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Göetic Tome

"Finally, pour the virgin's blood over the fire while chanting the words of summoning. Continue the chant until the demon emerges from the flame."
— Excerpt from a Göetic text.

Göetia is promulgated through books and tomes, and each göetic is compelled by the demon possessing them to write a göetic tome, or to append more information to an existing one. These books are often haphazardly bound and handwritten, for göetics are shunned by society and getting a göetic text printed would be a virtual impossibility. Many göetic tomes can be identified as belonging to a lineage of related tomes, as the apprentices of particular göetics copy the same rituals into their new tomes and thus promulgate the same ideas about demon summoning.


Göetic texts can take many forms. Some are unassuming notebooks, their nature not apparent until the document is read. Others are adorned with skulls and bound in black leather, appearing as truly demonic works.



There is no specific standard for a göetic text and most of them are authored by mad mages whose literary skills leave much to be desired. The crucial feature of any such text is that it contains more or less complete instructions on how to summon a borderworld demon. Many göetic texts also contain general theory on demonology and the planes, as well as descriptions of particular demons. Most texts contain specific rituals for specific types of demons, though there are always variations in these rituals between tomes, and particularly lineages of tomes.


Even things like chapter order vary between tomes. Some tomes introduce the demon, and then describe a ritual to summon them, while others separate the demons and the rituals into separate chapters. While some tomes contain a description of the March of Crows, none have been found that actually endorse or provide instruction for summoning one.

Item type
Book / Document

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