Faryn looked upon the saplings under the glassed roofs of her growhouse with all her pride. It was not easy to acquire a Zezzu sapling and get it shipped from the jungles of Rathram all the way up to Baradolia. It had cost her a fortune, almost everything her family got. But now having the second generation saplings growing was worth all the effort.
Even though Zezzu was the most common tree in Rathram, its leaves and bark were worth its weight in gold in Baradolia. Maybe even more, because ho wmuch would you pay for surviving the Red Coughing Sickness? It turned out a lot - and many did not survive the last time this plague swept the region. But Faryn will change that! The next time, the Red Couhging Sickness would appear, they would be prepared.
The Zezzu is a common tree within the Rathram Jungles that often grows on the side of cliffs or large builders - sometimes even ruins. Thriving on the humid conditions and lots of sunshine in the jungle, these trees can become up to 50 metres high, as long as they are sufficiently supported by any type of rock or structure.
The bark and the leaves of a Zezzu Tree can have calming effects when eaten or brewed into a tea. It was found that the Zezzu leaves especially are an effective cure and provide prevention against the Red Coughing Sickness. Many people descrie the fresh smell of grinded Zezzu Bark and leaves as uplifting, energizing and cheering you up.
Zezzu Wood is rather elastic and surprisingly lightweight. It does not burn well, making it a useful material for building. If you do manage to burn it, the fumes have a similar uplifting effect as barks and leaves at first but can lead to manic episodes and hallucinations. This can also be achieved by burning the dried leaves and bark.

Further Details

It has become a trend at high society gatherings in Baradolia, to consume large quantities of exclusive Zezzu Tea. Unfortunately, the supply is regularily running low.
The Holy Domain Keandra has recently banned all products made from Zezzu, as it apparently increases innate magic abilities of its users.
A group of investors is coordinating a large scale harvest of Zezzu Wood in Rathram and is met with some annoying resistance from the locals.
While trying to combat an outbreak of the Red Coughing Sickness, a local apothecarian is trying to defend his precious stock from anxious citizens.


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Expanding on the role it might have with combating coughing sickness or other disease, as well as that magic ability thing might be interesting!

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