The Letters That Ended A War

I can say with a respectable level of certainty that the war would've ended much later if it wasn't for the secret alliance between Queen Izmali of Asharia and Queen Alenia of Kupria. It all started with a few letters...

— Kuprian historian

It was the year AE 2088. The Kuprian-Asharian War had been going on for 56 years, since AE 2032 when the Asharian army invaded Kupria. Everyone was getting tired of it by this point, and it was definitely gnawing on the economies of both countries.

However, as the war had started with murdered kings on both sides, there was a definite feeling on both sides of being "right." None of the nations wanted to step back until the other side had at least given them a decent apology despite not being willing to apologize themselves.

The Letter That Started It

To say that Queen Izmali of Asharia did something incredibly risky by sending a letter to the queen of the enemy is probably an understatement. Yet, the Asharian queen still remembered a time before the war, and wanted her children to experience peace as well. She had some personal spies inside the Kuprian royal castle, and while she didn't know for sure, she had a small feeling the enemy queen felt the same about the longevity of the war.

The Asharian Queen knew she was risking a lot by sending this letter. If the secret was revealed before there was peace, the consequences could be anything from social repercussions to execution for treason. She knew that Queen Alenia could tell someone who could make it really dangerous for her, but the thought of the war going on for much longer was a worse fate.

— Kuprian historian

The Reply That Set It In Action

Queen Alenia of Kupria was surprised when one of the kitchen workers handed her a letter, and even more surprised when she saw who it was from. Not only was she relieved that it revealed that the Asharian queen was just as tired of this war as she was, she knew how risky this letter was. She knew she should send a reply, but she knew the risk. She had to be very careful, especially since she knew how few things that could be kept a secret in the Kuprian royal castle. The king's head of security, a perceptive man named Arun Voston, took his job very seriously and kept an eye on everything that happened in the castle.

It was a good thing Queen Alenia sent the reply, despite the risks. This made Queen Izmali see that she wasn't alone, and that her work of pursuing her husband to try to end the war wasn't in vain. And even though there wasn't any more letters sent between the two queens, their work towards the kings were definitely a huge factor in how soon the war ended.

In fact, most historians agree that if these letters weren't sent, the war might have lasted for another decade before the nations finally made peace.

— Kuprian historian

The Secret Revealed

The first one to find out about the secret letters was King Ilmonar of Kupria, as he noticed a glance between the queens when the peace was announced in AE 2091. Nobody else knew anything until a few years later.

King Erelim of Asharia was not happy, but after cooling off a bit he was understanding, and even a bit grateful. Arun the Kuprian head of royal security was disappointed that the queen had done something this risky (and quite bothered about the fact that it had happened just behind his back without him noticing), but as it was now years ago and it had worked out, he couldn't really say too much.

Rumors about the secret letters did escape the castle not long after. During the decade that passed after the letters were sent, it was a well-known story among common folk. Both letters were donated to historians in both nations - Izmali's letter was given to the Asharian historians and Alenia's letter was donated to the Kuprian historians. A copy of each letter was made to make sure both sides had both letters, to make sure the historic entries weren't one-sided.

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