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Smart Surface

Almost every glass, metallic, or reflective surface in a Vector community is a smart surface.
— Snippet from Toggle entry, HSD 2.0 core rulebook, page 196
As part of the material extrusion- or 'printing'- process, nearly every glass, metal, or reflective surface from the ground up is impregnated with a layer of electronics, allowing it to interface with Smart Surface-enabled products, like Toggles. Some ships even have this functionality, to a degree.
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Lumen Jump Drive

Sometimes referred to as the Lumen Drive, the Lum-Drive, or even simply Jump Drive, propels a ship at 1.5x the speed of light, allowing for quick travel across Sol. There are dangers, however, especially if the Drive is poorly mounted. Built into each Drive Core, supposedly, is a means of temporal reconciliation, reducing negative effects upon the crew and ship alike through mechanics not fully understood. One would, reasonably, assume the drive consumed vast volumes of fuel in its operation, but instead it appears to run mostly on its own fuel system, recuperating at a rate of ~1 unit an hour.


Independent Manufacturers Ltd.

  • Orinoko-Class Freighter
  • Aroe-Class Personal Transport
  • Ravana-Class Transport Shuttle