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Sunken Finger

Whenever you cross the Basin of Ethora with your boat and you value your life - keep a watch out for the Sunken Finger. If you ever see it reaching out from the cursed depths, understand it is a warning from Gazezu, turn around and seek Land immediately!
The Sunken Finger is the name locals around the Basin of Ethora gave to the tower that once was part of the now sunken Cathedral of Heroics. Being situated on a hilltop with one of the highest towers at that time, the one remaining tower actually reaches atop the sea's surface of the flooded lands.
While usually only the roof can barely be seen, when the low tides come around the tower can reach high up, reminding the sailors of a warning finger. If this happens, every boatsmen will be wise to avoid the area, for other buildings lurking beneath the surface might run their ships aground. The ominous wailing being heard from the tower also keeps them away. It is said these are the cries and sobs of the people who tried to find sanctuary from the big flood in the cathedral, so many centuries ago.

Further Details

There are rumors of the cathedral not being flooded internally for some magical reasons. Some daring adventurer might try to get in on their hunt for treasure.
It often happens that foolish fishermen get too close to the area of the Sunken Finger by accident. Regularly, those fishermen get lost at sea and await their rescue.
A clever entrepreneur realized the potential of fascination of these ruins and wants to offer guided tours to this land... well seamark.
A priest of Apac claims one of the holy artifacts of his order are left in this tower. He tries to convince authorities to fund an expedition.
... but something still lurks below ...
A local big game hunter has heard of a mighty sea creature roaming around the Sunken finger and wants to gain the fame and fortune associated with killing it. He will of course somewhat compensate brave adventurers who assist him by doing most of the work.
1289 AR
Tower, Water
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