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Qliphoth Corruption

Occult magic is inherently a volatile form of magic. It is wild, unpredictable and not so much controlled as directed by its wielder. And qliphoth is a very volatile, very chaotic and very infectious form of occultism.   Qliphoth corruption most of result from interaction with demons, whatever form it take. Whether the result of wounds inflicted, a tryst or even just long-term association, the result is the same. The qliphoth within the demon infects.   Once infected, the qliphoth begins transforming the victim into a demon themself, slowly warping their body and personality, in turn transforming them into vectors. It is a highly contagious condition and it is believed that the hell worlds, planets dominated by demons, where once normal worlds now consumed entirely by qliphoth corruption.

Transmission & Vectors

Anything already infected by qliphoth can spread the affliction by mere proximity. Actual touch, fluid transmission or similar only increases the risks of infection drastically.


Qliphoth in a volatile and infectious form of occult magic. Any living thing infected with it in turn becomes a vector. Even microorganism can carry their own qliphoth taint and spread it to the unfortunate.


The amount of time that passes between infection and terminal corruption varies depending on the individual. As a supernatural affliction, resistance is more a question of willpower than bodily health. So somebody with low willpower might be utterly consumed mere days after infection. But dragged out as long as possible, there are a number of common symptons.   At first the corruption might not even be registered as a problem, feeling like a surge of energy. The infected might feel stronger, smarter, faster or healthier, depending on the exact variant. But at the same time, the qliphoth is already beginning to subvert them, eroding their impulse control.   Next, emotional instability increases. Feelings just feel larger, more powerful and the infected find it harder to keep themself in check. Their connection to qliphoth strengthens and they can use demonic magic if they so desire. It's at this point they themself become a vector for the corruption.   As the qliphoth begins infecting the flesh and altering it, the infected will find themselves recovering easily from wounds. Their bodies begin undergoing small changes as the qliphoth warps them. This in turn makes the corrupted vulnerable to arcane magic,   As the final mutations begin setting in, they become incredibly hardy and tough, with their flesh being completely immune to heat and poison. At the same time, they begin engaging in compulsive behaviours, even to their own detriment. Those who resist these impulses instead suffer debilitating withdrawal symptoms, as if their own body is revolting against their sense of restraint.   If the corruption advances beyond this point, the infected irrevocably transforms into a demon.


Arcane magic is one of the most effective means, as it is the antithesis of occult magic. Arcane wards can slow or even halt the corruption down, while certain arcane rituals can banish it utterly. Arcane based alchemical tinctures can also help the body fend the corruption off. Divine magic, especially in the form of excorcism, can purify the body of all demonic influence, depending on the deity in question.


The apperance of this corruption signals that demons or demon-related things are nearby and it can thus serve as an early warning sign. It is usually discovered when the observably supernatural effect manifest, such as regeneration, at which time they've already become infectious themselves.


As the person's willpower and self-control erodes, they are more likely to take risky actions, which can on its own result in any number of issues, emdical or otherwise. People of exceptional willpower has occasionally managed to cause the corruption to go into remission. The difference between this and having the corruption eradicated from the body via magic, is that in the former case, the corrupted by retain a number of benefits and mutations without suffering the negatives. This is very rare, though curiously, these alterations can be passed on to offspring and are very dominant genetically.

Affected Groups

Qliphoth corrupts anything and anyone. Though those with arcane powers are less at risk.

Hosts & Carriers

Any living organism might carry the corruption.


Avoiding contacts with demons or anything to do with them. If that is not an option, then arcane or divine wards can prevent corruption from occuring in the first place.


Once an infected becomesi nfectious, which is relatively quick, it can rapidly spread from person to person. As mere proximity can be enough, anyone who has even been near the infected is at risk. The corruption is not restrained to any one species either and in places with lots of traffic it can spread with frighteningly rapidity.


The first recorded cases dates back to the very start of the Age of War. Specifically, the Surune Empire contracted several demons to work for them. Their warlocks noted how the demon's essence seemed contagious, and began devising ways to "clean up," battlefields after use.   One of the more infamous cases was the work of the dread magician Myrna Eglisfelde. In 86 AW, she began to open up a gateway to a hell world. By the time a team from Regalweald arrived, the entire valley she inhabitated had been corrupted. After her defeat and death, the entire valley was scorched to prevent the spread.

Cultural Reception

In many places, the corruption is deeply feared. The initial carrier might be suspected of dealing with demons or demonic items, which can result in their banishment or even death. Even warlock cirlces are careful to monitor and purify their own, as they are well-aware of the risks.   However, in some circles the condition is welcomed. Demon worshippers often see the corruption as a gift and its spread as a sort of miracle. They will often deliberatly tru to infect themselves, hoping to eventually ascend in true demons themselves.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital


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