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True King/Queen/Sovereign

Throughout history, many people have risen to prominence. People whose names have become synonymous with great deeds and accomplishments. People who lead their fellows through times of crisis and prosperity. Their names are remembered through history.   This is not about these people. The true kings, queens, sovereigns or rulers, or whatever other true title they are known by, are beyond that. These are singular figures of legend, walking myths who shape the world around them by their presence alone. A king, empress or other might rule a nation, but those termed true rulers by people are believed to hold the reigns of the world itself.   Those who earn this title by virtue of their numerous great deeds, be they inspiring or terrifying, are sually referred to by their name, then the epiteth King/Queen/Sóvereign of something, with the something being an element they are heavily associated with. They usually end up as rulers, by virtue of their awesome presence.   This is not a title easily earned. Only the greatest of people have been granted the recognition of this title by the awe they have inspired in people from near and far.


A true ruler rises above other people by virtue of their accomplishments. True rulers achieve feats most others could only dream of and posess an undeniable mien of authority that draws others in. Even the most cold-hearted, despicable and cruel true ruler are still figures of dreadful awe.


Great feats. While this may seem vague, its undeniable that all recognised true rulers have left behind them a trail of accomplishments. Some speculate that it is simply in the nature of true rulers to do great things, others that true rulers who never accept such trials do exist, but they never awaken what could have been.


True rulers are not selected or chosen, but recognised for what they are. Each one a legend onto themself. At some point, people just know, by virtue of their accomplishmens, that someone is a true ruler.


There are no duties inherent to the title and most true rulers set their own schedule. Some do exist in subordinate positions to others, but such duties exist independant of their status as true rulers.


A true rulers is a figure of respect. Their renown spreads far and wide. Potential enemies think carefully before raising arms and allies stream to their cause. The destinies of entire worlds are shaped by true rulers.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death is usually the only end to a true ruler, though a few through history have been known to retire at some point. Some out of a feeling of accomplishment, others dissilusionment.
Nobility, Non-hereditary
Form of Address
Your majesty
Alternative Naming
True Ruler
Source of Authority
Sheer power

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