Udini-Class Stealth Cruiser

The Udini-Class Stealth Cruiser is a vessel in use by Yutiki auxiliaries of the Otrok Imperium. One of the few ways the Yutiki see active combat, the vessel is a multi-purpose stealth vessel designed for interdiction and scouting. It is also possibly the closest the Yutiki have to a standardized vessel, as mandated by their Otrok overlords.   As a Yutiki vessel, it's interior is highly modular, and navigating the vessel is a series of tiny tunnels well suited for the diminutive race. This makes the vessel attractive for Yutiki smugglers as Otrok authorities are too large to inspect the vessel, instead relying on their Yutiki minions to search for them.   The Yutiki Technocracy also has a handful of similar vessels.

Power Generation

Unlike most of the Imperium's vessels, the Udini's primary power source is a Tetryon (Holzmaan) Siphon. This is in part due to the integrated nature with other Holzmaan Effect related features as well as being somewhat stealthier of a power source than the traditional hyperium fusion engine, as the Syphon is also used to channel waste heat into Hyperspace to prevent detection.   It operates by drawing subatomic particles from four-dimensional space. Since these particles are a property of subspace, they become highly energetic and unstable when they are extruded into normal space, which the vessel¬† utilizes for power. The technology is still relatively new, and isn't fit for mass production for the wider Otrok fleet.   The vessel still has a quartet of Gen-II Hyperium¬† Fusion drives as backup for both energy and propulsion.


The Udini makes use of harvested Evergrowth Holzmaan Organs, which are coiled in the large nacel sections on the rear of the vessel. This is in essence a crude version of the Holzmaan engine used by the Akhaale, that is, the vessel bends space to reach high sub-luminal speeds instead of true propulsion. The nacels can be ejected and detonated should containment of the Evergrowth biomass be lost.   Unlike the Oracle system, these 'warp nacels' have plenty of usable samples harvested from Evergrowth bioforms. They are however, still too few to properly equip the fleet at large. They also require a fair bit of monitoring for safety, as they are utilizing live Evergrowth biomass which would like nothing more than to take over the rest of the vessel.   The vessel does sport a quartet of Hyperium Fusion Drive units as backup propulsion, as well as limited gravitational thrusters for backup maneuvering.

Weapons & Armament

The Udini, like most Yutiki vessels, is highly customizable and a reflection of the impulsive nature of Yutiki engineers. While during the war with the Evergrowth the Neutron Laser became a common weapon, most modern vessels are equipped with more stealth friendly railguns and missiles. Vessels meant for frontline stealth support however typically sport a pair of Tetryon Strips.  

  • Ototo-Pattern Interdiction Beam: The only truly standard weapon of the Udini class, the Interdiction Beam is a combination of the vessel's Tertryon Siphon and its Holzmaan Engines. Utilizing the two systems, the vessel can prevent the normal dispersal of energy into hyperspace that naturally occurs when traversing the Spatial Tangent. This causes a build up of energy and heat in a Starliner's fold drives, requiring it to vent heat and exotic radiation in normal space that it wouldn't normally need to. This works both at the start and end of a jump, the start of a jump being somewhat more perilous as it captures the energy on both ends. Though hard to pull off, if the timing is perfect, the weapon can actually cause a Starliner to be unable to release its hold on the Spatial Tangent, preventing it from moving, lest it sheer its drive off into hyperspace. This only works for a short time however, as it requires large amounts of power for the Udini to sustain the effect.
  • 2x Miko-Pattern Tetryon Strip (Optional): The most common choice for a Udini meant for heavy combat, the Strips consist of a series of emitters lining the upper and lower portion of the main hull. When fired, energy is funneled directly from the Syphon to the most optimal emitter, resulting in an efficient, high-energy lance attack. Suffice to say it sacrifices any attempt at stealth when fired however.

Armor and defense

  • Holzmaan Cloak: A specially tuned version of a Holzmaan Deflector, the Cloak weakly bends space around the vessel to disperse enemy sensors and observation. This is reliant on the Holzmaan engines being present and not ejected.
  • Misc Stealth Systems: The Udini usually features an array of other cloaking technologies that the Yutiki cycle through to prevent detection.
  • Assembled Adamantium Armor: Extracted from the Imperium's various Adamantium deposits, vessel features both thick armor but a durable hexagonal superstructure that gives the vessel high structural durability.
  • Particle Shields: A particle shield creates a barrier of charged particles. It is in essence a projected form of reactive armor, designed to melt projectiles before they come in contact with vehicle.
  • Ray Shields: Similar to a particle shield, a ray shield uses charged particles to provide defense. However, the structure of a Ray Shield is fundamentally different than a particle shield. Rather, a ray shield is of relatively little use against against kinetic attacks, and is instead designed to cause energy attacks to flow across its surface to diffuse their charge. It is commonly paired with a particle shield due to their complimentary natures.

Additional & auxiliary systems

  • 4x Phylon-Pattern Tractor Beam Emitter: A Yutiki invention, these graviton streams allow the vessel to capture or repel smaller vessels.

Otrok Assembly Forges
Owning Organization
Otrok Imperium
995 m


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