The Great Circle

The Great Circle is a group of state mages employed by the king for the defense of the kingdom of Chrenada and research into practical applications of magic.   There are fifteen mages in the Great Circle, ranked in hierarchy by color. Progression is nearly always sequential with the exception of the Great White Mage, the highest of the Circle, who is elected by the others.   See The Colors of the Circle for more detail on the Circle's organization.   The current roster can be found below, including name, gender, and method of perceiving magics:   White – Ewan Hazelrig (m) (sight)   Silver – Elysia Parma (f) (scent)   Gold – Alan Odderman (m)   Yellow   Violet   Amber – Louis Herr (m) (tactile)   Orange – Marie Tadak (f)   Crimson – Ademar Carrock (m) (sound)   Viridian –   Scarlet – Lydia Fallat (f)   Forest – Katrina Renstil (f)   Emerald   Cobalt   Indigo – Taev Callahan (m)   Black – Ariana Hazelrig (f) (sight)
Guild, Mages
Manufactured Items
Notable Members


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