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The Horsian Enclave


The Horsian Enclave is organized into a loose collection of commanders who comprise a council under the Lady Calliope. Each individual member of the council is responsible for the well-being and continued success of those under them, while Calliope is responsible for the well-being of the council.

Public Agenda

The enclave's agenda is seemingly twofold. Primarily they are concerned with the well-being and stabilization of the war torn isle of Alaron. However, they readily express a dissatisfaction with the sitting High King of the Ffolk, Derid Kendrick. To these ends, it has sought to seize control of vital territory once held by the Ffolk kingdom.


The Horsian Enclave was founded amidst the chaos of the war. Rumor has it that Lady Calliope appeared one night in the ruined city and single handedly rid the river city of hostile forces. Since this event Calliope has steadily built her ranks, acquiring skilled fighters, siege weapons and arcane artifacts to aid her.

Demography and Population

Horsians are a diverse breed. A community formed of refugees and mercenaries seeking glory among the war, its people are some of the most diverse among the isle of Alaron. Most are still human, however one can find a sprinkling of nearly all races within.


The military might of the Horsians is what has allowed them to thrive. Although their troops number less than 500, each posses the raw ability of ten Ffolk soldiers. The military is subdivided into platoons each falling under the jurisdiction of one of the council members, and each platoon is further subdvided.
Political, Federation
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The Free People of Horsa
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