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Desra Zimakova

Born and raised in the town of Arantha, she signed herself up to train for assignment to a Mercy Crew. Tumbling her way through training, she came out on top, and then came the first mission; a grotto out near Neptune, downtrodden folk scraping by, but this was to be their opportunity to get away from it all. She smiled, descending like a quadrupedal angel from on high, pulling them up by the hands, and carrying them off to sanctuary. That was how it was supposed to be, and for the most part, that's how it went.
Over the years, she kept in touch with those her Crew rescued, but found herself growing increasingly disconcerted that they were struggling, and found themselves no better off. She confronted her commanding officers, and discovered that they bore no intention to further help the rescues. Aghast, Desra already started drafting her resignation letter as she stormed back to her apartment.
For a time, Desra found a more fulfilling life helping those in need, but she overextended herself, and funds were starting to dry up. Hearing of things happening on Mars, she spends the last of her free funds on a shuttle ticket, and makes her way there. Merc work never appealed to her, but, times were growing desperate.
5' 8" (172.72cm)
364 lbs (165.1076 kg)