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Shattered Age

61 ATF

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Some four hundred years ago, a great war started. It was a war of until then unrecorded destruction and devastation, lands flattened by machines of unmatched killing potential, devastating magic scorching the earth and boiling the seas. Not just countries, but entire worlds were dragged into this ruinous conflict. And when it ended, everyone agreed that such a war was to terrible to repeat.   Then it happened two more times. This roughly four centuries long period is known as the Age of War or just The Fall. When it ended, the world as it was known could take no more. The old empires, kingdoms, nations, it all came crashing down, collapsing into dust, leaving a battered world and a few specks of civilization to pick up the pieces.   And now, sixty years later, these small specks of light look to the horizon and wonder what else it out there.