Millicent Shaw

The Old Ways are Best

We are faster, stronger and smarter than any of your fragile, pathetic kind. But, there is one gift mortals do possess in an abundance that we'll never have. Delusions. These little lies you tell yourself that give you hope, that make you think you can stand in my way ... that you have any chance of winning. You're like cattle who think they are the equal of the butcher.
— Millicent Shaw
The time before the First Awakening is shrouded in mystery. Archaeologists and explorers have pieced together a few clues, posited a few theories but nothing truly concrete. One such theory is based on stone carvings found on shattered obelisks beneath of the Veil of Nightfall. They speak hungry masters who shunned the light of day and fed upon humanity. They speak of monsters in the dark, bloodshed and death on a grand scale. This theory pales in comparison to the truth of it.
Millicent is a relic of this bygone era. A long forgotten disaster stirred from within Tairos to wipe clean the board. That disaster in unknown to humanity but for Millicent and her kind is was known as the Winter King. The machine god swept away her civilization just as it had the countless others that came before. Only a few of her kind survived and they escaped the wrath of the Winter King by entering a deep slumber in the far away places of Spirel.
The time for sleep is over now. Millicent and the rest of her kin are waking. They found the land populated by cattle once again and the Winter King gone. They've returned to Nightfall, taken the guise of powerful mortal nobility and manipulated the foolish citizens of the city into choosing them as their leaders. Millicent now works ceaselessly to find a way to return her family to their rightful place as rulers of Spirel and she has no intention of letting the cattle get in her way.

Closest Allies

Millicent's only true allies are her family. It's impossible to consider any mortal worthy of true respect. However, she does have favorite "pet" of sorts. Doctor Polly Plank is equally as brilliant as her and just as creative when it comes to carving up her enemies. They share a common belief too, that the rest of humanity is just a means to an end. For Millicent it's food and for Polly it's as specimens spliced apart in her quest to complete the Immortality Equation.



Millicent Shaw is obsessed with capturing Grace Saxford. Her goal is to drain Grace of every last drop of her blood and then resurrect her as a child of the night in service to the Shaw Regency. So far, Katherine and Rose have been able to keep their friend safe but Millicent has the advantage of time on her side. Eventually, Grace will be hers.


Millicent Shaw is a Mission Specialist character with a focus on Harrassment. Her stat line makes her well suited for any Scheme and she's very adaptable in being able to tailor her stats to a new challenge based on her Special Ability, Insatiable Hunger. Millicent has the ability to use two Torments a turn thus allowing her to double the benefits from that deck. The secondary effect of her Special Ability is the bonus she gets when she breaks a hero. For her, breaking a hero might mean eating them entirely or converting them into one of her kind. However, you imagine it happening Millicent comes out significantly stronger every time she eliminates a foe.
Millicent's greatest weakness is competition from other Villians who might be looking to claim her prey. If she is not able to deliver the final blow that breaks a Hero than almost all of her Special Ability is wasted. While she still gains some benefit from being able to Torment twice it may be a wasted effort if her weakened prey is stolen out from under her.
Millicent Backer

Millicent Stats
Unknown - The public believes she was born in Talbot
Millicent Art
Alpha Predator by Crimzon Studios


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