The Anyum (Ann-EYE-um) are race of psionically gifted humanoids native to the Adama Starzone. They have a long history with the Otrok , and while their presence in the Otrok Imperium is not well known, they are perhaps the most trusted alien species within empire, working alongside all branches of the Otrok military industrial complex.

Basic Information


Anyum are slender humanoids with three-digited hands and feet. They have grey/yellow/white skin, with their most prominent feature being their singular eye. This eye features an abnormal structure, giving them an almost panoramic vision at the expense of depth perception. Anyum are gifted psions, with their mental abilities being schooled just as a species would any other skill. Their primary abilities are telepathy and foresight, making them valued advisors and surprisingly accurate attackers despite their vision impairment.

Civilization and Culture


The Anyum evolved on the ancient ecumenopolis of Adama. While they claim to have been its creators, the cities far predate them by a billion years, and the Anyum merely evolved from the local wildlife after nature retook the city planet.   Their history with the Otrok extends back before both were conquered by the Threshyk Empire. The two empires enjoyed a prosperous mercantile alliance and worked together to defend themselves against the Threshyk invaders, but were ultimately unsuccessful.   Due to their abilities, unlike most Threshyk subjects, they were allowed to become members of the empire fully rather than just vassals. Anyum advisors were popular among the Threshyk. The Anyum were hit rather hard by the fall of their masters, as they were used to privilege and not the vicious territorial wars. It was in these days that the Otrok, not yet augmented by the Emperor of Otrok Kind, first showed their ability to fight against the chaos that the Empire had devolved in to.   Despite this, the Anyum resisted the Emperor's emergence on their homeworld, and it was only when the Yutiki sided with their enemy that the Anyum recalled their ancient friendship and vowed to work alongside the Otrok.   Unlike most species, the Anyum are allowed in military positions, their knowledge and foresight making them invaluable tacticians and aides. However, the conflict with the Evergrowth lead to a diminished presence, as something about how the hostile fungus operates induces powerful headaches and in some cases insanity. They have seem a resurgence in recent years, but they tend to keep a far distance from the extracted Oracle devices.   Though none have seen his face, it is believed The Red Wizard is an Anyum.

200 yrs
Average Height
1.6 - 2.1m


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