Ethoressian Cheese

You can have every luxurious item on your table, a feast made from the gods themselves for all I care. But I tell you, boy, any meal that does not have any Ethoressian Cheese in it is no cultured dining - just a worthless way to fill your stomach.
Cheese made from the milk of Ethoressian Barrossina, very well liked in Ethoressi, Kingdoms of Sevelang and Baradolia. In the Baradolian cuisine, this cheese has become a staple ingredient ove rthe past decades. A full course in any well situated home at least finishes up with a few pieces of Ethoressian Cheese, some bread and, of course, some wine.
A more spicy variant is well liked in Keandra, but the strong taste is usually not well suited for the inexperienced eater. In fact, there are variants well known to cause stomach pains and inflamed tongues for anyone who tries this spicy cheese. Keandrans however enjoy it as easily as if it were mild bread.

Story Hooks

An Ethoressi Cheesemaker is currently worried that someone is tampering with his production, after several reports of sick consumers came in. He fears a huge backlash and would do everything to put the blame somewhere else - justified or not.
During the organization of a huge festival in Remontie the town's steward nerveously awaits the special delivery of a certain type of Ethoressian Cheese, asked for specifically by the Baradolian Monarch who announced his attendence in the last minute.
The leader of a wandering troup is boasting to everybody who does not want to know, that he can eat more of the most spicy cheese than anybody else. Even this brutish adventurer over there!
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
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Author's Notes

This article was inspired by a question in the Skeigham Discord about... Cheese.

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