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The Temple at the End of the World

The end of a search can be the beginning of something great - or terrifying.
Jahaeron looked upon the back of the man he would follow to the end of the world. Come to think of it, he did follow Vitukua to the end of the world - him and his brethren had wandered the wastelands of the Ethorial Lands for almost 80 years now and their numbers have greatly dwindled. Jahaeron looked over his shoulders to see his eleven companions - the most faithful Elves of the faithful, the Legari that followed their spiritual leader and master of their race up to this very place in the cold north. Most of the others elves had left them, remaining behind at varying points during their journey.
Vitukua turned around and once more Jahaeron felt a rush of affection toward his leader, as he always did when he caught a glimpse of that charismatic smile. "We found it, Jahearon, the temple of the Dragons we searched for so long." There was a gleam in his bright green eyes that showed his determination and curiosity, and Jahaeron believed beyond a doubt that there was something behind the ledge Vitukua saw ahead, indicating a possible end to their long journey.
The way down that ledge was almost as difficult as the way up. The slope was steep and as almost all of them were struggling to keep their footing, they barely were able to take in the sight before them. Deep within the jagged mountainrange, covered in snow, glistened enormous structures in the light of the setting sun, reflecting the last rays of the day in bright red and golden sparkles.
Jahaeron could make out towers of unbelievable height, almost as tall as the mountain peaks around them. In between these towers were large structures topped with crystalline domes. It looked like sand hit by a strike from the heavens, only much more refined and beautiful. Never had he seen anything like it and he could not imagine how you could fashion something like this - let alone create such an amazing structure from it. To do so within the harsh and almost inaccessible valleys of these mountains was out of the bounds of his imagination.
Yet someone had done so and they were now approaching the halls that could only have been constructed by the fabled dragons they had been searching for so long now. Vitukua in his immortal excitement forgot that his companions were mere mortals, and hurried towards the building in front of them. Jahaeron and his people barely reached the foot of the slope as they saw Vitukua arrive below the giant gate of a central structure.
Jahaeron squinted catching sight of Vitukua turning around. He was too far away to see his facial features, but Jahearon could easily imagine the all too familiar look of impatience on his face at the sight of his followers being so far behind. For a moment, Vitukua hesitated, then raised an arm gesturing them to follow. Jahaeron only managed to shout "Master, wait!" before the immortal moved, and then he could no longer see the figure below the arch of the entrance way. At this moment, a deep rumbling started to echo all throughout that valley.
The rumbling grew deeper and louder the closer they'd edged towads the archway where they last saw Vitukua. Jahaeron was the first, leading his companions towards the unknown. The high walls of the building towered over the elves, making them feel small and weak in face of such a feat. With a deep breath to gather his courage, Jahaeron stepped through the portal.
The light within the enormous hall was almost blinding and all he could make out at first was a gigantic creature sitting in the centre. Its giant maw hung slightly open, and a neck thicker then most trees bend down towards the figure standing calmly before it. There stood Vitukua, completely unfazed by that giant monster.

"Impressive illusion spell," Jahaeron heard Vituka say in his deep, clear voice echoing through the hall. "Or wait, is it a transformation? Very impressive indeed. Your magic is not to be underestimated, great Lord of the Dragons."

  The rumbling stopped, and as he felt his companions huddling behind him close to the exit, Jahearon witnessed the massive figure shrinking. Giant wings retreating into a humanoid body, that became clad in fine clothing, studded with jewels of breathtaking beauty. Before Vitukua now stood a regal creature with lizard-like features. His mouth was lightly opened in a smirk, revealing many sharp teeth that glttered in the light, visible even from almost a hundred metres away at the entrance. The creature tilted its head, and spoke

"Very well then, Vitukua, leader of the elves. Let's talk."

They had finally found a real dragon.


Author's Notes

This article is part of a story arc, leading up to my Master#s Monthly article for the competition "By All That's Holy!". It is not the submission but will provide context to the article in question.

Many Thanks to Hanhula for combing through this text and giving my valuable advice on grammar and sometimes wording!

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