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Summer Reading Challenge 2023

The Experience/Me Rambling

I was originally very nervous when deciding to participate in SC, mostly because world building has never been my strong suit, but I was definitely less stressed than I was in World Ember of last year, and I genuinely enjoyed this one. I loved all the prompts, I had several of them in the making but unfortunately wasn't able to finish them in time. (They'll be coming out soon.)

Expect to see me next year if everything isn't extremely chaotic, because I will most definitely want to participate again. And, of course, a quick shout-out to a couple awesome people who have helped me with world building. First and foremost Loremaster788, who has been the most influential in growing my world building skills. (be sure to check out his AI art here). And LeeStepp, who helped spitball and brainstorm ideas for the majority of my articles.

I can't thank these two enough!  

The Articles

A Letter Sent in Secret by a Well-Known Person in Your World

1. Tale of a Lost Love by DMSirSwank99

Have I ever told you guys that I love love letters? Well, I do. I mean, I like letters in general, but this one is a very sweet, very poetic-like love letter. A pirate king writing to his wife about how he aches to see her and be reunited with his family. (It's so sweet, you guys!)   2. Obviously a Letter by Escritora Novata

The prose in this letter is so fun. The bouncy, nervousness of the narrator draws you in. The article was short and interesting and really piqued my curious about Escritora's world.   3. To Claire of the Woods by KOSpades

These are more love letters, because why not! They're short, sweet but rather sad love letters, yet they're filled with hope and determination. I enjoyed reading these as short as they are, and made me want to take a deep dive into both of the characters introduced.  

A System to Send Messages Between Distant Places

1. The Bottle Code by Hanhula

I just discoverd Hanhula during this Summer Camp, and I'm so sad that I didn't discover her sooner. She has such an interesting world and I love it! This article takes the common idea of a message in a bottle and turns it into magic. The first line gets you interested in the article, and everything else after it keeps you hooked. (Also the article looks beautiful)   2. Sea Light by Laria

Laria seems to draw from technology in the modern world in this article. Using lighthouses as her base for Sea Lights, she expands on that idea and makes an interesting article on how her "lighthouses" work and ties it into her own world in an interesting way.   3. Threadsinging by Gnolli

An interesting concept that involves intense concetration and magic. Threadsinging introduces not only a reader to the magic of the world, but to the consequences of it too. This article seems to integrate quite nicely into Gnolli's world, and is a fascinating read.  

A Character Driven by Wanderlust or the Desire to Explore

1. The Unseen Wanderer by Colonel 101

This is a very mysterious character. No one knows who he is, what he does, or why he does what he does. He just goes from trading route to trading route. I can't wait to see what Colonel does with this character and how he'll expand on it!   2. The Scribe by Miner Knight

Another mysterious character. A person who writes about the people and places of his travels. But he's been alive for much longer than a human should due to various things. It's a really short article that hooked me and made me want to know so much more about him!   3. The Eternal Tourist by lil_pinecone

I love this character. The article is short and fun, and so is the character. I'd say more, but honestly the article speaks for itself. Give this article (and the author!) some love.  

New Year Resolutions

I actually couldn't remember my New Year Resolutions (which is why I usually don't do them), but I went back and reviewed them. And they were a little difficult to find because coherency was not something that I was thinking about when writing that article.)   1. Humor -- Uh, no, I don't really think I got better at humor.

2. Being short and conscise -- Maybe? I think maybe a little bit, since during SC I definitely took more time to write the articles than I usully do. So, I think that helped a bit.

3. Unique character voices -- I haven't really done a whole lot of character writing, so I couldn't say.

4. Better article presentation -- Eh, still kinda the same. I just use more headers and such.

5. Magic systems -- Haven't really done any magic systems, so again, I couldn't say.

6. Keep article interesting -- I don't really know.

7. Keep things simple -- I think I got better at this. Instead of attacking and fleshing something out as much as I could, I just stuck with the basics (For the most part)

8. Empathetic charactes -- I haven't done a whole lot of character building, so can't say, but I like to think the characters I have created are.

9. Interconnecting the world -- I definitely think I've gotten better at this. Especially during SC, I was trying to think of how to connect at least two of the prompts.

10. Revising -- Nope, still pretty bad

11. My genre -- still looking


Wrapping Up

(This article is so long, oh my gosh.)

I had so much fun for this challenge, going through a bunch of articles and trying to figure out which ones I wanted to read. So, I figured I'd go and find some lesser known authors and give them some love, too!

But anyways, with all that being said, I want to give a thanks to everyone who has liked and/or commented on my articles, have followed me and/or my worlds. Your love and support is much appreciated. I hope you all have a great rest of the year (can you believe it's already August!)

And best wishes to you in world building!


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