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Undead are a broad category of beings, unified by being formerly alive. Animated by various forces, their bodies keep moving, often unnaturally so. Undead range from brainless puppet zombies to ageless lich masters of magic. Opinions on them are quite widespread. Are they a blasphemy against the natural order? A pragmatic use of corpses? A sound way to escape death? Mortal hubris made manifest? These opinions also wary heavily by region, as some areas experience more trouble with the dead than others.   With how many varieties that exist, it can be difficult to surmise how a given undead will fight. However, they all possess an unnatural stamina, as their bodies soak up damage that would cripple others. They can thus afford to take risks the living can't, which can throw their enemies off.

Basic Information


Undead looks like they did in life, though depending on time, one or more alterations may have occurred, such as life-ending injuries. Common among them is a release from most mortal concerns, including having to sleep, being vulnerable to poison and so on. Certain types of undead still require sustenance, however. Those that are not completely mindless are also highly resistant to fear. The magic that animates them renders them immune to dark magic, but vulnerable to its opposite.

Genetics and Reproduction

Undead do not reproduce, though some have innate means of spreading their particular brand of undeath

Ecology and Habitats

Most undead do not have a favored habitat, though areas suffused with dark magic is comforting for the ones who still has sentience

Dietary Needs and Habits

Most undead do not require food

Additional Information

Social Structure

Varies depending on type

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Undead are a common occurence and found in many spheres

Average Intelligence

Varies from mindless drones to dizzying masterminds

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Undead retain their sensory capabilities from life, though one or more may be dulled comparatively. Their eyes are enhanced with the magic reanimating them, allowing them to pierce through darkness.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Undead names vary depending on the culture they originate from
Scientific Name
Mortoi Ambulantes
Undead do not age
Average Height
Varies depending on original species
Average Weight
Varies depending on original species
Average Length
Varies depending on original species
Average Physique
Varies heavily. Some undead will fall over in a stiff breeze, others can level mountains.

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