[Meta Article] August 2018 Progress Report

Last month

Last month was July, and that was the Summer Camp month. I did manage to finish all the 30 prompts, and I had great fun doing so. In addition, I got so many new ideas for lore and stuff, and ended up with 65 new placeholder links to various articles that needs to be written. I've started on, what, one of these articles now?

This is gonna take time to finish...

All in all, July was all kinds of awesome for worldbuilding. I finally found a place for the dwarves in my world, at least some of them.

Three July articles that I personally liked:

Species | Jan 8, 2021

Alluring creatures of the sea which eats sailors

Since the oceans around Shireon is super scary, I wondered what to do about mermaids. I kinda wanted to have mermaids, but I wasn't all that sure what to do about them. Then I merged them with sirens, and now they fit in the seas together with the other creepy and dangerous things you'll find there. Like the Sailor's Nightmare.

Tear of Enarias
Item | Sep 17, 2018

I had severe problems trying to come up with an item for the Most Valuable Item prompt for camp - until I found this gorgeous picture of a necklace and my head started coming up with all these ideas, and suddenly I had three new materials and a name for the Enari queen's mother. Funny how that works.

Also, I think this is the most liked article I wrote for Summer Camp.

The Ravenous Ravens
Organization | Jul 31, 2021

The mother organization of the people with a flexible view on ownership of things

I've wanted to write this article for months, and then there was an Illicit Organization prompt and I finally got the push I needed to get words down on the page. This is the closest my world comes to a thieves' guild, and I now need to write about the different lodges that belong under the Raven organization umbrella. And their leaders.

This Month

It's August already! How did that happen?

So, plans for August. Boy, do I have them. A list follows:

  • From the Shireon article - make articles for the geographic parts of the world where there are no article yet, and replace text in main article with linkboxes - Progress: Articles 1/10 Link boxes 1/12
  • From the Ravenous Ravens article - make articles for missing lodges, and add linkboxes to main article - Progress: Articles 0/7 Link boxes 0/7
  • Make a new and better map that includes all the new locations, as well as some minor corrections. - Progress: Not started
  • Put some prose on World Anvil (If I dare) - Progress: Not started
  • Find the article that has the earliest last edited date and polish/add links/rewrite - Progress: Not started

Things will be added to this list through the month if something else comes up.

I will potentially have a bit of extra time to work on worldbuilding in August, so potentially there will be more lore. I should also do some art. Especially header pictures.

Update August 14th - Vacation was a thing filled with family to spend time with (including two nephews aged 0.5 and 2.5 who took all extra time for a couple of days) and roadtrips as a driver, so all that time I was speaking about? Ha ha. I'm back now, though. And since I'm currently without a job, still waiting for the answer from my Dream JobTM and looking at all those non existent job offers I might as well world build.

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