If you ever want to meet a dwarf and do not mind meeting many nasty, foul-mouthed, mean spirited lumberjacks and miners, you are welcome to travel into the Vertrepiet. Being so close to some dwarven tradingposts makes them not the most cultivated people though. But hey, they make a great liqueur out of whatever grows up there and they know how to tinker.
Vertrepiet is not the most accesible region, lying aside any trade routes of the humans. The land gets difficult to access quite fast, with rough hills rising towards Apac's Sword and most of the land is coverd in wild forest. On the other hand Vertrepiet is rich with several metal deposits, namely iron, copper and aluminium, and the forest has been lately used to produce coal coke in larger quantities. This and the nearby dwarven trading post Tuknan Tilis helped rising the importance of the "Baradolian Backlands" significantely recently.


The Vertrepiet is a rough land, enclosed in most sides by mountains of Apac's sword, beging covered by either rough hills or deep forest or both at once.
The most accessible way of travel is mostly a way out - the river Calin is flowing past the departements capital Palu Trommé all the way down towards Amber Bay. To the nort, Vertrepiet has a large border with the Kingdoms of Sevelang, but due to the natural border via the River Lehn and steep hills, this border is almost not travelled at all.


Vertrepiet has a population of roughly 275,000 people, most of them human. Around 6,000 of these are dwarven descendants and a surprisingly large portion - circa 20,000 - are orcs. Elves are rare in this region and as far as it is known, no elf settles permanently in Vertrepiet.

About half the population is centred in the bigger towns - most notably Palu Thrommé the departements capital - but since the start of the Copper Rush, many small camps and claims have spread all over the department, settling in previously uninhabitated and unclaimed regions.

Points of Interest


Blackcopper Spire

The Blackcopper Spire has dark fame, since once the powerful and evil magician Hugo the Copperhand supposed to have lived here, tinkering with magical constructs and terrorizing the local area.

The residents of Coopwer would tell you that he brought tiny copper golems to life that did all his bidding and are still alive somewhere in the ruins, where they still do a task he gave them over a hundred years ago.

It cannot be that dangerous though, since the village is settled almost directly beneath that tower.


The heavenly arc

In the north of the region, at a the foot of a waterfall stands a lonely archway. This archway is definitely not natural but the architecture is neither human, nor dwarven nor any other known culture.

Several inscriptions on there are in a language and scripture, that noone can identify. Even more mysterious are the letters in old human language, that can be identified. They are speaking about the entrance to heaven.

If you stand under this archway on a summer evening, you can see rainbows all around you, writing mystical symbols in the mist from the waterfall.

Copper Outpost of the dwarves

Tuknan Tilis is at the same time trading post, one of the most lucrative copper mines of the Tukanor dwarves, traffic hub to the underground halls of Tukanor and home to the most famous temple of Maned in the northern part of Baradolia.

The flames in this outpost almost always burn in a green and golden color, blessed by Maned.

Local Legends

When they woke up, the outlaw was gone. All that was left were his bloodstained clothes in the middle of the road, the stolen claim documents and the memory of his screams during the night.
Locals tell amongst themselves the story of a mysterious gunslinger, hunting outlaws that wronged honest workers. Many stories exist about his supposed deeds, catching Conmen who stole the claims on lucrative mining spots or who stole the earnings of honest miners all over the region.
In three things all stories agree: Noone has an idea who that gunslinger is, his victims disappear from the face of the earth and he always only comes at night.


Aside from large deposites of Copper and Iron as well as some Gold, a lot of local industry is focusing on producing charcoal for the industry in the rest of Baradolia.


Vertrepiet has been always a part of Baradolia - more or less. During the arly days, only a few hermits settled here and they were on the south side of the Lehn, so they belonged to Baradolia, simple as that. Even during several wars with the Kingdoms of Sevelang, the region was never disputed and only little controlled.   This led to some criminal elements hunkering down in the eastern parts, close to the mountains, and famously, one evil wizard once build his tower in Vertrepiet.

Recent Developments

Since the need for metal and coal coke is starting to rise in recent decades, a growing industry is starting to take hold. The roads are being improved, new settlements pop up and many miners searching for their luck and an unclaimed rich metal deposit are migrating into the region, where several lucky bastards have become rich already. This is starting to become a strain on already losely interpretated law and order in Vertrepiet.

Therefore the Baradolian Guard is sending some troups to Vietrepiet on a regular basis, hunting criminals and upholding justice in this region.

After a few months they leave again and everything devolves back.

Open Issues

One of the dwarven mines in Tuknan Tilis has been closed for years even though it clearly has metal deposts left in it.
It is unclear how one should handle the rising cirminality especially in the difficult to reach eastern region.

Despite claims from the residents, strong evidence suggests something is not right at Blackspire Tower
Some smuggler bands use the northern border to corss over to Sevelang.

Some miners want to use some newly developed explosives in their mines. It is unclear, how safe this is.
The coke coal industry is really taking off and the owner of the Charburnery is constantly seeking new employees.
Geopolitical, Province
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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