on young Emperor Gregor was motivated by a lone deranged being, many wonder if it was for a deeper motive since the ‘lone being’ was a Mentat. Highly trained, highly disciplined, Mentats are the very picture of stability. Did something happen to this one that broke his conditioning? Or does the fault lie in the Mentat system as a whole? More on that during our investigative segment “Mentat or Maladjusted” later on.


This just in … in an unusual move the Imperium crown has requested the assistance of the combat arm of the Bene Gesserits, the Adeptus Sorotus or "Battle Sisters". Currently, they are being deployed alongside the Beskar Aran around the capital in case of retaliation over the seizure of Vormecetti and Vorpadaran assets. Meanwhile there has been no reports from the main holdings of either House where forces have been deployed to serve the arrest warrants.


In other news, investigation into the poisoning of Emperor Gregor has prompted his sister, Empress Katianna, to request a specially trained mentat from Mentis to assist her and the Solicitors. This mentat’s name is unknown at this time, but is said to be the equivalent of an Imperial Auditor with regards to Mentats. A Mentat Inquisitor if you will. More on this as it develops.

These reporters need to learn to fact-check!
— VNY's notes under "factually inaccurate holonews"
Report Date
01 Nov 2014


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