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Dahlia Crimson Needle

True Queen Dahlia Crimson Needle (a.k.a. The Queen of Blood, The Crimson Monster)

Dahlia Crimson Needle is an ancient demon, one who predates most of the history of civilization. She is knwon both for her gruesome skills at warfare which have seen entire armies felled by her might, as well as her great knowledge of medicine, which many describe as miraculous.   As a demon, she is feared by many. The gruesome acts attributed to her name are many and while not all may be true, the stories are not without merit. When called to the battlefield, she sunders the earth and rips open the skies. Only the greatest of champions can hope to face her. Yet she is also known to have provided invaluable knowledge of medicine and healing, showing an aspect of caring and nuture.   She is thus a figure both hated and admired, a being of duality and great power, to be respected if nothing else.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dahlia is supernaturally strong and tough, capable of crumbling tanks with her bare hands and take missiles to the face with nary a scratch. However, it is her speed that is most remarkable, allowing her with an agility that seems to defy reality.

Identifying Characteristics

A massive, blueish scar on her chest.

Special abilities

Each and every one of her natural weapons have been hardened and enhanced by her years of experience and exposure to many dangers, making her deadly even for an adze of her rank.   She is exceptionally acrobatics, with a perfect sense of balance and incredibly smooth movements that makes impossible to pin down. This translates to her flying as well, where she moves out of the way of most ranged attacks.   Her agility, enhanced by her unnatural alacrity, is also something else. She zips around the battlefield with such speed that no common soldier could hope to land a blow on her.   She's developed many heavy weaponry techniques during her life, allowing her to easily use them with maximum effeciency. Her shots are near impossible to dodge and angled perfectly to render barricades and protection near useless.   Adze's can use their own magic to fuel their speed, but even in this aspect is Dahlia faster that most, going from standstill to shattering the sound barrier in between to beats of a human heart.   She can call into being a vast morass around her that mirrors her home. This dread swampland sucks the life of anyone who is unfortunate enough to get caught in it and infects them with gruesome diseases, if they manage to survive. She can even, with effort, permanently stain an area with her qliphoth essence, causing a permanent demonic swampland.   Her shapeshifting powers are greater than most adzes, allowing her to grow herself to the size of skyscrapers with but a thought.   Her medical skills are renowned far and wide, to the point that she is sometimes summoned for that alone. Even death itself is but another condition to cure, if she can get her claws on someone soon enough.   She is also an exceptional stealth expert, capable of infiltration buildings and bases as if she was but mist. And this is without employing her shapeshifting. She is especially skilled at remaining hidden in swampland. And within her own swamp, she cannot be found unless she choses to be seen.   Dahlia appear to be literally fearless, having long since burned that emotion out through exposure to all kinds of things.   If needed, Dahlia can call upon an aspect of her personal moon to appear in the skies, a sight that invigorates her and her allies, while cursing those who oppose her. This is one of her more taxing abilities, so she only brings it out for special occasions.   Her knowledge of summonign also allows her to subvert summoning circles, even if doing so is painful. In essence, she is only bound by a summoning as long as she choses to.

Apparel & Accessories

She's usually dressed in the Sage's Coat, a blue and fuzzy artefact that enhances her already remarkable medical skills.   She also carries the Medical Wonder Bag, a bag of holding specially designed to carry and even aid in the fabrication of medicinal items.

Specialized Equipment

Dahlia wields an array of deadly and ancient weaponry of considerable power. She has in her possession the Darkthorn Laanakezwa, a throwing dart that inflicts deadly diseases and griveous wounds. The Wyrm-Pierce, a spear that evokes fear in dragons, for it is bane to them. Urticaria, the blade that liberates blood from any vessel that holds it, including bodies. Paracide, sword of rebirth and killer of demons. And finally Tidemaker, the most modern weaponry in her arsenal, a rocket launcher that shatters the land and lay wastes to armies.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dahlia was born to Valika Silver Spear in the year 4683 BTF. She was an adze of exceptional size.   In the year 3683 BTF, Dahlia and her brother were both given their own moon by their mother, to give them their own territory to reign.   In the year 1479 BTF, Dahlia would give birth to her first daughter, Penda. She'd have her second daughter, Zawati, the very next year. Six years later, she had her third daughter, Goma, and she was satisfied with that for a while.   In 86 AW, Dahlia was summoned by Myrna Eglisfelde to help guard the portal she was creating, which would be powerful enough to allow Dahlia's prime demon mother and her army to make it to the planet Koimo. However, she was defeated in battle by an elite team, lead by veteran General Emanual Bostick and the paladin Betella Goodwyn, who also managed to kill Myrna and hold Valika at bay long enough to turn the portal off.   In 156 AW, Dahlia was summoned to the city of Sverde, with the purpose of draining her of her demonic power to fuel their weapons of war. Her subsequent outrage ended up corrupting the entire area, turning it into Djelvskar.   In 303 AW, Dahlia had her first son, Usian.   In 324 AW, Usian was summon, only to be converted into essentially a battery. Her fury at this was, to say the least, great and the perpetrators suffered for their transgression. She managed to save her child, but unfortunately, the experience had greatly traumatized him.   In 327 AW, Dahlia was summoned by warlocks to the city of Goramiasto, to use her medical knowledge to find a cure for the Deathless Plague that was sweeping the land. However, at the same time, a squadron of soldiers lead by the orc Bugdurash had been sent by the country's own government to end the infestation by putting the citizenry to the sword. Dahlia concluded that her superior medical technology could potentially create a cure, but Bugdurash's superiors concluded that having the citizenry converted into demons was just as bad as what the plague was doing and perhaps even worse. This resulted in a bloody and gruesome battle that saw the city engulfed in urban warfare. Dahlia managed to extradite many citizens, though due to the chaos, in most cases she could only offer Qliphoth Corruption as an alternative to the plague, as she simply didn't have the time needed to create an effective, non-demonic cure.   In 460 AW, Dahlia clased with the Queen of Graves. She was close to winning, but her rival had a trick up her sleeve. She had earlier defeated Penda in battle and now held her soul. Dahlia was given a simple choice. Leave with her daughter's spirit or win the battle and haver her daughter bound as a ghost in servitude to the Queen of Graves. Dahlia choose to back of, but swore she'd get her revenge. As the Queen of Garves vanished soon thereafter, she has yet to fulfill that promise.   In 467 AW, Dahlia went to the country of Smaralichtung, aiding the shattered Neotech Corporation and Sanders Family in fighting off many of the renegade demons that had been summoned to the area during the war, by sharing with them secrets and information.   In 488 AW, Dahlia had her second son, Daudi.   In 44 ATF, Dahlia fought the hero Urban Ulma, who managed to griveously wound her with an arcane blade. The wound was so griveous, the marked Dahlia's soul and she carries the scar on any form she takes.

