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Exonymph doctor from Pyros Station, she's put a lot of study and effort into researching procedures for her people; though, being the only pillar standing against the tide hasn't helped her speed through progress.
She is an investigative creature, though she found herself becoming distant from her colony. Exacerbating this distance is her workaholic tendencies. Tries hard to be the optimist in grim situations, knowing that a beam of light can help in the healing process. She knows a great deal about Nymph biology, and the vast majority of it comes from her own handiwork, though she has supplemented her knowledge with treatises and journals of other established researchers.
Standing as one of her most defining characteristics, she has a strong, visceral aversion to the Grey Meal- a consumption process rather crucial to the Exonymph life cycle. As a result of this aversion, she struggles, somewhat, to use Exonymph abilities and forms, except for producing Nymphsilk bandages, or utilizing her Swarm Form reaching places she couldn't normally reach.

Physical Description

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Nymphsilk Nodes   Four Arms

An exonymph doctor from Pyros colony

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