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Kingdom of Snowdown

The forces of Lady Elriza Daressin serve as the primary antagonist on the battlefield. Comprised of all sorts of unsavory beasts, men, and horrid abominations, it is hard to be certain what one will encounter when confronting the power head on. Backed by the Lady of Loss, they have conquered a large swath of the Moon Shae Isles and continues to push toward the Fey city of Karador as well as the moonwells strewn across the archipelago.


The inner workings and government of Snowdown remain a mystery to all those outside its borders. It is known that the Lady Elriza Daressin holds final say in all matters pertaining to the nation, but whom and how the day to day operations are managed is unknown.

Public Agenda

The goals of the nation are clear. Elriza seeks to use her military to seize control of the moonwells across the Moon Shae Isles and use that power to conqueror the Fey city of Karador on the isle of Gwynneth.

Demography and Population

The Ffolk and colonists from Amn lived on the island prior to its occupation. It was one of the few places on the Moon Shae Isles where the Ffolk had never mixed with Northlanders.   Following the Amnian occupation, the island experienced an influx of creatures seeking mercenary work, for the Amnian rulers didn't care about allegiances or origins of their mercenaries. These included drow, goblinoids, ogres, and orcs. The island especially experienced an influx of half-breed creatures, such as cambions, half-elves, and half-orcs.   No one has been to Isle since the start of the conflict, however, it is expected the diversity on the Isle has increased. One cannot be certain as to what horrid creatures the nation now employs to further its conquest. Nor the true make up of the people on its shores.


Employing a variety of tactics and soldiers, the military capability of the nation is not be underestimated. Elriza has managed to muster a navy on par with that of the Illuskans, and employs all manner of foul creatures to aid her soldiers on the battlefield.