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Everyone who has attended or otherwise had business with the Academy of the Arcane in Lenthir during the last two centuries or so has run into Kiselon at one point or another. He's the face of the entrance hall and who you'll need to talk to if you need information about the Academy or how to navigate the maze of the tower.

Yes, I know he seems like he hates his job, but would he really have held that same position for centuries if he really hated it? I don't think so.

— Academy Professor

Some people just have this air of discontent and general unfriendliness about them. Kiselon is one of these people while working as the main receptionist at the Academy of the Arcane, a job he's had since at least AE 1832.

Knows Everything

Any other receptionist who behaved as unwelcoming towards the public as Kiselon would've probably been fired immediately. Yet, the contemptuous enari have kept his position not only as a receptionist, but as the head receptionist of the Academy for almost three centuries. Every year at least one first year asks why he's the first person someone would have to talk to when they enter the tower.

The truth is that while Kiselon might seem horrible at social interactions, he does everything else included in the receptionist job better than most other people. He has a natural ability to keep order and have complete control over everything that happens in the tower, no matter how chaotic things get around semester starts and exam periods.

Some members of staff suspects that Kiselon keeps a collection of orphaned TAMS notes, but Kiselon would never admit to such atrocious accusations.

Kiselon is really a nice guy, he just... communicates differently than everyone else.

Also, he's super fun to annoy.

— Arcane Librarian
(Wishes to stay unnamed)
Year of Birth
1629 AE 483 Years old
Current Residence
Greenish blue
1.67 m
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Enari (Mother tongue)
Lenthiri (Fluent)
Kuprian (Decent)
Northern Asharian (Decent)
Southern Asharian (The basics)

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