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A Vector is a genetically engineered lifeform built from fresh genes patterned off a human template, with some modification in appearance and function. Vectors were built to resemble various Earth animal species and have distinct families and species that can be visually traced to those origins; however, their primary social behavior, emotional range, instincts, and intelligence are all human in nature. They follow general human averages in height and body mass and are slightly more robust than humans in terms of overall stamina, resistance to illness, and recovery from injury thanks to genetic “pruning” that took place during their creation to account for and remove known issues with the human genome. They tend to live between 90-110 Earth years if they take care of themselves, hit puberty at around 10-14, and are capable of reproduction with any other fertile Vector regardless of family or species.
— HSD 2.0 Core Rulebook, page 12
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Lator susurri