Gender Identity

Dahlia identifies as female.


Pansexual, though with a bit of a preference for women over men. Extremely dominant and likes using her sheer size and weight to control her partners.


Her status as demonic nobility has afforded Dahlia a great amount of education. She's expecially well-educated in medicine and has personally pushed the boundaries of demonic medical knowledge.


Dahlia used to work for her mother, but became largely independant after getting her own moon.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Dahlia is proud of her medical discover, the most advanced of which have been collected in the Blood Queen Kit, one of the singlemost advanced medical collections. It's only downside, being demon technology, is that it will cause heavy qliphoth corruption in non-demons, to such a degree that hypothetically speaking, most non-demons would be converted on the spot.

Failures & Embarrassments

The two times her children got severely hurt, with Usian in 324 AW and Penda in 460 AW.   Dahlia and her immediate family were all involved in the cataclysmic Battle of Daikodama in 410 AW. Dahlia would not dare claim she was victorious in any sense of the word and in fact, she and her family left the battlefield with severe injuries.

Mental Trauma

Dahlia's long life has burdened her heavily. Seeing and doing as much as she's done, and remembering most with clarity, means that she finds it hard to find things that surprise her, something which births a heavy sense of melancholy. With her vast knowledge and experience, its also hard for her to find avenues of new growth, to push herself to acquire new skills.

Intellectual Characteristics

Dahlia is a genius, with a sharp mind and good memory. She's an expert social manipulator, with a good sense for relations. Like most of her race, she's skilled at planning and good at long-term thinking.

Morality & Philosophy

Dahlia believes strongly in family bonds and goes out of her way to care for her family. Nothing can raise her ire quite like threats to her loved ones, and she in turn understands that some of her enemies have become so because she's hurt their loved ones. It is not something she holds against others.   Unlike a lot of demons, Dahlia has also begun to see their corruiptive nature as a potential problem. Some demons seem to want to just engulf the universe, but Dahlia has begun to realise that a universe that was compeltely demonic would inherently be a less interesting universe. Thus she instructs her children and followers to reign themselves in.


Betrayal of family bonds without a very good reason infuriates her. She's protective of children and is against deliberatly targeting them. Due to her personal experiences, the summoning of demons to "use" them is become very distasteful in her eyes.

Personality Characteristics


Dahlia is motivated by a desire to experience new things. She is delighted that the world can still surprise her and hold her own corruptive nature in check to keep things more unpredictable.

Virtues & Personality perks

Dahlia is very loving and caring. She supports her family and would do anything to keep them safe. She tries to be understanding of others and can be very empathetic.

Vices & Personality flaws

As a demon, Dahlia's emotions are volatile. Especially when it comes to her family. While this can be a strength, it can also make her both short-sighted and unreasonable. She's also built up quite a personal rogue's gallery over her existence, including angels, dragons, humans, ratites and others.



Dahlia has reigned over the Moon of Flowing Blood since 3683 BTF. It has been a thriving place for the demons under her, preserving their technology through the collapse that was the Age of War.

Social Aptitude

As an adze, Dahlia is by natura a manipulator and seductress, a string-puller and a schemer. But when just being herself, she's very direct and honest, sometimes to the point of being brusque.

Wealth & Financial state

Dahlia owns her own moon. She is unfathomable wealthy and has such ressources at her disposal, they might as well be infinite.
Current Status
Maintaining her empire
Honorary & Occupational Titles
True Queen, specifically known as the True Queen of Blood. This is an acknowledgement of her immense power and presence, which eclipses most other demons.
Year of Birth
5183 AW 5244 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born during a cosmic alignment. Born unusually big for her species.
The Gleaming Planet
Current Residence
Sanguinnacle, The Moon of Flowing Blood
She, her
Red Compound Eyes
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red Exoskeleton
4.7 meters
1.2 tons
Known Languages
While she has learnt a large number of languages, as an Adze, she naturally can speak and understand any language, giving her a significant edge.


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